Saturday, May 17, 2008

2nD day 11-05-08

Well, the second day. Everybody wake up early at 9:30 and the 1st destn was Benaulim beach. It was not a crowded one as Calamgote.

During a short break b4 Benaulim

When we reached benaulim..

Hmmm.. Riju Helped me..

All together

I don't remember much in benaulim... Mmm... ya Afsheena. I don't think the name is right. May be shaman knows. Well she was from Gujarath and she had a beautiful girl with her[don't know her name]. I was going to head her but Ranjith didn't support me. Before i can rethink shaman did it. She told her name place n all. Her next destination was kerala!!

Waves on me..!

Kinda creative work!! What u think?

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A Short break

Then to colva. It was a crowded one. That petta took me to one coolbar n i don't remember the rest. After sometime we got back to where our stuffs are. We had Shavarma. And back to Room. But Vipin n others told us to go to Vasco so that they can come n meet us there. So on way to Vasco.

We had no idea about the Vasco beach. "Unfortunately" we met a malayali and he took us to Vasco beach[To His residence and not the beach]. Then he told us there s shipyard we can go there n see ships. We went there and security made us Runn[Malayali swabavam kanichu]. We took an another route to find the beach and reached a protected area[board:No entry to others]!! we took a U turn n back to rooms..

At night another incident.. Police police police. Well, Rameez was sitting on a bike near road. Bike was on and Rameez was making sound with it as racing. Police came and caught him. Demanded license. He didn't have one. SHaheez gave his license. But police demanded Rameez's. Somehow he made them understand he don't know how to drive n he was simply sitting on it. And onnu koode rakshapettu.. I wasn't near them that time. If anybody can tell more detailed, u r welcome.

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