Sunday, April 27, 2008

Dinner @ Rida's house..

At last after a number of postpones of dates we managed to go to Rida's house. It was the last Friday. We eleven members went to Rida's house with Ramu's car and three bikes. I was on bike with Shine. Well the bike also was Ramu's. Its condition was somewhat pathetic. Petrol was leaking. No good pick up etc.. Anyway the relief was we got one bike. Vipin and Rameez, Swaroop and Shaman were also with bikes. Rajavu Petta, Abkari Vikas, owner Ram and Rida was in car. When we reach Kakkad rain started.. Then rainy ride. Somehow we reached Rida's mansion. It took 1.30hours. There was Rida's Uppa, ikka umma and all.. We seated in sitting room. Pics are below.

In sitting Room

Shaman and Ranjith


Rida's Watch!!

Then tea.. Table full of items.. Shake was superb. And other things also.. As Rida his uppa also caught swaroop. He told to take more only to swaroop! Hihi. Anyway most of items was sweet. It was like having whiskey.. Our heads was...


Then again back to seats. Funny that Rida has no rooms in his house(as he said. I don't believe). In Donz he has own room, shelf etc. Actually this was Swaroop's "wit". In the middle of our talks about project report we again called for dinner. My stomach was full. But still the smell of..

I think who ate 'less' is Shine. Ranjith and Swaroop also took less food. After food pudding. ooh after that i fell to sofa.. everyone was trying hard to keep their heads straight. Anyway it was all good. Thanks Rida, His Uppa,Umma, ikka..


Its Just 3rd or 4th


We returned after sometime. Rida also with us. In the middle petrol over. Vipin and Ram didn't see us. We called Swaroop and they brought petrol. Blaa.. lost half an hour.. We continued.. Got back Donz at 11.. I'm doing my project report. So no time I'll edit this post later.. Thank you.. So many things i missed..

Saturday, April 19, 2008

One more Pooram Which i will/i can never forget!

It just happened that way. I'd no intentions to go to Trissur to see pooram at the first place. Vivek came to my room(crying) and we went. It was about 9.45pm when we left for tcr. Bus was crowded. No idea how we made it. We took a round over tcr city to meet someone from our college. Last we found a team.. Which starts with Yakoob and end with Fazil. Again we took two rounds until we meet Riza. Well, here starts the real stuff. Riza had two "foreigners" with him. Both from England. That time Fazil, Vivek and Bineesh were with me. Sayipps were heavily drunk, high.. Had many "crazy" stuffs with them.. But they were good. Very friendly. This time Fazil was getting sick.. We got to get him in Afu's Flat. Vivek, Bineesh and sayipps left with Riza.. Me and Nibul brought Fazil to flat. Its still a wonder how we made that 100kg stuff to 5th floor. In flat there was everyone from Donz.. Everybody was waiting for fireworks to start. It started at 3.30am.. Was s u p e r b.. We had a good view from the top of afu's flat. Building was shivering most of time. Many families were with us. so couldn't enjoys much as we used to. Families were there but none we expected! Photos and videos will be uploaded soon. We slept at 5am and woke up at 7 hearing the discussion of pettoos with Shijin about series and retests. I wished i could kill them.. That idiot petta destroyed my dream by pouring water. But he got what he deserved(sorry pettoo). Anyway series maniacs left at 7.30am.. Poor boys.. There was no series.. strike.. Cheers to those who did it :)

Videos and pics will be uploaded soon.. its superb.. keep visiting. Thanks Afu, Thanks Riza No thanks to you Nibul :P

Sunday, April 13, 2008

One more Vishu:Tell me How do u clebrate it...

Well Another new year is coming. First of all happy vishu to all. How do u celebrate it? From my childhood days vishu is all about "Padakams" and "kaineettam". I still remember the happiness i felt when i lighted the 1st Padakam myself. After my 10th i didn't celebrate vishu much. Not even fireworks. But this time i did some in Donz. Petoos bought some "bombs" and "olapadakams" most of them "thootti" but some were good. Hope someone will give me "kaineettam".. Tell whats your idea of celebrating vishu..

Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Friends.. I Love them all...

