Saturday, May 31, 2008


One more supply season ended. But it was not a happy ending. My plans didn't work out and i don't think that i made even a single paper. Everything went wrong in the last two weeks study, food sleep whatever. Hope i can make it better in coming s8 exams. Its boring here in this room too. I never felt kinda loneliness. Only thing I'm doing these days is surfing the net, mostly blogs. And saw some films too. Today i saw a film "Oxford murders". I lost my 2 hours. That's it. All my downloading plans are thrashed by the weather report that the monsoon may hit within 48hours [I've already lost one modem because of lightning, i don't wanna lose more]. And its our weather report; may be monsoon may hit within 48mnts.

While going through many blogs, i found this. Hope this can help you to become a Gentleman/gentlewoman! Author is an employee of Google! Here it is..

How to be a (modern) gentleman
1. Some things don't change: say please and thank you and ask questions about other people rather than talk about yourself.
2. Be punctual. Tardiness does not make you look important, it turns you into an arrogant incompetent who thinks that his time is more important than other people's.
3. The modern gentleman cares about the planet. Be environmentally aware (but not obnoxious about it).
4. Open doors for people and stand up when they enter a room, but do this for men as well as women. The modern gentleman doesn't treat women like porcelain.
5. Be modest. Bragging is distinctly ungentlemanly.
6. Be a good father. Nothing is less charming than a man who leaves childcare to women.
7. Be honest about wherever you have come from in life. Pretension is spineless.
8. Flirt - with everyone. Good flirting is a form of politeness. Pay compliments and put your companion at ease.
9. Do not phone/text/check your Blackberry incessantly.
10. Dress tidily. Whatever style you are going for, scruffiness just isn't in.

Hope you'll try and comment your results.. nothing more to say..bye for today..

Friday, May 23, 2008

My phone bill issue..

It was yesterday noon.. I was coming to home by bus. When i reached Guruvayoor, i got a phone call from home. It was my sister. She told "Phone bill came. Just ten thousand, come fast." I had no idea what to do. Go to home or return to hostel! I called Nibul. He told these kind of mistakes are common with Bsnl so go to home. So i went home. I got home n there was a bill of 9268.00Rs waiting for me.. I kept my ears closed. I didn't say a word, or i couldn't say. I checked out the Bsnl log.. Pulses were going down.. When i reached day 5-4-2008 suddenly pulses got normal. There is something. Yes there was.. It said i downloaded 9Gb in 20secs on 5-4-2008. Just impossible with this connection. I called customer care. They told me to call accounts section. I called and they told me they will call back. Day went. No calls, so i went tcr today. Told them the matter.. corrected it.. Now 500rs only.. Told me they will issue the new bill within two days.. Hooo... Then i called home.. Fired them all with 10 times stronger than they did to me... "enthoraswasam"..

The Bill.. Look it just 9268.00Rs Sorry pic quality is low..With web cam

So Take care all Bsnl users.. Check the usage b4 u take the blade or sari!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Another season begins!!!

Well, back to college again. Another season starts on 20th. Didn't even see the books. God knows what questions are waiting for me. Got 5 in sixth sem and 2 in 4th sem.. Anyway I'm happy that i can see everyone. Room8 got there today itself. First of all have to arrange some books for study.. Hope everything will be alright.. See ya later..

Saturday, May 17, 2008

the ending 13-05-08

Again the police caught us[this time railway police]. We had to show train tickets n all. Train came n Two berths and some seats only were confirmed. We arranged some berths with the help of TTR and somehow managed to sleep. As two or three in one berth. I was with shaman and our opposite was Rida, Vikas and Riyas. We reached kuttippuram at 11am. Met Anil and shijin from station. Went to college. Registered. Then home...

And we will be back with another one..

3rd DaY 12-05-08

This is the most fun/fear filled day. We had to vacate the rooms this day at 10am. Shahees broke a cot's leg. Somehow we hided it. We had to get out of rooms before they find it. After that we went to prasob's room for keeping our bags.

Returning from Prashob's room

From there we went to Prashob's hostel(in which he is working. It has a private beach. Photo session!!

Smoker Riju!

