Saturday, May 31, 2008


One more supply season ended. But it was not a happy ending. My plans didn't work out and i don't think that i made even a single paper. Everything went wrong in the last two weeks study, food sleep whatever. Hope i can make it better in coming s8 exams. Its boring here in this room too. I never felt kinda loneliness. Only thing I'm doing these days is surfing the net, mostly blogs. And saw some films too. Today i saw a film "Oxford murders". I lost my 2 hours. That's it. All my downloading plans are thrashed by the weather report that the monsoon may hit within 48hours [I've already lost one modem because of lightning, i don't wanna lose more]. And its our weather report; may be monsoon may hit within 48mnts.

While going through many blogs, i found this. Hope this can help you to become a Gentleman/gentlewoman! Author is an employee of Google! Here it is..

How to be a (modern) gentleman
1. Some things don't change: say please and thank you and ask questions about other people rather than talk about yourself.
2. Be punctual. Tardiness does not make you look important, it turns you into an arrogant incompetent who thinks that his time is more important than other people's.
3. The modern gentleman cares about the planet. Be environmentally aware (but not obnoxious about it).
4. Open doors for people and stand up when they enter a room, but do this for men as well as women. The modern gentleman doesn't treat women like porcelain.
5. Be modest. Bragging is distinctly ungentlemanly.
6. Be a good father. Nothing is less charming than a man who leaves childcare to women.
7. Be honest about wherever you have come from in life. Pretension is spineless.
8. Flirt - with everyone. Good flirting is a form of politeness. Pay compliments and put your companion at ease.
9. Do not phone/text/check your Blackberry incessantly.
10. Dress tidily. Whatever style you are going for, scruffiness just isn't in.

Hope you'll try and comment your results.. nothing more to say..bye for today..


Be nice ;) Thats all.

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