Well, if you ask who are my friends.. I may say nothing. Its doesn't mean i don't have any.. i may be thinking who is not.. There s a lot of them.. I'll give a brief intro about some of them. [NOTE:If your name doesn't discussed here don't be angry it doesn't mean you are not one of them, may be this space is very less to describe you :)] Lets start with Donz, My classmates.. my everything.. Hmm Donz is Shine, Rida, Swaroop, Shaman, Vikas, Rameez, Ranjith, Vipin and Shijin.. Dudes so many funny moments we shared, so many fights we won, so many sessionals we lost, but the love we share hope wont cease..

Shine: I think i don't have to write anything about this guy. Celebrity of MES. u-city player.. etc etc but aalu pottan aanu. An RSS freak too(haha).But i love him.. He is a good one..

Rida: A silent killer. For outsiders of our class he is a silent guy who won't bite even if u put your finger in his mouth. If you ask his name you'll get R . I . D . A with a low voice I'm sure you will ask again. Now he is doing his masters in "chalies". Everybody love him. That love will increase when vacations comes. Because he will bring snikkers when he come back. Girls in class enjoys teasing him.. but i know he is enjoying it all. mmm... He was always helping, especially with his portable(hehe).. But in Donz he is horrible. He find himself enjoying while kicking others butts, saying those bloody chalies, irritating Swaroop and Ranjith..But we love it.. i'll surely miss you man.

Swaroop: He loves calling him roopa. That nesi started calling it. But we used to call him "other" words. He is a core part of Donz. Only one having bike in Donz is HIM. Behind every tour ideas one can find his part. In every parties too!..Famous for his fights with others in donz(lovely fights na.. i'm sure we gonna laugh remembering all those). Donz just cant imagine anything without this one.

Shaman: Here comes my buddy. He is the coolest one in earth. Always smiling. He will be there in any crazy things or crazy things starts with him. Only one thing i got to say about him. If u meet him, u gonna love him.

Vikas: well My project mate. ll time buddy. Was with me in all needs.Mettalica fan. Nice one to hang out. I'll tell more about this one when i write about my project mates.. lots to say k.

Rameez: Hmmm.. Most talented one in donz. Addicted to songs, music and good in maths. Plays Keyboard and other instruments. First time when u see him, u'll ask this yourself "Whats this guy doing, has he lost his mind" but you will get the answer soon. Ramy should i write the last drama you played?hihi..

Ranjith:haha.. here comes our pettoos. He is our Rajavu. One and only "full" pass in donz [you didn't get why i put full in quotes?.. he is very related to that word!].. If everybody began doing bad things from donz he must be behind it.. But got placed in TCS. A little bit selfish(hahaha); no guys only with his pillow and bed.. I'll tell later about his love stories..

Shijin: All problems starts with this one or he creates all problems. He's our "Puttu". Director of future.. Spends more time on cine books more than study materials. He was the main one behind the April fool program and because of his foolishness we caught red handed. I'm not saying how many girls he proposed.. Nice guy to spend time with.. shijin how can i say all about you here in this little blog>>..

Vipin: I'll tell about this guy later.. i wrote about him many times..but those are not satisfying.. Big one na..

Well friends.. tired. I'll post later about outsiders of Donz.. Have fun.. Take care.. Hey buddies If you found anything else comment it.. U can write anything even if u disagree with me.. Or "you" don't think "you" are not as i wrote :P

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

End Of Another Supply Season..

Mmmm... Today was the last exam of 5th sem supplies.Today was TOC. I studied it till 1.30am but the one who set the question paper ruined all my dreams.. It was the toughest one I've ever seen. so no hope.. This season was somewhat better when compared to the other seasons. Bcoz out of 4exams i wrote there is a chance of 3 to pass. good naa..The funny thing is that only we guys (from Donz) are having supplies. The one next to me is Mr.Shaman(haha)..[Do you Know: My number is 67 ans his num is 82!!] where is those guys from 68 to 81!!.. So for some days i can live as tension free though one huge thing to tense is coming.. I've heard stories of making 19 or 16 in one chance.. Is that true? how can they? even without sessionals.. Must be some trick in it..There is no news of 6th and 4th sem supplies from u-city. I dont think even God have any idea about it. Heard that ucity is gonna change the chances to one per year. Why couldnt they make it to one per four years(only one last exam) AS AFILAJ TOLD TO HIS MOM!! Hmm..i saw him today he was there in my exam hall. He was trying to copy from the guy sitting nearby.. Didn't he know HE WAS FROM EC!! Sorry dude.. Shaman bought 3 additional sheets! No idea with what he filled all those sheets.. Any way hope all guys from Donz will be there on next chance.. Ranjith i miss u these K friends see you after next chance..

