Saturday, August 30, 2008

Marriage trip

I left home for cuba two days before Ranu's marriage. Fazil and Vineesh were there when I reached cuba. An hour later Nibul arrived. He came as a business trip. Kanjan was also with him. Vineesh came to room and started talking as if he'd nobody to talk for the last one year. Our thoughts and talks went a few months back and laughed as we talk about the funny moments we had. Tours, politics, fights and of course girls. That day we had a fight [by words] b/w Nibul and Vineesh. About existence of God. Vineesh was with God and Nibul opposite to it. Last Nibul won. Vineesh had no answer for Nibul's questions like1.Do Amoeba believe in God 2.Reason fo 20crores of Dogs!. etc. But it was really interesting. Vineesh lost it. I slept at 4.15am that day. Vineesh gave me a book "Brida" by Paulo Coelho. Its good. I woke up at 0130pm. I'd a few phone calls n they tell i spoke to them. I remember the least.

Lonely day: It was a lonely day. Nibul and kanju went to university. Fazil and Vineesh to Film fest in Tcr. I went to college to check the dates of DE and Compiler lab exams. I got the answer as, 'after onam'. At 9 everyone got back. Fazil saw Mohan Lal n Revathi at film show. Nibul lost 450rs as ucity trip. That night we had talk about filmz documentaries etc.

Marriage day: I woke up at 6 and managed to reach the railway station at 7. While i was waiting for local, i got a phone call from Vipin. He was in train and want a 20Rs recharge coupon!!. Train arrived at 8 and i found Vipin. We got seats from Tirur. Till koyikode Vipu kept talking, Future, past, present, supply, friends etc. We got there at 0940. Sumi was there. Had breakfast. Then off to Koduvalli. Shaheez and group joined us from Medical college stop. Aseem and Rameem were with him. We reached Ranu's home at 1130. Saw her Uppa, Umma brothers n all. After a few minutes we saw her. She was wearing a dark red sari. looked lean in it. Was smiling all time. We posed for photos[hehe]. We waited for Ramy mon. After that.. food. Chick items.. Large amount of food was wasted because Ramu and Shine was absent. Both were in bangalore. But shaheez n Vipin helped as much as they can. Nujoom n Suresh not there yet. At 0130 they came. We left them at table n off to koduvalli.We didn't wait for payyan to arrive. Sumi left for home. Met Malini and Jeena[not sure her name]. Next target was Focus mall.

Reached there at 2.30. Visited each and every shop n bought nothing. Hey pls anybody comment about that girl Ramy met. She is a famous cook or like that. Ramy spent most of his time following her!! Not much interesting chicks. So we stopped it at 4.30. Rameem left home. Nujoom with Ramy, katta was also wih them. Aseem went. Me, Vipin and Shaheez to Railway station. We got Mail n got seats. Reached Kuttippuram at 6.45pm. That time adi was going on in hostel!!.

Well results came S3 S5 S8.. supplies are decreasing.. hope soon it will come to zero. bye for now.. Back to "Brida"..

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Film exchange trip

I've been in college today. Rida is going to Jiddah tomorrow. So he wont be here when the result comes. He gave me signed application forms. There was a small film exchange too. The travel was really bad. I slept at 3:30 and woke up at 7:00. Anyway i manged to get there at 10:00. I went to room and there was Fazil and Vineesh in Cuba. As usual Fazil was sleeping. Vineesh was reading some books. Fazil woke up with a smile. I was very happy to see them. After a long time.. We talked about college, filmz and my download-sleep-food-documentary-download life. Rajesh was also there. Rida came at 10:30 and we copied the filmz to his laptop. After that we went to college. As we were entering the gate a new admission girl passed us. Mmm she was nice. We went to store to buy u-city forms. We met Divya miss there. I thought her marriage was over. And i told her sorry miss couldn't come. Then she said marriage is not over. Its on coming Sunday. "Chammi poyi". Today was her last day in MES. Her would be is working in Bangalore and her plan is to get a job there. After that we went to DE lab to check the supply dates. The miss in charge of exams was in leave. And the miss who talked us was nice too. She was smiling all time as she talked. I thought, Where were all these nice teachers while we were here!

Then we went to CSE Dept to check the dates of Compiler Lab. On the way we met Irshad sir. The Lab dates was not published. We got back to room. Fazil called Nujoom and he came with portable. Copied filmz from Rida's portable. He s staying there in bit house. Alone! Must be mad. He told he has DE supply. Don't we? Anyway had lot of fun after he came. Swarrop was very busy[ i mean lazzy] so he didn't come :(

Shine s going to bangalore tomorrow. Ramachandran is already there! Jasmin joined Protocolz today. Sajna and Rasmi got job in Givion[i heard]. Susmitha is fighting! with IBS training. Rida left before noon. I saw Anil, Shahid and Arun when i was waiting for bus. They waved at me and came to me. They came to collect the caution deposit[hostel]. I was very happy that they talked to me. They told Prashin is a medical rep now!! With coat, tie even he has a office in kottakkal[not sure where the office is]. Riju is back from Sabarimala. They talked a lot of things. They went. bus came. A nice afternoon sleep. Back in home. Now waiting for the lab exams and Ranu's marriage. Hope can meet you all in Ranu's house.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Some pics By me

Well, these are some pics by me. Howz them? Do i've any future in photography?? