Friday, May 23, 2008

My phone bill issue..

It was yesterday noon.. I was coming to home by bus. When i reached Guruvayoor, i got a phone call from home. It was my sister. She told "Phone bill came. Just ten thousand, come fast." I had no idea what to do. Go to home or return to hostel! I called Nibul. He told these kind of mistakes are common with Bsnl so go to home. So i went home. I got home n there was a bill of 9268.00Rs waiting for me.. I kept my ears closed. I didn't say a word, or i couldn't say. I checked out the Bsnl log.. Pulses were going down.. When i reached day 5-4-2008 suddenly pulses got normal. There is something. Yes there was.. It said i downloaded 9Gb in 20secs on 5-4-2008. Just impossible with this connection. I called customer care. They told me to call accounts section. I called and they told me they will call back. Day went. No calls, so i went tcr today. Told them the matter.. corrected it.. Now 500rs only.. Told me they will issue the new bill within two days.. Hooo... Then i called home.. Fired them all with 10 times stronger than they did to me... "enthoraswasam"..

The Bill.. Look it just 9268.00Rs Sorry pic quality is low..With web cam

So Take care all Bsnl users.. Check the usage b4 u take the blade or sari!!


  1. Now ur photo luks just like u sittin after cin d bill......

  2. haha...hmmm... it was taken by Bineesh(nibul's class) in our room in cuba..

  3. seriously i did get a bill like tht nearly 8k..2 yrs bck wth reliance land was true not a dream...but ma bro was responsible so me safe..he he

  4. Ha..tats a funny one..if u could download 9GB in 20secs, there wouldn't b anything left to download in torrentz by now...maybe someone drilled into ur cable n downloaded from there.:-)


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