Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New year message!!!!

Well, I read a blog today telling about +ve thinking. It says to see others problems and realize yours is so small. It made me remember an incident.

A few months before, I was a day scholar that time. I was going trough a bad time in my life. One day, I lost all my hopes, faith, dreams... On that day, I was going college by bus. I sat, cursing my own fate. I was resting my hands on the seat in front of me. In that seat there was a boy and his dad. Boy looked like of 15-17 year old.. After sometime, boy started pulling my hands and shouting something. His dad tried to stop him. Boy didn't. He was mentally ill and behaved like a small boy. Dad got angry and started shouting at him. This boy's mom was sitting in front of him. She turned back and looked at him, then to me with her wet eyes.

I couldn't look back. I felt guilty. There was so much pain in her eyes. They were telling me sorry, telling that she is helpless.. Boy's dad somehow freed my hands. I thought... comparing to that mom's, my sorrows are nothing.. And my problem are simple and small..

So.. Look others also.. Don't think only u r like this or like that.. And thank God and parents for all we've..Thanks for reading.

Friday, December 26, 2008

New year resolutions!!

My last year resolutions were these

1. I wont hurt anyone with my words or deeds:
Well, I wasn't 100% successful. But improved a 2000%.. And failure was very less...
2. I will be a good listener.
I always was.. Last year I listen to many.. Shared sorrows, happiness, helped to solve problems..
3. I'll apologize for every mistakes I did before:
Well, I apologized for most.. I feel more relaxed..
4. I wont hate anybody. I'll accept the people as they are, and try to love them..
This was the best resolution I've ever made.. Result was fantastic!
5. I'll study..
Well, This may be, was a big failure.. I didn't study much..
6. I'll help others:
Huhh.. I love to help.. No other thing gives such a satisfaction. I tried my best. I feel happy.

This year I'll repeat all the resolutions I discussed above. And I'll try to write more. This year I'll try these too..

1. Freakout alone.. [suggestion by Neha]
2. I'll become more selfish.. [Hey I'm in confusion here.. help me out]
Lal Arun told me "first and last love s self love love".
3. And about commitment? Both self and to others. Here I need your help too..
Disturbing friends after the college and interfering in their future plans? you think you should do it? Compelling them to stay with you??

Well help me.. Its still in process.. I'll update if I finds new ones. Thank you. Have fun. Enjoy.. :D

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Losing all grips

I can see the happiness is far away to meet in near days

I cant understand why god doing this to me

I see the things happening around me is not the ones I wanted

But god still draw rainbows in my floor by the light through windows

Making me confusing and confusing...

And I still say Merry Christmas and Happy new year!!!

Merry Christmas

Hey merry Christmas to all of you.. Wish you all a rocking Christmas day with lots of cakes and fun.. May Santa come and give you gifts...

Monday, December 22, 2008

Freaking state!!!!!

Here I am, Dying of f***ing boredom
Nothing to do?
No one in eye's range..
No sms, no miss calls.. Huhh no calls either..
I messaged everyone.. all the f***ing words I know..
Saw a couple of movies!
This f***ing guys smoke all time.. very tempting..
The movie said,
"There s enough assoles in the world. Don't be an another one"!
I looked at the mirror...
And showed my middle finger up ..
U ever felt this way?!!
Hey where s this Santa? U ever got any gifts?

Monday, December 15, 2008

When Love Marry Suicide!

It wasn't Love at first sight,
Kinda friendship as it started first.
We talked and we messaged.
For hours and till the balance die.

She told me, she misses me,
When I wasn't near her.
She told me, she loves me,
When I cared her much more.

Well, I was such a narrow minded,
To realize, that she s very broad minded!
I told her that I love her too,
She smiled but not replied.
She had other friends,
Like I've as my own friends.
But I was becoming very possessive,
I've heard its human nature.

I couldn't see I'm losing my friends.
My time, studies for her.
My friends told me don't trust a girl,
They told, girls are,
Most unreliable creatures on earth!
But I'd seen good ones in my life.
So I kept my ears closed.
But she, managed everything with her.
Proving again and again, that I'm just a fool.

And now, our course about to finish,
She told me, that she can't accept me.
She told me, that she got another boyfriend!!
I'd felt a sudden pause in my heart
I lost all my senses
I lost all my faith
I cried loud to hear someone
But all ears were busy
I never felt hungry anymore
I never found whats sound sleep
I found myself loosing..
When I look at the mirror,
"You are a loser", it shouted back.

I'd no options left in my life
I told her that I'll suicide.
"It doesn't matter to me", she replied!
I kept thinking, What to do?
Sun went and the moon came
Moon went and the birds sung
At last, I made up my mind.

I took my blades and poison.
I always feared when I used blades,
But this time, they seemed my only hope
I cut my vein and ate the poison.
Blood, gushed out as soothing words.
I could feel a little pain in my hand
But not as much when she hurt my heart.

Sight became blurred and blurred
But a sudden thought, stuck my mind
Will she be sad hearing this?!!
Will she cry seeing this?!!
I wanted to say, don't cry my baby..
Well, that was my Love, still in this moment.

Last I found what a sound sleep s like.
Dreaming a world different from this.
which will 've only me,
And a girl of my own...

[In the world of love cheating is just not acceptable]

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Archi Galz

Well this is about students in architecture in my college. They've got another dept. Its a bit far from the main depts. And most of them are girls. They live a strange life. At least to me! I always watch them. of course they are beautiful, still..

They always move as a group
With a small bags and a big roll of sheets
I wonder what s in those sheets

Most of them with colored hair
Looks like covered with dust and dirt
I wonder why still they color it

Always with high heeled shoes
And churidar with sidecuts to the hip line
I wonder they design it themselves

They always talk in english
About their dresses and the colored hair
I wonder why they don't speak of boys

At noon they got bus to hostel
They came in and return by bus
I wonder what kinda creatures they are

For the functions they came with bands and masks
Make sounds with a few boys they got
I wonder what they are trying to prove

All this things they repeat each day
I wonder how they live five years there

Haha what else to do.. gotta kill time na..

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Memories of a football match!

Hey you saw the film Lagaan right? Kinda story I'm gonna tell here. There s only difference in this story, That I'll tell ya in the end. Well, This is "Tintumon United". Our class team. Our class was tagged as the most bad one in the college history by teachers,HOD & principal [so u know, its the best one]. And inter college football matches announced. We'd only two people who know whats football [Muhammad and Vivek]. But we decided to participate[U got it na]. We learned how to pass the ball and whats it look like and all on the day b4 the match.

from the left Muhammad, Suresh, Vipin, Sanath, Vivek, Prashin, me, Shahees and Shafeeq.

The most awaited day came. It was then we heard the opposite team was the most fav among the players. We dreamed of a 5-0 loss. Anyway enjoy. Time went. Ball ran b/w our legs, hit our noses, we fell, rolled.. half time over. People wondered still 0-0. 60mnts, 75mnts we never reached their penalty box and ball was always in our half, 85mnts.. still 0-0.. Well, the time over..but the PT sir n all their side he gave more time to them, We tired and the last,.. last they scored two goals and we failed for 2-0.. This is the only difference from the Lagaan.

But who won? us na? Everyone congratulated us. In the end the other team became champions. They faced fear only once. That was with us. And we never played football there! The thing is most of girls in our class came to see the match with placards. No other teams had girls support. Thankz babez. And one more thing.. After that defeat no girl dared to come to see any match!!![U got it!]

Friday, December 5, 2008

Kinda Creative Work!!

If u rotate this picture 180 degree, U'll get the same image.. its my name Randeep.. An old work.. Inspired by "Angels and Demons" by Dawn Brown.

Hehe this is on Goa shore..

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thoughts De Young Lady

[Thoughts of a young Lady..]

As the sun goes up,
I feel more lonely.
Its bored as hell/ simply sitting here.

Whats next? I ask myself.
This answer is horrible silence/ always

I've no interest to do anything.
And when I found in some,
I cant hold it/ for any long

I can hear them, they talk about me.
My marriage, they want it done/ so fast
I'm so tensed, How my would be will like?

I feel relaxed when I get, someone to talk.
But I'm so scared of them too.
I don't know whom I cant trust or not,
I feel strange even to me myself.

The ones I kept close to me,
Always gave the pain, in the end.

Everyday I take my player;
And listen to music/ to feel relaxed.
It keeps away my weird thoughts,
And keeps away their talks about me too.
Sometimes they whisper in my ears
That, One day'll come and everything will be fine.

Comment okiz :D

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lab and Reunion

One more DS lab. As usual the examiner wrote "no o/p" in my answer sheet. I wish I could kill Sajida Miss who didn't give me sessionals. But the examiner was our senior. So there is a small, very small chance. Its on 23rd I left home for college. And as usual college was war or ADI. Shammu came at 5. Huhh he brought lap. Good we did some programs in it later. But the very same day we reached there,we saw two filmz. Sadu and Nithin gave us company. And again as usual we started talking about job n all. Sadu asked me whether I would like to go abroad!!! and he talked about the foolish arabs.

Saduistic arab joke 1:

Sadu went to LULU shopping complex and was checking new laptops. That time an arab came to buy a laptop. The salesman started telling the configurations. Arab seemed to be tensed. Then he asked whether Yahoo messenger is there in it! salesman checked and told no. He said we can install it separately. Arab told no. No Lap without yahoo messenger. He told he will buy only the one has the yahoo messenger. [sadu was saying that no no things in Arabic and his expressions made us lolz]

Saduistic arab joke 2:

Sadu went to Sony showroom to buy a MP3 player for his bro, with his dad. An arab was sitting in the shop. They asked the price of a player to arab. It was not printed on it. Arab went to computer. In the software window he entered the product number. But somehow the window got minimized. Arab didn't know how to maximize it. He told sadu to "wait, it will come". They waited till the Philippine came and said the price. Sadu's dad told him in ears "kazhutha coat um tie um ketti nilkunnu!!!".

The next day was boring with records and programs. Vikas came in the evening. The exam day. In the morning Fenil, Sham, Sukesh and Suresh came to our room. Fenil left for exam. He was in 1st batch. At 11 we in the lab. Its that time they told my number is in 1st batch and I cant write the exam. Somehow I made them let me write. Hashing! This dash thing I tried in shaman's lap and didn't get the o/p. I looked all others. Shaman got Quick sort and Sukesh got Merge sort and they were counting the tiles on the roof. I called all the bad words I know to Sajida and God. I got o/ps for Quick n merge sorts in lap. N I know them damn well. But the hashing?? I wrote the algorithm well and got proceed. My train ended as "Segmentation fault" [Don't tell me whats that and how to solve. its over]. They, the examiners seemed to be pavamz. I told them I got sessional only 20 [Later shaman n others told they 've only 5!]. They told they will see. Huhh..

When I got out, I saw Shine and Rameez with Vikas. Then back to room. Pkp joined us later. After sometime Shaheez also arrived. B'lore jokes [sorry friends I am not allowed to write]. We had lots of fun then. Rida went Dubai, Swaroop to Sabari mala. Vipin is in Bangalore. Thats all. So one supply season is over. Heard next in Jan. Before that we have some other plans. Will let u know in time..Till then bye

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Crazy Emotionz

Emotions are crazy. Ain't them?

It started with their whispers.
Its always like that.
Starts slowly, steadily
And makes me go mad.
Lots of them.
They all came in black gowns!
And stood in front of me,
As if they gonna sing a song.
Instead they started shouting.

Some scolded me.
Some pulled off my hair.
Some tried to gag me.
Some laughed at me.
Some asked questions.
Which I didn't have any answers.
Some just stood,
Staring into my eyes.

I felt coldness in my veins.
I felt like my heart is gonna stop.
I felt this way before.
So I managed it.
I off the light n sat in a corner.
I wanted to cry.
But her voice echoed in my ears;
"Big boys won't cry".

I noticed one in another corner.
He was staring at me.
But sadness in his eyes.
All went.
I on the light.
He was there, the sad one.
He told me, they all were temporary,
I am the one u missing.. For years..
I told.
I know.. But I am helpless.
Now he is gone.
I opened the window.
And sat in front of it.
Staring to the horizons,
Waiting for the Dawn,
And their next visit..

Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy season!

The End[music]

I closed the vlc player. Stranger than fiction. Was oki. Saw two films today. This one and Adulthood. Both were time killing. Got home only yesterday, after a long supply season. But I am happy by the way it got over. Hopefully I'll pass all the exams I wrote in this season. We'd a really good time there. Less number of films in this season. Missing those days now.

College road under construction!

I was checking my mails yesterday. Clearing the spam craps; gtalk popped up. One disturbing chick this time. She got a doubt. A real ***ing one. I lost my time hearing it. So hope ur precious time too. She has a friend. Let her be P. P had a boy friend D some years ago. Broke up. Its over. Now the same P forgot all past n fell in love with a new one. Say C. They are serious in love [serious love!?]. Now the old boy friend D started talking to her again!. P says its just friendship and nothing else. C cant allow it. Confused??? Well, her question is that if I am the C, whether I'll allow P to talk to her old boyfriend or not. I told I wont. No boy will allow it. Do you? Comment okki.

After Adulthood I was checking for an another one to kill time. This time it was my mob. Unknown number!! I answered. Familiar sound. But couldn't recognize. He was my old classmate. He told he is going to start a new organization or kinda federation to help or promote inter cast marriages. I was.. I didn't know what to say. I asked him what happened. When we were in class we used to talk about the plans to change the world and traditional systems. He answered. He had an affair. From another religion. Parents came to know it. All ended. He had a job and somehow he lost it. So now he don't has a goal or aim in life. I was shocked. Soothing words or support? What I should say? I told him to think once more before do something. What else to say. An org to promote Inter cast marriages! Are you open to that idea?? comment please okki.

