Saturday, May 17, 2008

3rd DaY 12-05-08

This is the most fun/fear filled day. We had to vacate the rooms this day at 10am. Shahees broke a cot's leg. Somehow we hided it. We had to get out of rooms before they find it. After that we went to prasob's room for keeping our bags.

Returning from Prashob's room

From there we went to Prashob's hostel(in which he is working. It has a private beach. Photo session!!

Smoker Riju!

Prashob, Sanath n Petta

Then, after food we went to a park nearby. We almost slept there. We had to wait for others.


Katta n Me

A good wallpaper for you.. Taken by me. Its under this tree we are sitting in the above pics

Then to Anjuna beach. We found Nothing much interesting there and the sea was rude too. So we went to Vagator beach. It too was not much good as we expected. So we decided to go to Calamgote again.

Our return train was on 10:30pm so we returned from beach at 6:30pm. Here starts the problems. We went to Prasobs room to take the bags. On the way there was a roundabout. We had some confusion there and accidentally entered to wrong one way. Police noticed it and whistled the 1st bike [in which Shaheez and prosob were] Shaheez didn't stop because he didn't have licence with him. Then police whistled the 2nd bike also[in which me n sanath were]. we too didn't stop. Police got angry and started chasing us With bikes and Jipsi. But the unlucky fellows were Rida and Riju.

Police caught them and took them away in jeep with bike. Police told them, they wont release Riju n Rida without getting us [1st two bikes]. Shaheez was really feared because he has seen how police beating others in yesterday night. All others also feared. Riju didn't even had a bike license. We were in b/w sea and saitan. If we get in to road police will catch us. If we return to hotel we 'll have to pay fine for breaking the cot.

We called the owners of bikes. They came n scolded us. At last they went to station n got Rida n Riju back. We had to give 2000rs as Bribes. I've a request to Rida n Riju. Please tell what was in ur mind while u were in station?

Release News, See how happy Shaheez is !!

Riju N Rida Trying to hide the fear/laugh; Pic just after they got back from the police station

It was already late that time. Ranjith N Prasob brought the bags in Auto. Sham went to taxi stand and got a Van for us. It was 9pm and we had to get there before 10:30pm. We rushed to Station n found train is at 11:30pm. We had dinner from there. And waited for the train.


  1. well done randeep good job.that photo of rida n riju (chamal one) is superb!!!!

  2. it wasn't a police station...was d traffic cell of dat place..n its just an office.

  3. Mmmm agreed... whatever it was.. it doesn't matter.


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