Prashob, Sanath n Petta

Then, after food we went to a park nearby. We almost slept there. We had to wait for others.


Katta n Me

A good wallpaper for you.. Taken by me. Its under this tree we are sitting in the above pics

Then to Anjuna beach. We found Nothing much interesting there and the sea was rude too. So we went to Vagator beach. It too was not much good as we expected. So we decided to go to Calamgote again.

Our return train was on 10:30pm so we returned from beach at 6:30pm. Here starts the problems. We went to Prasobs room to take the bags. On the way there was a roundabout. We had some confusion there and accidentally entered to wrong one way. Police noticed it and whistled the 1st bike [in which Shaheez and prosob were] Shaheez didn't stop because he didn't have licence with him. Then police whistled the 2nd bike also[in which me n sanath were]. we too didn't stop. Police got angry and started chasing us With bikes and Jipsi. But the unlucky fellows were Rida and Riju.

Police caught them and took them away in jeep with bike. Police told them, they wont release Riju n Rida without getting us [1st two bikes]. Shaheez was really feared because he has seen how police beating others in yesterday night. All others also feared. Riju didn't even had a bike license. We were in b/w sea and saitan. If we get in to road police will catch us. If we return to hotel we 'll have to pay fine for breaking the cot.

We called the owners of bikes. They came n scolded us. At last they went to station n got Rida n Riju back. We had to give 2000rs as Bribes. I've a request to Rida n Riju. Please tell what was in ur mind while u were in station?

Release News, See how happy Shaheez is !!

Riju N Rida Trying to hide the fear/laugh; Pic just after they got back from the police station

It was already late that time. Ranjith N Prasob brought the bags in Auto. Sham went to taxi stand and got a Van for us. It was 9pm and we had to get there before 10:30pm. We rushed to Station n found train is at 11:30pm. We had dinner from there. And waited for the train.

2nD day 11-05-08

Well, the second day. Everybody wake up early at 9:30 and the 1st destn was Benaulim beach. It was not a crowded one as Calamgote.

During a short break b4 Benaulim

When we reached benaulim..

Hmmm.. Riju Helped me..

All together

I don't remember much in benaulim... Mmm... ya Afsheena. I don't think the name is right. May be shaman knows. Well she was from Gujarath and she had a beautiful girl with her[don't know her name]. I was going to head her but Ranjith didn't support me. Before i can rethink shaman did it. She told her name place n all. Her next destination was kerala!!

Waves on me..!

Kinda creative work!! What u think?

My Blog URL

A Short break

Then to colva. It was a crowded one. That petta took me to one coolbar n i don't remember the rest. After sometime we got back to where our stuffs are. We had Shavarma. And back to Room. But Vipin n others told us to go to Vasco so that they can come n meet us there. So on way to Vasco.

We had no idea about the Vasco beach. "Unfortunately" we met a malayali and he took us to Vasco beach[To His residence and not the beach]. Then he told us there s shipyard we can go there n see ships. We went there and security made us Runn[Malayali swabavam kanichu]. We took an another route to find the beach and reached a protected area[board:No entry to others]!! we took a U turn n back to rooms..

At night another incident.. Police police police. Well, Rameez was sitting on a bike near road. Bike was on and Rameez was making sound with it as racing. Police came and caught him. Demanded license. He didn't have one. SHaheez gave his license. But police demanded Rameez's. Somehow he made them understand he don't know how to drive n he was simply sitting on it. And onnu koode rakshapettu.. I wasn't near them that time. If anybody can tell more detailed, u r welcome.

tHE 1st Day 10-05-08

Well, We reached Madgoan at 6:30am. Shaheez started with a chali. According to him MAD-GOAN is "pranthu mattanulla sthalam" aanu. We got out of railway station and headed to Panjim, where our stay was arranged. [Swaroop got his friends everywhere in world, may be he can start a travel agency in future]. His friend Prashob joined us from Panjim and we reached in hotel 4-pillars at 8:30am. We rented 10 bikes from there for 3days and off to Calamgote beach.