Nothing else friends. Till 23th I'll be here in home. I got DS lab on 25th. So 10 days. See ya soon gnt. Hey plz comment okki. They want your feedback. On both inter cast and boyfriend. They will be reading the comments. Thank you

Friday, October 31, 2008

Lost love

My skin feels like orange peel
My eyes have been vacuum-sealed
My organs move like a squirm of eels
We should be more adventurous with our meals
They annoy me those who employ me
They could destroy me
They should enjoy me
[The servant-cells-Sin city]

It was Rohith made me search this song. It made my memories go back four years. In first year we used to hear this song from afilaj's player. In those rainy days. Rain made my thoughts flew again. I love the wet roads after rain. Shining black roads. The heavy vehicles and the sound they made when they go on wet roads. George liked that sound. The college bus to n from college. I used to sit in same seat everyday. He suggested a couple of good songs. I was hearing those all day. Dbms, Cn, Cd all were rolling above head. But I didn't mind.

Swaroop got job in Bangalore. Shaheez too there. Shaheez is doing CCNA I think. So most of us got jobs. hope rest of us will get it soon. I was chatting all time. Happy news's, fun, sorrows! All losing their girls. Don't fall in love with a Muslim girl without any Job or good foundation. If u did, by the time u get a job she must 've married someone n expecting second baby. But their sorrows sounded like..

U taught me whats Love.
U taught me whats Loving is like.
And u also taught me,
The pain that, Love can cause.

There are a lot of guys who lost their Love. My medicine for them is

1.Don't try to forget her.
2.Get engaged yourself in something. Especially with friends.
3.Play some games. Eg football. It will help u to get good sleep.
4.Find another girl immediately.
5.After three or four failures you'll know whats love n how to bear the pain.
6.Keep in mind that,"You will get a girl beautiful than her. And she will love u and care u more than this fake one did. Then your life will be more happier". So don't cry for the lost one.

Hehe. Its hard.. though its not impossible. And sleepless nights. Sleepless night made by this pain is horrible. Its like u are sleeping in a hot room without fan, with lots of mosquitoes and u didn't had ur dinner.

Bye for now friends. See ya after exams.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ente Kavitha

Got back after a long time. 3 and 5 exams came n gone now. Did really good in some of them. So is a bit happy. It was on 10th I left for hostel. Shammu, Vikas n Rida was there. Swaroop too. All were studying. They did well in exams too. But sessionals :( hmm.. Hope the God will be with us. Vipin, Shijin, Sukesh all used to come n go. Didn't write ECS but did really well in TOC. Me n Shaman was happy to end it up with a good one. Swaroop is going b'lore in this week. Shaheez too. By the next month, half of CSEB will be there in b'lore. So b'lore boys n gals beware k.

I was sitting simply. Its then the idea come to my mind. Write a poem. Thus I gave life to my first poem. It was in Malayalam. When I came here and tried to post it in Malayalam, there was some technical problems. So I decided to convert it to English. As I am a product of Malayalam medium school. I found little difficulty. Its Srikanth helped me most. Jaison n Hasif all helped. Apart from all of them the characters in poem helped me!. So read n comment. Its my first one.Plz don't disappoint me :D All suggestions are welcome.

It was in a desert, we met first
Which created an oasis in my mind.
I felt something for you
Which I've never felt for anyone.
Those beautiful eyes, sound
Made a breeze inside my heart
But I was afraid,
Even when I said my love for u
The fear that, I'll lose you?
As I feared,
I got my love crushed.
But I didn't feel anything.
'Cause I was dead inside.
My love for you,
Made me a joker for others.
But i didn't hear what they said;
I didn't even understand what I heard.
'Cause my mind was full of you.
I didn't know u got other nests to sleep.
I was already mad when I came to know it.
But you didn't know what real love is.
Time had made, money n pride,
Your new lovers.
I sought shelter in the net thrown by death,
But God started hearing my prayers.
When god was in my mind's workshop,
You were getting married.
Then I thought of me for the first time.
When I was traveling back from desert
An old man told me,
There's spring in somewhere away.
I looked back,
The spring that was u, had begun to fade.

Over. hows it. Leave comments oki. Nothing else Gnt.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Back to Donz

When I woke up[4th oct] Vipin was there. He had OS. Everybody was studying. All left for the exam then. Most of them got back asap. We had food. Afternoon was bad with settling some money dealings. Vipin went home. In the evening all decided to study. BEE. All needed N N Bhargava. Only one with them. I told them we can go to pinga. May be Nibul has it. So we went there. Got Nibul's from Sooraj. We needed one more to have one for each. So we went to Jinga. Got nothing from there. That time we decided to go to Donz n check whether any books left there. All had doubt that there was a Bhargava.

The holy route to Donz. Beautiful na. But its horrible in night..

Omg. All changed. Muthalali painted the house. Fitted new Grill. Land was cleaned. It looked nice.

Some months before we used to stand like this in every evening..

Hey look at the grills. If we had this protection before!!

We wandered here and there. We went near to well.. Ooow. No it was there we played Golf :(

The dark area was our study room.. sometimes enjoyment room too...

We went to upstairs. Everything is cleaned.

We couldn't find the bench we used to sit..

Alas.. we found something.. Ya two caps of :D :D

Vikas went near to water tank.

Muthalali fixed the pipe to the tank which we used to fit each time it came out.

The land just below donz was a kinda forest. But now its changed.

Somebody is starting a farm there.

We saw Vinu's mom, our neighbor. Had a little talk. We found no books there. We went back..

Hows this pic? Cool na.. Its the tree in front of donz.. Looks sad without us na :D

It was very heart feeling.. On the way back everybody talked about the funny moments we had there. We got back to room. I wanted Thulsi's TOC books. Pallavi's dad died, so all went there. I got it day after it and returned home..

A Friendly Visit

It was damn bring here.. Everyone was there in kuttippuram for supplies. So I decided to go there. I went there on 2nd. They had exam on 3rd so nothing happened that day.. It was DCS on 3rd. It was oki as they told. After the exam all slept. But everyone managed to wake up at 430..The college time..!! But didn't see any good one :( .I'd Rida's phone with me. Swaroop was sitting on his bike. I told him to get ready for a photo shoot. Well, he love somebody taking his pics and he was really excited when I say about it with bike. What s it.. ya Wheeling right. I found a "safe" place for me to take the pics n the engine is on.. Grr..

The pics seemed really nice and there was very little space in front of cuba. So he suggested to goto Keltron road. I agreed.. yoo.. Rida and Vikas followed us.. Hey he did some really nice work. When Rida n Vikas arrived, he was standing perpendicular with bike n all with mouth opened. He landed safely. hhhuh.. I didn't get that pic becoz I clicked earlier. Because I'd no idea that it will go that much high.

After a few clicks he got tired. Back to room. Shaman was busy with OS. Rida n Vikas too. So me n swaroop left to Puzha. It was dark already.. It was the most beautiful scene I've ever seen. One end is the bridge with lights. One end is full water and above it sky full of stars. And the shadow in the river. Superb. Swaroop talked about his B'lore plans. We left there after an hour.. then me to bed zzZ.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fed up with BSNL bills

I got another heartbreaking bill. This time its less only 4500rs as my contribution. They included a night download as payable units. Sukesh also got this prob. He got it solved yesterday. I didn't have much hope; its Sukesh's call made me to try a shot. I woke up early at 10:45 took tea with meals. After one hour day dreaming, i got there in Tcr. Office is near Model Boys HSS. Old memories. Familiar roads.. But it changed a lot. I got into the office. Sukesh was right. The lady looked nice. I'd met her before. When I got the 10,000rs bill. After a little calculations she reduced a 3,500rs from my bill. Sigh of relax from me.

I got back to the road. I took a short cut to tcr round. Not many know that short cut. When I was stepping into it a woman passed me. Familiar face.. Yes I got her.. My class teacher, chemistry miss in +1, +2. She smiled at me [How could she forget; that much problems I made when I was there]. She talked about the class, which shifted to new building [Poor new comers, They will miss chicks in Kalyan's parking lot], teachers who were there that time, my classmates etc.

Then I went to City center. I thought I'll see someone I know.. But couldn't see anyone. Got back home.. Today there is Manutd's match. I looked at the TV. Blasts in Delhi. Yes the last blasts were too on the day of Manutd match. May be Manutd fans. But the foolish Police says Its just because Saturday streets are full. Match time.. See ya later.. bye..

Friday, September 19, 2008

Ifthar party @ Shaman's house

17th was date for my DE lab. I left home on 15th. Went to fazil's room. Vineesh's achan was there. Slept at 2am. Well, next day was oki. Rathnam came college to collect the mark lists. So I'd to go to see my friend-come-enemy. Hmm with a horrible smile she welcomed me. I found no change in her. Same as before. We went to canteen 1st. After that, Mark lists. That time Malini came. I went to Thulsi for collecting Lab manual. Thank god for giving such a nice Junior. I met so many people there. Most of EEE guys had come to collect mark lists. I went back to room n slept. zzZZ..In evening, I went through some experiments. Counter, Shift register, adder, converters.. Stars around my head. I closed the record n talked bla bla with Nithin.

The exam day: I ran to Thulsi to get lab coat. Then exam cell to duplicate hall ticket. Saw Ansar sir as Internal. My 50% hopes vanished then. Somehow I made my mind and entered the Lab [Swaroop n Shijin couldn't make it]. Question: Make a full adder using two half adders. Adders!! My mind danced with happiness. Got o/p in less than half n hour. My first full o/p in lab. Ansar sir helped me a lot in Viva. Everything over before 12:45. I returned coat and Lab manual to Thulsi and called Shaman. Ifthar party @ his house. He told there s train @1:50.

I got there at 1:15 saw Dani and Mishal. Train came on time. Got seats from Tirur. @Station Shaman n petta was there. Got into shammu's house. Well, a typical petrol pump owner's house. After some time Anseed n Noufal came. Then saj, then Riju. A table full of food. It reminded me of party at Rida's house. But there were full donz. Here we only 5. I looked @ Anseed n Noufal.. remembered how they ate in Painkannur. My tensions flew away. Well the snacks over. Space in vayar also. We went to town. Shaman's Chinmaya friends were also with us. Shammu bought Chirandi [kannur special] for us. It was good.

Saj in confusion!!

pose for pic :D

Plates getting empty :D

Dinner! well, Pathiri fried rice. Chicken, mutton.. After pathiri everyone looked tired of food! But when we stopped only half the rice remained. Then pudding. Mmm. Thanks to Shammu's Umma. It was very nice n tasty. All left, me ranjith and shaman in room. Game maniacs. They played "Puzhu" all time. After that, Kungfu panda! I slept. They saw it full.

Dinner. Yumm

Empty pudding plates...

Next morning. I got the train @9:15. Got seat from Thalasseri. Memories of Prajila miss.. mmm. In college many were there. Riju, Arun, Anil, Sanath, Farzana, Siji, Nithya, Srikanth n heard sowmya n sangeetha were also there.

A supply season s waiting.. wooo.. When will this end.... See ya later. Bye.. Shammu thanks again :D

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A bad day

I was shaken, beaten and smashed away by the lost of manutd by 2-1. I changed the channel not to see Gerrard dancing [even I like him very much]. Then the flash news in Indiavision.. Blasts in Delhi. Oh My God.. Another serial blasts.. Say NO to this SIMI and Indian Mujaheddin. I changed channel to NDTV. 5 Blasts. 9 feared dead. Numbers may increase. Many injured. I don't know what I felt then. **** this government. What are they doing? They failed in Ahmadabad, then Bangalore and now in Delhi. What the **** they are doing? They failed in Orissa. Poor Christians dying there. They failed to maintain peace in Kashmir. The goddamn BJPs are also destroying Kashmir. Inflation is above 12 for the last few months. Did they do anything???? What the... They were busy with selling India. They wanted that goddamn deal to be done. Now come to the point. The SIMI. They are doing wrong [Is this Jihad?]. In this holy month. They doing it for creating communal violence [Whoever do it].

Fuck this religion thing. I've many Muslim friends and they told me there s no such killing Jihad in Qur'an. I've many Hindu friends they don't want to hurt any Muslims. But there r many who think all Muslims are in danger and God Ram is in danger!! Fuck them too. We can do many things. Tell our friends n make them clear there s no such problems. Hindus n Muslims are brothers. We wont give a damn for their political gains. India needs some politicians who love this country and humans more than their wrong, blind agendas.

Back to the blasts. Many died. Number reached 20 now. Blood is everywhere. Total panic.One thing I noticed Sikh people giving water to wounded and feared people. Not ran away with their life. Good work. I am proud of those Indians.

U know the ones who suffer most because of this terrorists? Our innocent Muslim friends. IT Companys are now reluctant to have Muslim employees in their company. They see co-workers as terrorists. This s horrible. Isn't it?

Hey life s short. We are not here to fight and kill each other. Lets live our life and make a world of love and peace. Jai Hind

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Flooded day

I woke up with sounds of achan and amma. I looked at mob, its 1:50am. I opened the door to see whats happening. When i opened the door i saw water. Everywhere. Except in my room. Water is flowing down through staircase. I checked the pipes. All closed. Its raining outside, but this much water.. I dried the floor using wiper. but it got filled again. Through every door water is coming. I got confused. I called chechi. Her room was also in water. N she didnt even know it. I checked all possibilities. Broken pipes, Rain.. No idea. Its then i noticed the door to balcony from sister's room is wet. I opened that door. I got it. The reason for flood. There is a pipe in balcony to flow the rain water. It got stuck by some leafs. Rain was heavy. So water level increased in balcony. When it reached door's level, it began to flow to chechi's room. Then to other rooms and to stair case. Then to ground floor through stair case. Then to rooms there. It took hours to dry the floor. n its 4am now... Rock on, Wall E download completed..k gotta sleep.. bye

Friday, September 5, 2008

Application form trip

Well, results came. Whats next? of course, Supply is next. Rida's forms was also with me. So was a bit tensed. I went there yesterday. Reached kuttippuram at 4. Met Nujoom at stand. He too came for forms. Then to Sini for photos. And to Room. As usual Fazil was there. In this ramsan month also he is echi.. Was searching notebooks to sell. He n sooraj got 21kg books. And 9Rs per kg.[Gys check ur books!] I met Rammez [Ramzi's bro] there. He told Ramzi is going to Dubail today and he s waiting them> Airport. Faizal'd [shop] ragged him [not ragging.. like u know]. So Rameez asked me who s it n all. I called Faizal and introduced him to Faizal. Faizal know Mirza [Ramzi's elder bro] n they became friends!. That time Ramzi came. She told she s going... Tata...

We decided to go to Kuttppuram for food. Bcoz of nombu all shops was close there. We had shakes from KR and went to Bit house. Nujoom was there looking at sky dreaming food. They talked a lot about supplies, Nombu, Classmates n all. Nujoom n others invited us for Nombu thura [Mission successfull]. After my +2 days it was first time I was attending a Nombu thura. We went to Vrindavan after that small food. Met Hareesh. Two masala Dosas. Dinner over.

Back to room. Well Fazil there. Me there and Nithin too. Somehow it got started. Its started with "Zakir Naik" [I dunno why religion always!!]. Then Sunni, Mujahdeen, Shiya.. Differences between them, Bible, Ramayanam, Geetha..differences, similarities.. hoo.. after some time it changed to Anti America [another usual topic]. Then to Jews, Palestien, Nazi n all. It ended at 2am.

I woke with Sheen's sound. He too came for forms. As we were talking, Vikas came. Went to college bought forms, Asha miss was on leave so, other plans :( . We was filling the forms in room, PKP in. after some time Nujoom too. Again to kuttipuram for attesting forms. DEO office. He attested mine and Vikas'. When we gave Rida's..[@#$%%$#@]... So we 'd to go to HSS Kuttipuram. Got into the staffroom. Attest.. A male staff was sitting there he looked at me n turn his face to somewhere else. I asked him once more. Attest...One Lady staff from other end waved at me[ Lady staffs always nice to me :)] She looked at Rida's ID card n forms. Attested. Over.

After that to ICPC. Class was over that time. So many beautiful girls.. ho.. There were so many like them when we were there? May be its boz i concetrated on 2 or 3 only thats why I missed all others. I had a feeling like some monsters laughing at me as some of them looked me. Escape..

S8 S7 Mark list available there with Asha miss. Asha miss is our tutor now [only one tutor for passout]. So go get it.
DE lab on 17th and compiler lab on 25 n 26. Seeya then.. bye

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Marriage trip

I left home for cuba two days before Ranu's marriage. Fazil and Vineesh were there when I reached cuba. An hour later Nibul arrived. He came as a business trip. Kanjan was also with him. Vineesh came to room and started talking as if he'd nobody to talk for the last one year. Our thoughts and talks went a few months back and laughed as we talk about the funny moments we had. Tours, politics, fights and of course girls. That day we had a fight [by words] b/w Nibul and Vineesh. About existence of God. Vineesh was with God and Nibul opposite to it. Last Nibul won. Vineesh had no answer for Nibul's questions like1.Do Amoeba believe in God 2.Reason fo 20crores of Dogs!. etc. But it was really interesting. Vineesh lost it. I slept at 4.15am that day. Vineesh gave me a book "Brida" by Paulo Coelho. Its good. I woke up at 0130pm. I'd a few phone calls n they tell i spoke to them. I remember the least.

Lonely day: It was a lonely day. Nibul and kanju went to university. Fazil and Vineesh to Film fest in Tcr. I went to college to check the dates of DE and Compiler lab exams. I got the answer as, 'after onam'. At 9 everyone got back. Fazil saw Mohan Lal n Revathi at film show. Nibul lost 450rs as ucity trip. That night we had talk about filmz documentaries etc.

Marriage day: I woke up at 6 and managed to reach the railway station at 7. While i was waiting for local, i got a phone call from Vipin. He was in train and want a 20Rs recharge coupon!!. Train arrived at 8 and i found Vipin. We got seats from Tirur. Till koyikode Vipu kept talking, Future, past, present, supply, friends etc. We got there at 0940. Sumi was there. Had breakfast. Then off to Koduvalli. Shaheez and group joined us from Medical college stop. Aseem and Rameem were with him. We reached Ranu's home at 1130. Saw her Uppa, Umma brothers n all. After a few minutes we saw her. She was wearing a dark red sari. looked lean in it. Was smiling all time. We posed for photos[hehe]. We waited for Ramy mon. After that.. food. Chick items.. Large amount of food was wasted because Ramu and Shine was absent. Both were in bangalore. But shaheez n Vipin helped as much as they can. Nujoom n Suresh not there yet. At 0130 they came. We left them at table n off to koduvalli.We didn't wait for payyan to arrive. Sumi left for home. Met Malini and Jeena[not sure her name]. Next target was Focus mall.

Reached there at 2.30. Visited each and every shop n bought nothing. Hey pls anybody comment about that girl Ramy met. She is a famous cook or like that. Ramy spent most of his time following her!! Not much interesting chicks. So we stopped it at 4.30. Rameem left home. Nujoom with Ramy, katta was also wih them. Aseem went. Me, Vipin and Shaheez to Railway station. We got Mail n got seats. Reached Kuttippuram at 6.45pm. That time adi was going on in hostel!!.

Well results came S3 S5 S8.. supplies are decreasing.. hope soon it will come to zero. bye for now.. Back to "Brida"..

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Film exchange trip

I've been in college today. Rida is going to Jiddah tomorrow. So he wont be here when the result comes. He gave me signed application forms. There was a small film exchange too. The travel was really bad. I slept at 3:30 and woke up at 7:00. Anyway i manged to get there at 10:00. I went to room and there was Fazil and Vineesh in Cuba. As usual Fazil was sleeping. Vineesh was reading some books. Fazil woke up with a smile. I was very happy to see them. After a long time.. We talked about college, filmz and my download-sleep-food-documentary-download life. Rajesh was also there. Rida came at 10:30 and we copied the filmz to his laptop. After that we went to college. As we were entering the gate a new admission girl passed us. Mmm she was nice. We went to store to buy u-city forms. We met Divya miss there. I thought her marriage was over. And i told her sorry miss couldn't come. Then she said marriage is not over. Its on coming Sunday. "Chammi poyi". Today was her last day in MES. Her would be is working in Bangalore and her plan is to get a job there. After that we went to DE lab to check the supply dates. The miss in charge of exams was in leave. And the miss who talked us was nice too. She was smiling all time as she talked. I thought, Where were all these nice teachers while we were here!

Then we went to CSE Dept to check the dates of Compiler Lab. On the way we met Irshad sir. The Lab dates was not published. We got back to room. Fazil called Nujoom and he came with portable. Copied filmz from Rida's portable. He s staying there in bit house. Alone! Must be mad. He told he has DE supply. Don't we? Anyway had lot of fun after he came. Swarrop was very busy[ i mean lazzy] so he didn't come :(

Shine s going to bangalore tomorrow. Ramachandran is already there! Jasmin joined Protocolz today. Sajna and Rasmi got job in Givion[i heard]. Susmitha is fighting! with IBS training. Rida left before noon. I saw Anil, Shahid and Arun when i was waiting for bus. They waved at me and came to me. They came to collect the caution deposit[hostel]. I was very happy that they talked to me. They told Prashin is a medical rep now!! With coat, tie even he has a office in kottakkal[not sure where the office is]. Riju is back from Sabarimala. They talked a lot of things. They went. bus came. A nice afternoon sleep. Back in home. Now waiting for the lab exams and Ranu's marriage. Hope can meet you all in Ranu's house.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Some pics By me

Well, these are some pics by me. Howz them? Do i've any future in photography?? Anyway tell hows them.. Thank you

I dont know its name. I found this in front of donz. Nice na.. Shaman's N73

Hey try this as ur wallpaper. I m sure that u r going to love it. This too from donz. Vikas's N73

Oooh we miss this!!

Well, next is by Nibul. Cool na. Looks he's better than me. I'm proud of u my friend :)Its also from Donz

Please comment oki.. Thank you

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Last days in Donz

Here i am, after a long time[14 days is long, isnt it?]. Well, i was in donz for 7th sem supply examz. Some were good, some were bad n some were even ugly. But we, me and shaman really tried. The first exam was DAA. It was good. We did really well. Then IM and CNS. The bad n ugly. I reached there on 23rd. Shine was there and shaman reached the next day. We had lots of fun there. Most days me n shaman were only there. Shine went on 28th. Then me and shaman. We got sajif's laptop. Filmz from RIda and Nibul. We used to fight with 'vadi's' available there. As we see in Chinese filmz "..Through Strength gain Gentleness, Through Gentleness gain Strength..". haha. We played golf in front of donz with cricket ball and kolli sticks [shaman was the looser both time]. We practiced 'gusti','idi','thallu' everyday [ya in this, most time i was the looser]. U may think this is insanity. But it ain't. What else we can do in the middle of keltron forest in small intervals from DAA and CNS. Rida used to come and go on each exam day.

Sreekanth came the day before the IM exam. He brought 'Neyypayasam' for us. In a big bottle, which became empty just after he placed it on the study table. It was good. Thanks Sreekanth. Me, Swaroop, Shaman and Rida were there that day.

Day before that day was bad for me and shaman. Rida called in mornig and asked who else is there. It was obvious when he asked, for bring food. 'Just Me and Randeep', shaman replied. We didn't eat anything after the lunch. Time went on.. Tea time over. Last we called Rida, he told us 'go n take tea. I'll reach only on 7. We were happy. So good dinner today. Rida reached before 7. We were very hungry. We bought plates from Ritzy. But it was then Rida announced that "Nobody will get the food before 7:30". We were helpless. we asked him many times but.. I set alarm in my mob! and waited. It happened together. The alarm and the Devil's entry [sorry Swaroop's]. I looked at shaman. I've seen that face like that.. before..When he got washed out in some semester. Swaroop came very sad and told some bad things happened to him. He was like crying. But that time two hungry souls were really crying.. Me and shaman.

Rida opened the bag. Pathiri and chicken fry. It was enough for four. Everyone got good share. Exam halls was with full of bits and Scales. As we[Me and Shaman] are good innocent people, we didn't use them.

Yesterday was suppose to be last day in donz. Shine, Rameez,Vipin, Ramachandran, Swaroop, Shaheez, Prajeesh and Vikas was there. We had a blast there. And saw film 'Kuchelan'. Please don't waste your money. All went home today morning, except shine.. Alone.. On his business tour 2.

Everybody started doing something or seeking jobs. Rathnam is teacher now!!! poor kids.See ya later bye. tc

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Supply days in Donz

Home: It was long back na.. Since i left for the DS lab. Well, it was as usual. No o/p. Segmentation error. It was Merge sort. I completed it but.. ha.. Next time. Shaman got o/p. Rida, Nujoom too got segmentation error. Another bad day. Thats it. Next day was systems lab. I didn't 've it. But everyone attended it, got partial output. DS exam was on 16th. I reached there on 13th. Only Shine was there. Next day Shaman came,then Rida, Vipin etc. Full time filmz. Saw many films.

Me and shaman were studying for IM & E. Exam postponed. Nannavan sammathikkilla. We had only one text. Jasmin told she has one. So i went there to collect it. She told me to come to changaramkulam. I thought she may come to bus stop. When bus reached edappal 'adi' there. IUML and CPI[M]. Saw it live. Then i got in Changaramkulam. There was one giving speech about Nuclear Deal. Bla Bla.. I called Jasmin. She told Next road, Arafa hospital.. right side... I was thinking.. How to go alone. I got there. Her uppa, umma n bro was there. Then a table full of bakery items, tea.. ho..

She gave me the book. Thanks jas. U are so sweet. When i reach my room, all were leaving for Parunthu. So me.. Not a big crowd. Still.. Malappuram right. We got the ticket. It was.. It was a big valippu. Don't waste ur money. "MADAMBI ku mele oru parunthum parakilla". When we get back on road, there was a big crowd. Not for the film. Some school teacher died in IUML strike related to 7th std text books. MLA Jaleel was coming. It was the 1st time I'm hearing his speech. Good one. He brought all text books with him. NCRT,STATE all. After the speech one old man told me, "chekkane purathakkumbo orkanamarnu". Hey can u hear me!! Nothing else. Waiting for 22. Hope can see all of you..

Saturday, July 12, 2008

I hate errors

I think all cse student will agree with me in this. I hate errors. I hate warnings too. U know it hurts or gives a kinda feeling i cant express here when we get errors in lab exam. Its horrible if we had spend much time studying it. Sometimes we find no changes from the one in record. But it still shows errors, warnings.. Segmentation fault, declaration error, pointer type.. ho... But it gives me immense pleasure when i see the same errors in the next monitor [it doesn't matter whether he/she is a friend/enemy]. Thinking of starting a community in orkut. U 'll join na..

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Goodbye to MES

At last everything come to an end. We are engineers now. Viva over two days back. It was oki. Last day was quite different from as i expected. Even though everyone had a sad feeling deep inside, nobody cried. Ranjith's parents were there in college last day. They came to take the stuffs. Rathnam and Mangna Showed their 'swabavam' [kidding k]. Shaman went home with them. Everybody seemed busy with no due forms. Ramzi got married last Sunday. Saturday was another big day. But no comments about the bad thing happened on that day. I was in donz most of time. I like very much to be with Shine,shaman,Rida,Vikas etc. Shine is still there in Donz as his 'business tour'. Hope i can meet most of them on 15th for DE & DS labs.

One sad thing also happened last week. My old roommate[+2] died last week. His name was Luthufi.He was studying in NIT calicut. He was crossing one river near his home with his friends. But he caught up in some underwater current. His friends escaped. But he couldn't make it. Its very early Luthu.. I'm sure when we go back to those funny happy moments we had in Al-Nisham, Ur memories will bring tears to our eyes. We will really miss u.. It was the day before my viva i heard it.

