Sunday, April 27, 2008

Dinner @ Rida's house..

At last after a number of postpones of dates we managed to go to Rida's house. It was the last Friday. We eleven members went to Rida's house with Ramu's car and three bikes. I was on bike with Shine. Well the bike also was Ramu's. Its condition was somewhat pathetic. Petrol was leaking. No good pick up etc.. Anyway the relief was we got one bike. Vipin and Rameez, Swaroop and Shaman were also with bikes. Rajavu Petta, Abkari Vikas, owner Ram and Rida was in car. When we reach Kakkad rain started.. Then rainy ride. Somehow we reached Rida's mansion. It took 1.30hours. There was Rida's Uppa, ikka umma and all.. We seated in sitting room. Pics are below.

In sitting Room

Shaman and Ranjith


Rida's Watch!!

Then tea.. Table full of items.. Shake was superb. And other things also.. As Rida his uppa also caught swaroop. He told to take more only to swaroop! Hihi. Anyway most of items was sweet. It was like having whiskey.. Our heads was...


Then again back to seats. Funny that Rida has no rooms in his house(as he said. I don't believe). In Donz he has own room, shelf etc. Actually this was Swaroop's "wit". In the middle of our talks about project report we again called for dinner. My stomach was full. But still the smell of..

I think who ate 'less' is Shine. Ranjith and Swaroop also took less food. After food pudding. ooh after that i fell to sofa.. everyone was trying hard to keep their heads straight. Anyway it was all good. Thanks Rida, His Uppa,Umma, ikka..


Its Just 3rd or 4th


We returned after sometime. Rida also with us. In the middle petrol over. Vipin and Ram didn't see us. We called Swaroop and they brought petrol. Blaa.. lost half an hour.. We continued.. Got back Donz at 11.. I'm doing my project report. So no time I'll edit this post later.. Thank you.. So many things i missed..


  1. WOW....
    Rida wen r u gonna invite us...

  2. Nobody will ask for his invitation if i posted the dishes for tea and dinner.. All will pick the next bus to Chemmad :)

  3. All of 'em..Actually not all(Shijin n Sukesh) dint make of d chance to visit my small humble living space..
    Even though d invitation was made d week parents landed..had 2 b postpond on more than one occasion , based on request of certain faggots who had personal issues 2 account for..
    Finally,it was on..d past friday evenin..d plan was a tea party..drink tea , dip sum biscuits in it..n throw everyone out b4 d IPL match starts..

    All of my plannin was washed up even b4 d rain dat day..Mom calls up n sez "der s dinner"..

    As usual,by d time all of 'em got ready 2 was already sunset..

    And den we got home..after a brief rain stop..and d long delayed departure from donz b4 dat..

    As we got der..D doors 2 d sitting room wer open..everyone of 'em wer made to take a seat in d sitting room..

    The first round:
    a rather meagre amount of snacks wer presented..
    end of it everyone was send back 2 d sittin room..While i packed up bag 4 d return leg..
    The second round:
    all dat could make a heavy feeling wer put up on d table..
    and at d end of it was back 2 d sittin room..
    The final round:
    this time all d stuff dat wer 2 b stuffd into stomachs wer not 2 b taken from d dinnin table..but was taken 2 d sittin room..

    So,it ended dat way..Der was no tour of d house..Cuz i dont trust
    anyone(Just like no believes d fact wen i tell dem dat i hav no room of mi own @ home n live a nomadic life der..)

    Shine wantin 2 watch d IPL match at all costs 2 watch d Mumbai INDIANS win..(HOPE IS ALWAYS GOOD..) d hurry..every one had a fine return trip..xcept 4 shine who stoppd coz of fuel leakage drainin out d time dey got back on road with help from shaman n swaroop ..INDIANS had lost..BUT ders always next time(Thats wat v've been sayin 2 ourselves d last 3 times(D supporters of INDIANS..Me,shine))

    AND SORRY GUYZ n was intentional on my part..NOT invitin u people..IT wasnt my demise or sumthin dat all of u needed 2 know..SORRY..No hard feelings..

  4. To Rida:
    Mmm.. First of all Sorry for being late. But happy that all your biscuit dreams broken because of it. You don't trust us? ha.. [To others: even though Vipin told everyone to carry a plastic bag and collect whatever you get, we had no such plans at the first place.] May be we 'll use some perfume or powder!! Hmm.. Well you don't trust me.. uuuu

    me too a Mumbai fan.. you didn't mention it. OK about others complaints i don't need to bother."BUT ders always next time"..

    Thanks again Rida.. let us see what others have to say..

  5. Da rida.... I didnt expect that kind of treat which nearly burst my stomache................................


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