Saturday, April 19, 2008

One more Pooram Which i will/i can never forget!

It just happened that way. I'd no intentions to go to Trissur to see pooram at the first place. Vivek came to my room(crying) and we went. It was about 9.45pm when we left for tcr. Bus was crowded. No idea how we made it. We took a round over tcr city to meet someone from our college. Last we found a team.. Which starts with Yakoob and end with Fazil. Again we took two rounds until we meet Riza. Well, here starts the real stuff. Riza had two "foreigners" with him. Both from England. That time Fazil, Vivek and Bineesh were with me. Sayipps were heavily drunk, high.. Had many "crazy" stuffs with them.. But they were good. Very friendly. This time Fazil was getting sick.. We got to get him in Afu's Flat. Vivek, Bineesh and sayipps left with Riza.. Me and Nibul brought Fazil to flat. Its still a wonder how we made that 100kg stuff to 5th floor. In flat there was everyone from Donz.. Everybody was waiting for fireworks to start. It started at 3.30am.. Was s u p e r b.. We had a good view from the top of afu's flat. Building was shivering most of time. Many families were with us. so couldn't enjoys much as we used to. Families were there but none we expected! Photos and videos will be uploaded soon. We slept at 5am and woke up at 7 hearing the discussion of pettoos with Shijin about series and retests. I wished i could kill them.. That idiot petta destroyed my dream by pouring water. But he got what he deserved(sorry pettoo). Anyway series maniacs left at 7.30am.. Poor boys.. There was no series.. strike.. Cheers to those who did it :)

Videos and pics will be uploaded soon.. its superb.. keep visiting. Thanks Afu, Thanks Riza No thanks to you Nibul :P


  1. You've got that right...the pooram was was my first time n i had a blast..wats not to like...lots of booz to drink...lots of weed to drag n more importantly..lots of was spectacular :-)

    By the end of the night i realised something...pooram is not just about the fireworks..its wat goes on before n after the fireworks tat is equally important..

    The only problem was we got just 2hrs of sleep..God bless my juniors..if there wasn't a strike the next day...i swear i would have dozed off in the exam hall..

    The video's are kinda cool...check it out for urself..

    keep posting budddy..Tc..have fun :-)

  2. nee shamanu cash vallom kodukamnu paranitundo ingane ella postinum comments leave cheyan vendi?? :)


  4. he he...i had to clean all the mess....had to do a big job wakin evryone up....:)


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