Sunday, April 6, 2008

My college Dayz

Well, its gonna be end. Four years went as four days. Now i feel mixed feelings.. Thinking about whether it was good or bad or OK.. I'm getting mixed answers and feelings.. One thing is sure I'm gonna miss it. I got a full hand of good friends n cant even think about missing them. But in that I've nothing to worry because whom i got from my college will never leave me in this life..May be, we'll leave the college. Thats all.
Starting with 1n2, i was in Painkanur hostel. My roomie was Deepak. We had a good time there. Playing football, going to ladies hostels nearby, doing crazy things.. ooh it was us who celebrated Xmas first time there in painkannur! I still remember those natives looking at the big star with open mouths. Of course full credit of star goes to Mr Jose.The main bad boys was those who stayed in 2nd floor. It includes Vipin(ooh this guy was just opposite to my room..tell ya later his stories), Shijin, shaman(though he was a good one "that" time, he was our inspiration in all "things"), Noufal, Anseed(mm.. good singer but most time kinda disturbance haha), Dasan, Afilaj(mm.. this guys the directory of MES!!) ,sheen, saj...
Another funny day there i remember is, the April fool day.. I'm smiling even i typing this. Our plan was to make the wardens fools. But i didnt work out that way. We tapped on their doors n ran way. Unfortunately teachers got scared n they thought us as thieves!!.. Then inquiry, sainulabudheen etc.. Thank God i was not in that . But i really missed it.
Being a football addict, me and all used to go to play at Abudabi ground, it was superb. I couldn't get words to describe it.. Wooo there comes our Beegu(rohit) who play well but cant run bcoz of his body.. he is a very nice guy..everyone love him. me too.. ooh i miss those days.. We all used to get up with alarms at 5.30am.. even exam days we don use it.
Then girls!girls!girls.. There was two girls hostel was near our hostel with cute beauties..mmmm... We often visited the temples nearby it. lot to write but let us take a short cut to 3rd n 4th sems..
Well all my buddies left hostel n rented a house, FREAKZ it was their 1st one.My dad didn't allow me to go..But most of time i was there.. Then we hostelguys shifted to Misna.. Memories of Misna is too about football, Vivek, Arjun, Vineeth, Beegu,.. its was all good in that late football plays mixed with cow**** and rain.. we really enjoyed it. Then nothing more in Misna except some girls on phone.. oh my God i missed our tour.. s3 tour was adipoli.. its we FREAKZ organized it with SATANZ (oh some of them are really SAITANS.. Shine, Ranjith i mdidnt mean u!!)). Wagman,Munnar 3 days.. may be those were the happiest days in my college days..
Then 5th sem me n others in Misna shifted to MH.. i love it.. In all places i stayed there i like MH the most. Playing football, basket ball, Tv all funn there,.. After i shifted to MH i spend most time in DONZ(they left freekz... All shifting had an shijin effect!). Well 3rd and 4th sem went gloomy as the expected results came.. supplies retest :( mmm,...
In the 5th sem again the tour. Tour without our mamu(sorry, vipin.we used to call him MAAMU). That ****HOD caught him in front of strike n then suspension. It was the 1st suspension from our class(later it became common!).. well the tour was boring.. Its the darkest days of my college days..
In 6th sem only i remember now is mini project. i still dont know how we made it. I'm really thankful to my project mates. It was this time that bloody rediffbol thing happened. Only thing i got to say about it is IT WASNT ME. mm,.. Aaauh its that time i got beaten up. Bad politics or what else i should call it. but i already left thinking about it. mmm.. i got to leave that hostel.. missing my roomies was most difficult. hoo.. next is 7th and 8th sems lot to write about it. I'll post it later...
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