Saturday, July 12, 2008

I hate errors

I think all cse student will agree with me in this. I hate errors. I hate warnings too. U know it hurts or gives a kinda feeling i cant express here when we get errors in lab exam. Its horrible if we had spend much time studying it. Sometimes we find no changes from the one in record. But it still shows errors, warnings.. Segmentation fault, declaration error, pointer type.. ho... But it gives me immense pleasure when i see the same errors in the next monitor [it doesn't matter whether he/she is a friend/enemy]. Thinking of starting a community in orkut. U 'll join na..


  1. enthada lab exam kulamayo??

  2. Eda,copy adikkkan padikkanam... Allengil specs vekkan samayamayi...Record onnu koodi nokku.. 1 sleep(),allengil 1 space allengil 1 {} aayirikkum villain...

  3. hmm...bitum,thumbum,kayil write cheythu vechittu polum kittunilla..waaaaaaaah


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