The Madgoan station :LANDED

Calamgote is one of the good beaches in Goa. There were lots of people in beach. Of course there were cute sexy girls in less dresses [if i don't mention it other will think more about it]. Some of them where really beautiful [but the god was not on our side: sea was rude so the foreigners was requested to keep out of sea]. There was water sports. Bikes, parachutes etc.. And after all Sea and Waves..

Ready for a ride

Till noon we enjoyed the waves. Then had food from hotel nearby [lost all money. One rotty 10Rs]. Shaman started playing pool with Riju, Rida N sajif. We had to take a little risk to stop him!.. Then Headed for Bagha beach.

Shot 1: Shaman

Shot 2:Riju

Bagha beach also was a nice one. We left our helmets and stuffs on shore. Shaman 'slept' over them. The waves were a little stronger. There were lots of good girls. So it took little more time to get into shore. I made a small sandcastle on shore [Even little kids couldn't make something like that. I could see them looking it with widened eyes].

Sleeping Shaman

My sandcastle, Beautiful na?

We returned from beach. The next problem!!. One bike is missing!. It was the one Me and Sajif were on [woo i forgot to tell about this guy's driving. Thank god for my life. Its hard to believe I'm still alive. How many Humps he missed...]. We all freezed. Somebody started dividing the price of bike. Everyone called back to check whether they changed the bikes. No.. Everyone was right with their bikes. We didn't know what to do. Everyone suggested their ideas. Time went. Suddenly someone came with our bike [he gave the key to his friend n friend took our bike, unfortunately even the key matched]. oooohh.. Breath n heartbeats again to normal.

Back to Room. End of Day oNe:

The starting.. 9-05-08

Our train, The Netravati Express was scheduled to be at 5:20pm. We left Donz at 5:10pm[early na].Well, it was the starting of problems. It started with my mobile. I lost it when i went upstairs with Vipin. Only after we left, vipin told me he doubts its there. Then i called my roomie, Nibul to check it. He went and called me telling its there in neighbor house n i can get it when i get back.[Thanks Nibul, and Vikas[u are such a lovely friend man] for help me searching it]..

To Railway station: from Donz

And the train arrived at sharp 5:20pm. Ranjith was in Misna for buying "something", Sajif lost his touch screen's touch pen and he was on his way to find it[He got it]. And the train was crowded as supply exams. We didn't get reservations as we are in waiting list of 400s. Somehow we made it in sleeper coach with general tickets. Train left and we thought we missed Ranjith and Sajif. Only minutes later we found they are in. Sreekanth couldn't make it. Train left before he reached kuttipuram [we missed u buddy]. We missed Nujoom, Ramachandran and others too.

This is how we went! Its taken when we are in kasarkode

So we nineteen. Me, Vipin, Vikas, Shine, Rameez, Shaman, Rida, Ranjith, Swaroop, Sajif, Sham, Fenil, Suresh, Aslum, Rriyas, Riju, Shaheez, Prajeesh and Sanath.. in train.There were so many people like us, in the sleeper coach. TTR came 2 times and told us to get out of it in the next station. In calicut we made it to General coach but still we got seats only after Kasarcode [Thats after 6hours]. We were supposed to reach Madgoan [the final destination] at 6:30am.

Tightly packed

Me, Sajif N Ranjith didn't sleep while others made it comfortable on floor, Bathroom etc..

We Transformed bathroom to Chatroom

TOur De gOA

Hmm.. It was our plan to celebrate the end. A relax from project tensions, good bye to retests.. We started thinking about it from a long time back since Donz's last tour to Wayanadu. N its over too. It was simply superb, more like a thriller film. We had lots of fun.. One can say "fear filled funs". We met all kinda beaches, all kinda sea sports, all kinda energy boosters and.. All kinda police! Well, i 'll post it as day by day....

PS:Comment if i missed anything oki..
Sorry for delay, My modem was out of order.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Itsss oooveeer..

Well, I'm fine. I 'm a bit happy too. All days i try to keep me happy but today I've got something to feel more happy.. Today was our project presentation. And its over. It was good, OK or great. I didn't expect this kinda end to our project. Even the output was working fine today. First of all i would like to thank Ragesh sir. Without him we'll 've to join with the coming batch in next season. So many times year out came in my dreams. well, it starts with lots and lots of problems.

We had to get online help for this project. For a broadband connection it took 1 year to get(only i know how i made it in this small time. I was a frequent visitor of exchange that time). When i got net, the other problem starts. My nose problem. Two operations haa.. it was already late to start. Tension increased. There was heavy bleeding from my nose because of it..Two times. 1st time i soothed my parents with "Its OK. I'm fine" But 2nd time i really scared.. I really thought its over.

Then we, sorry i forgot to introduce our team. its me Vikas, vivek and Rathnam. great team. Full of talented, brilliant, intelligent.. We started thinking of year out. Then we asked help of Raghesh sir. It was him who inspire us to "continue" the project. He promised his help.. Daily in IT lab.. at the starting nothing worked out. then slowly some miracles. Thats it. somehow we managed to show the demo.

Its necessary to thank my teammates. I was more worried about them(not about me), because they may scold me if this may end up in a utter failure. They told me a thousand times to get it done from somewhere else. Rathnam was most Irritating(But if we are anywhere now or if we showed anything today, its only because her irritating nature). Nobody blamed me when i was ill. Nobody slapped me when we were down. Thanks buddies.

Uma miss was our guide. because our project was in Linux and the topic is strange nobody has an idea about it. But miss tried to help us. Even when we told her its impossible to complete, at least she didn't get angry. We were really scared about the presentation. What to say, What to show, What may ask etc etc.. But it all worked nicely. Thank God. I don't know What to type.. because I'm still in... End to all sleepless nights. At least i can sleep today without tension..

Well, now all what in my mind is our tour De Goa. Hope i will get permission. I really want to go.. Aaa..

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Last Day

At last it all came to an end. 30th April was the last regular working day of our life. It was like all other special days. Donz had planz for rocking it. Till noon we were in class. Verifying records, setting up project reports and posing for pics. That time the other class were celebrating in seminar hall.. poor guys.

Our plan was to enjoy to the maximum. We'd arranged a hotel Dreamland near kuttipuram. Its a small beautiful place associated with a nursery. We had sound systems there, music, food , fun etc.

An outside view

We reached there about 1.30. Shaheez started with mike[my hearty congrats to him for organizing such a wonderful party]. Followed by Sangeetha's song, sukesh's comedy show. Then comes Prajeesh's items. He made the whole crowd laugh. He imitated Sajif, Nujoom, shine etc. Rameez also did some imitations of Shamzeer, film actors etc. Then came our Ramu and ... Mike was out of reach for others for the next half an hour.

Shaheez some jokes going on

[Then the food.. sorry i don't have pics of food if anybody have sent me, mail me also these pics. Sound system, Front of hotel, i mean entry. Food,Muhammad singing, prjeesh showing sajif etc all good pics. try to sent those who don't have girls in it.]

Hungry Nujoom.. Added With Rania's special request

After food the entertainment continues.. Muhammad sung a Hindi song. We have an year out student in our class. Sajna.. That ****Santhosh Mathew did it. But we are happy that she is with us. We asked her the difference b/w the old batch and our class. Her reply was this.

"Unity is the power of your class And you guyz gave me all i got in 4 years with previous batch, in just 6 months." That explains everything.

Well, she is a late comer. And she has no idea about our "unity". But now i think its somewhat united. Thanks for S6 mech guys and Rameez (as Sham said). But I've a few words for those who said the 160rs(for fuction) is high and we are collecting it for drinking. We drink almost every week, and not by your money. we don't need your money to..

BOW.. Leave it. For tea we had coffee and cutlets. After sometime Sajna's hus came. They bought chocolates. Thanks for chocos. The boy who brought it to us almost fell down by our "attacks".

Final blasts

Mmm. It got to an end with a blast. some cable TV operators came there to take videos. we Sung, Danced.. At that time somebody started Mohanlal Mammooty fight. Cheers to Laletten. last it came to an end. Chicks had to go home and hostel. All left. It was a perfect happy ending with broken hearts.

But keep in mind these words of Shaman. "its the fun filled days tat r gettin over..not the friendship.."
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