Friday, June 13, 2008

The days before examz - In Donz

Well, in all places (where students stay) they do study in the day b4 the exam. But here it is different. On 9-6-2008, day b4 the 1st exam. Some were playing cards and mobile games etc. Of course many of them were studying. At that time vikas' friend called and told that he is in kuttippuram and coming to see vikas. He didn't know the way to donz so Vikas went to Bus stop. At this time Swaroop came with and idea. He told everyone to hide one hand inside the shirt and act like all have only one hand. so Vipin, Rameez, Shaman and Swarrop hided their hands inside the shirt. When Vikas' friend came, he saw them with one hand. He asked What happened to the other hand. I told him they had an accident and everyone were sitting on the same side of the bus. (Vipin was wiping his eyes when i say this. Swaroop looked like an exact handicapped one.) The guest was like whether to believe or not. Suddenly somebody started laughing n all 'polinju'.

Next. 11-6-2008. Day before the second exam. The exam was CAP so nobody was interested to study. Nujoom came To Donz around 10am (With his(god knows) new slippers, claiming his ikka brought it from gulf). Shine, Rameez n all were sleeping. Everybody got up when nujoom came. After some time all started playing hide and seek!. 1,2,3...20 "ampasthani". Shine became kallan most times. Followed by it, there was a "charcha" about games played in childhood days. Wait and see what will happen on 15-6-2008!!! see ya then.. bye

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