Mmm. Its over. Now I'm getting sms from everyone. Goodbye messages.. They hurt me with their departure. Then why with these messages too. But one strange thing I'm feeling is, I'm not missing the ones i expected I'll miss.. Of course I'll surely miss Shaman, shine and others in Donz.. I miss Rathnam, Rania etc too.. Friends do keep in touch k. Too much senti na..Buzz.. Good bye to those bitches and 3rd rate womanizers. Bye for now.

Friends one more thing i noticed. Magna is still busy with her tour plans.. :)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Another day in home

Well, today was not so bad as yesterday. I took bath today after a 2 days leave. Shaved after 3 weeks. Shortened my hair after one and half months. Great day right? Saw one film today: "Definitely, Maybe", was good or OK but much complicated. Film is a flashback. Daughter ask her father who is her mother and how they broke up. And the story goes as girlfriend to girlfriend. The girl who acted as daughter is very cute. Kate Winslet also there as one of the girlfriends. Hmm. Yesterday i saw "What happens in Vegas". An adult comedy. Its ok as a time killer. And today i had a fight with Magna in Gtalk. It was good. Better than film bcoz its interactive! Yesterday i fought with Rizwana. It was also good. I'm waiting for the next one! Everyone talk about the end of college life. Its really hard to miss our friends. But we are not going anywhere na. We are going to work in same field. And so many social networking websites like orkut are there. Even though... huh.. What else. MIS exam on 27th. Hope i can start studying on 25th. I am reading a book "Shantaram". Below are a few points i noted in it.

When you judge the power that is in a person, you must judge their capacities as both as friend and enemy.

Friendship is like a kind of algebra test that nobody passes.

Truth is a bully we all pretend to like.

Well its not over yet. I'll be sharing the points. Bye for now..

Friday, June 13, 2008

The days before examz - In Donz

Well, in all places (where students stay) they do study in the day b4 the exam. But here it is different. On 9-6-2008, day b4 the 1st exam. Some were playing cards and mobile games etc. Of course many of them were studying. At that time vikas' friend called and told that he is in kuttippuram and coming to see vikas. He didn't know the way to donz so Vikas went to Bus stop. At this time Swaroop came with and idea. He told everyone to hide one hand inside the shirt and act like all have only one hand. so Vipin, Rameez, Shaman and Swarrop hided their hands inside the shirt. When Vikas' friend came, he saw them with one hand. He asked What happened to the other hand. I told him they had an accident and everyone were sitting on the same side of the bus. (Vipin was wiping his eyes when i say this. Swaroop looked like an exact handicapped one.) The guest was like whether to believe or not. Suddenly somebody started laughing n all 'polinju'.

Next. 11-6-2008. Day before the second exam. The exam was CAP so nobody was interested to study. Nujoom came To Donz around 10am (With his(god knows) new slippers, claiming his ikka brought it from gulf). Shine, Rameez n all were sleeping. Everybody got up when nujoom came. After some time all started playing hide and seek!. 1,2,3...20 "ampasthani". Shine became kallan most times. Followed by it, there was a "charcha" about games played in childhood days. Wait and see what will happen on 15-6-2008!!! see ya then.. bye

Examz and photostatz

Apologies for no updates, i've been busy with my exams. Two out of five theory papers are over. Were good. I'm feeling very happy because i’m at least studying now. I'd taken photostats of all books. It s a big story. I had no text books with me so i decided to take photostats from tcr so that i can make it with a reduced cost. So the others too (Vipin, Swaroop, Rida, Vikas and Shaman) gave me the order for them. I collected the text books from Jeffy and Rathnam and off to tcr and gave the books for photostat. They told me to come next day to collect the books. The next day again to tcr.

Here starts the problems. I'd no big bags to bring the books. So i took Nibul’s Bag. I got out of bus at Vadakke stand at tcr but forgot to take the bag. Nibul's bag!! Ayyo! I took next bus to sakthan stand. And when i get there, there was no such bus. Fortunately I'd the bus ticket with me. I asked many people about that bus. But no Raksha. last a bus driver in one workshop helped me. He told me the bus will be there in a petrol pump in one place (i forgot the name). I took an auto n went there. The bus was there.. n i got in.. yes there was.. the bag. Hoo.. Then i went to photostat shop n collected the books (Nibul helped me alot in all this. But no thanks for u buddy :)). Anyway the photostats were worthy for the last two n hope they'll help the rest too..

Saturday, May 31, 2008


One more supply season ended. But it was not a happy ending. My plans didn't work out and i don't think that i made even a single paper. Everything went wrong in the last two weeks study, food sleep whatever. Hope i can make it better in coming s8 exams. Its boring here in this room too. I never felt kinda loneliness. Only thing I'm doing these days is surfing the net, mostly blogs. And saw some films too. Today i saw a film "Oxford murders". I lost my 2 hours. That's it. All my downloading plans are thrashed by the weather report that the monsoon may hit within 48hours [I've already lost one modem because of lightning, i don't wanna lose more]. And its our weather report; may be monsoon may hit within 48mnts.

While going through many blogs, i found this. Hope this can help you to become a Gentleman/gentlewoman! Author is an employee of Google! Here it is..

How to be a (modern) gentleman
1. Some things don't change: say please and thank you and ask questions about other people rather than talk about yourself.
2. Be punctual. Tardiness does not make you look important, it turns you into an arrogant incompetent who thinks that his time is more important than other people's.
3. The modern gentleman cares about the planet. Be environmentally aware (but not obnoxious about it).
4. Open doors for people and stand up when they enter a room, but do this for men as well as women. The modern gentleman doesn't treat women like porcelain.
5. Be modest. Bragging is distinctly ungentlemanly.
6. Be a good father. Nothing is less charming than a man who leaves childcare to women.
7. Be honest about wherever you have come from in life. Pretension is spineless.
8. Flirt - with everyone. Good flirting is a form of politeness. Pay compliments and put your companion at ease.
9. Do not phone/text/check your Blackberry incessantly.
10. Dress tidily. Whatever style you are going for, scruffiness just isn't in.

Hope you'll try and comment your results.. nothing more to say..bye for today..

Friday, May 23, 2008

My phone bill issue..

It was yesterday noon.. I was coming to home by bus. When i reached Guruvayoor, i got a phone call from home. It was my sister. She told "Phone bill came. Just ten thousand, come fast." I had no idea what to do. Go to home or return to hostel! I called Nibul. He told these kind of mistakes are common with Bsnl so go to home. So i went home. I got home n there was a bill of 9268.00Rs waiting for me.. I kept my ears closed. I didn't say a word, or i couldn't say. I checked out the Bsnl log.. Pulses were going down.. When i reached day 5-4-2008 suddenly pulses got normal. There is something. Yes there was.. It said i downloaded 9Gb in 20secs on 5-4-2008. Just impossible with this connection. I called customer care. They told me to call accounts section. I called and they told me they will call back. Day went. No calls, so i went tcr today. Told them the matter.. corrected it.. Now 500rs only.. Told me they will issue the new bill within two days.. Hooo... Then i called home.. Fired them all with 10 times stronger than they did to me... "enthoraswasam"..

The Bill.. Look it just 9268.00Rs Sorry pic quality is low..With web cam

So Take care all Bsnl users.. Check the usage b4 u take the blade or sari!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Another season begins!!!

Well, back to college again. Another season starts on 20th. Didn't even see the books. God knows what questions are waiting for me. Got 5 in sixth sem and 2 in 4th sem.. Anyway I'm happy that i can see everyone. Room8 got there today itself. First of all have to arrange some books for study.. Hope everything will be alright.. See ya later..

Saturday, May 17, 2008

the ending 13-05-08

Again the police caught us[this time railway police]. We had to show train tickets n all. Train came n Two berths and some seats only were confirmed. We arranged some berths with the help of TTR and somehow managed to sleep. As two or three in one berth. I was with shaman and our opposite was Rida, Vikas and Riyas. We reached kuttippuram at 11am. Met Anil and shijin from station. Went to college. Registered. Then home...

And we will be back with another one..

3rd DaY 12-05-08

This is the most fun/fear filled day. We had to vacate the rooms this day at 10am. Shahees broke a cot's leg. Somehow we hided it. We had to get out of rooms before they find it. After that we went to prasob's room for keeping our bags.

Returning from Prashob's room

From there we went to Prashob's hostel(in which he is working. It has a private beach. Photo session!!

Smoker Riju!

Prashob, Sanath n Petta

Then, after food we went to a park nearby. We almost slept there. We had to wait for others.


Katta n Me

A good wallpaper for you.. Taken by me. Its under this tree we are sitting in the above pics

Then to Anjuna beach. We found Nothing much interesting there and the sea was rude too. So we went to Vagator beach. It too was not much good as we expected. So we decided to go to Calamgote again.

Our return train was on 10:30pm so we returned from beach at 6:30pm. Here starts the problems. We went to Prasobs room to take the bags. On the way there was a roundabout. We had some confusion there and accidentally entered to wrong one way. Police noticed it and whistled the 1st bike [in which Shaheez and prosob were] Shaheez didn't stop because he didn't have licence with him. Then police whistled the 2nd bike also[in which me n sanath were]. we too didn't stop. Police got angry and started chasing us With bikes and Jipsi. But the unlucky fellows were Rida and Riju.

Police caught them and took them away in jeep with bike. Police told them, they wont release Riju n Rida without getting us [1st two bikes]. Shaheez was really feared because he has seen how police beating others in yesterday night. All others also feared. Riju didn't even had a bike license. We were in b/w sea and saitan. If we get in to road police will catch us. If we return to hotel we 'll have to pay fine for breaking the cot.

We called the owners of bikes. They came n scolded us. At last they went to station n got Rida n Riju back. We had to give 2000rs as Bribes. I've a request to Rida n Riju. Please tell what was in ur mind while u were in station?

Release News, See how happy Shaheez is !!

Riju N Rida Trying to hide the fear/laugh; Pic just after they got back from the police station

It was already late that time. Ranjith N Prasob brought the bags in Auto. Sham went to taxi stand and got a Van for us. It was 9pm and we had to get there before 10:30pm. We rushed to Station n found train is at 11:30pm. We had dinner from there. And waited for the train.

2nD day 11-05-08

Well, the second day. Everybody wake up early at 9:30 and the 1st destn was Benaulim beach. It was not a crowded one as Calamgote.

During a short break b4 Benaulim

When we reached benaulim..

Hmmm.. Riju Helped me..

All together

I don't remember much in benaulim... Mmm... ya Afsheena. I don't think the name is right. May be shaman knows. Well she was from Gujarath and she had a beautiful girl with her[don't know her name]. I was going to head her but Ranjith didn't support me. Before i can rethink shaman did it. She told her name place n all. Her next destination was kerala!!

Waves on me..!

Kinda creative work!! What u think?

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A Short break

Then to colva. It was a crowded one. That petta took me to one coolbar n i don't remember the rest. After sometime we got back to where our stuffs are. We had Shavarma. And back to Room. But Vipin n others told us to go to Vasco so that they can come n meet us there. So on way to Vasco.

We had no idea about the Vasco beach. "Unfortunately" we met a malayali and he took us to Vasco beach[To His residence and not the beach]. Then he told us there s shipyard we can go there n see ships. We went there and security made us Runn[Malayali swabavam kanichu]. We took an another route to find the beach and reached a protected area[board:No entry to others]!! we took a U turn n back to rooms..

At night another incident.. Police police police. Well, Rameez was sitting on a bike near road. Bike was on and Rameez was making sound with it as racing. Police came and caught him. Demanded license. He didn't have one. SHaheez gave his license. But police demanded Rameez's. Somehow he made them understand he don't know how to drive n he was simply sitting on it. And onnu koode rakshapettu.. I wasn't near them that time. If anybody can tell more detailed, u r welcome.

tHE 1st Day 10-05-08

Well, We reached Madgoan at 6:30am. Shaheez started with a chali. According to him MAD-GOAN is "pranthu mattanulla sthalam" aanu. We got out of railway station and headed to Panjim, where our stay was arranged. [Swaroop got his friends everywhere in world, may be he can start a travel agency in future]. His friend Prashob joined us from Panjim and we reached in hotel 4-pillars at 8:30am. We rented 10 bikes from there for 3days and off to Calamgote beach.

The Madgoan station :LANDED

Calamgote is one of the good beaches in Goa. There were lots of people in beach. Of course there were cute sexy girls in less dresses [if i don't mention it other will think more about it]. Some of them where really beautiful [but the god was not on our side: sea was rude so the foreigners was requested to keep out of sea]. There was water sports. Bikes, parachutes etc.. And after all Sea and Waves..

Ready for a ride

Till noon we enjoyed the waves. Then had food from hotel nearby [lost all money. One rotty 10Rs]. Shaman started playing pool with Riju, Rida N sajif. We had to take a little risk to stop him!.. Then Headed for Bagha beach.

Shot 1: Shaman

Shot 2:Riju

Bagha beach also was a nice one. We left our helmets and stuffs on shore. Shaman 'slept' over them. The waves were a little stronger. There were lots of good girls. So it took little more time to get into shore. I made a small sandcastle on shore [Even little kids couldn't make something like that. I could see them looking it with widened eyes].

Sleeping Shaman

My sandcastle, Beautiful na?

We returned from beach. The next problem!!. One bike is missing!. It was the one Me and Sajif were on [woo i forgot to tell about this guy's driving. Thank god for my life. Its hard to believe I'm still alive. How many Humps he missed...]. We all freezed. Somebody started dividing the price of bike. Everyone called back to check whether they changed the bikes. No.. Everyone was right with their bikes. We didn't know what to do. Everyone suggested their ideas. Time went. Suddenly someone came with our bike [he gave the key to his friend n friend took our bike, unfortunately even the key matched]. oooohh.. Breath n heartbeats again to normal.

Back to Room. End of Day oNe:
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