Sunday, July 20, 2008

Supply days in Donz

Home: It was long back na.. Since i left for the DS lab. Well, it was as usual. No o/p. Segmentation error. It was Merge sort. I completed it but.. ha.. Next time. Shaman got o/p. Rida, Nujoom too got segmentation error. Another bad day. Thats it. Next day was systems lab. I didn't 've it. But everyone attended it, got partial output. DS exam was on 16th. I reached there on 13th. Only Shine was there. Next day Shaman came,then Rida, Vipin etc. Full time filmz. Saw many films.

Me and shaman were studying for IM & E. Exam postponed. Nannavan sammathikkilla. We had only one text. Jasmin told she has one. So i went there to collect it. She told me to come to changaramkulam. I thought she may come to bus stop. When bus reached edappal 'adi' there. IUML and CPI[M]. Saw it live. Then i got in Changaramkulam. There was one giving speech about Nuclear Deal. Bla Bla.. I called Jasmin. She told Next road, Arafa hospital.. right side... I was thinking.. How to go alone. I got there. Her uppa, umma n bro was there. Then a table full of bakery items, tea.. ho..

She gave me the book. Thanks jas. U are so sweet. When i reach my room, all were leaving for Parunthu. So me.. Not a big crowd. Still.. Malappuram right. We got the ticket. It was.. It was a big valippu. Don't waste ur money. "MADAMBI ku mele oru parunthum parakilla". When we get back on road, there was a big crowd. Not for the film. Some school teacher died in IUML strike related to 7th std text books. MLA Jaleel was coming. It was the 1st time I'm hearing his speech. Good one. He brought all text books with him. NCRT,STATE all. After the speech one old man told me, "chekkane purathakkumbo orkanamarnu". Hey can u hear me!! Nothing else. Waiting for 22. Hope can see all of you..

Saturday, July 12, 2008

I hate errors

I think all cse student will agree with me in this. I hate errors. I hate warnings too. U know it hurts or gives a kinda feeling i cant express here when we get errors in lab exam. Its horrible if we had spend much time studying it. Sometimes we find no changes from the one in record. But it still shows errors, warnings.. Segmentation fault, declaration error, pointer type.. ho... But it gives me immense pleasure when i see the same errors in the next monitor [it doesn't matter whether he/she is a friend/enemy]. Thinking of starting a community in orkut. U 'll join na..

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Goodbye to MES

At last everything come to an end. We are engineers now. Viva over two days back. It was oki. Last day was quite different from as i expected. Even though everyone had a sad feeling deep inside, nobody cried. Ranjith's parents were there in college last day. They came to take the stuffs. Rathnam and Mangna Showed their 'swabavam' [kidding k]. Shaman went home with them. Everybody seemed busy with no due forms. Ramzi got married last Sunday. Saturday was another big day. But no comments about the bad thing happened on that day. I was in donz most of time. I like very much to be with Shine,shaman,Rida,Vikas etc. Shine is still there in Donz as his 'business tour'. Hope i can meet most of them on 15th for DE & DS labs.

One sad thing also happened last week. My old roommate[+2] died last week. His name was Luthufi.He was studying in NIT calicut. He was crossing one river near his home with his friends. But he caught up in some underwater current. His friends escaped. But he couldn't make it. Its very early Luthu.. I'm sure when we go back to those funny happy moments we had in Al-Nisham, Ur memories will bring tears to our eyes. We will really miss u.. It was the day before my viva i heard it.

Mmm. Its over. Now I'm getting sms from everyone. Goodbye messages.. They hurt me with their departure. Then why with these messages too. But one strange thing I'm feeling is, I'm not missing the ones i expected I'll miss.. Of course I'll surely miss Shaman, shine and others in Donz.. I miss Rathnam, Rania etc too.. Friends do keep in touch k. Too much senti na..Buzz.. Good bye to those bitches and 3rd rate womanizers. Bye for now.

Friends one more thing i noticed. Magna is still busy with her tour plans.. :)
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