Saturday, May 17, 2008

tHE 1st Day 10-05-08

Well, We reached Madgoan at 6:30am. Shaheez started with a chali. According to him MAD-GOAN is "pranthu mattanulla sthalam" aanu. We got out of railway station and headed to Panjim, where our stay was arranged. [Swaroop got his friends everywhere in world, may be he can start a travel agency in future]. His friend Prashob joined us from Panjim and we reached in hotel 4-pillars at 8:30am. We rented 10 bikes from there for 3days and off to Calamgote beach.

The Madgoan station :LANDED

Calamgote is one of the good beaches in Goa. There were lots of people in beach. Of course there were cute sexy girls in less dresses [if i don't mention it other will think more about it]. Some of them where really beautiful [but the god was not on our side: sea was rude so the foreigners was requested to keep out of sea]. There was water sports. Bikes, parachutes etc.. And after all Sea and Waves..

Ready for a ride

Till noon we enjoyed the waves. Then had food from hotel nearby [lost all money. One rotty 10Rs]. Shaman started playing pool with Riju, Rida N sajif. We had to take a little risk to stop him!.. Then Headed for Bagha beach.

Shot 1: Shaman

Shot 2:Riju

Bagha beach also was a nice one. We left our helmets and stuffs on shore. Shaman 'slept' over them. The waves were a little stronger. There were lots of good girls. So it took little more time to get into shore. I made a small sandcastle on shore [Even little kids couldn't make something like that. I could see them looking it with widened eyes].

Sleeping Shaman

My sandcastle, Beautiful na?

We returned from beach. The next problem!!. One bike is missing!. It was the one Me and Sajif were on [woo i forgot to tell about this guy's driving. Thank god for my life. Its hard to believe I'm still alive. How many Humps he missed...]. We all freezed. Somebody started dividing the price of bike. Everyone called back to check whether they changed the bikes. No.. Everyone was right with their bikes. We didn't know what to do. Everyone suggested their ideas. Time went. Suddenly someone came with our bike [he gave the key to his friend n friend took our bike, unfortunately even the key matched]. oooohh.. Breath n heartbeats again to normal.

Back to Room. End of Day oNe:

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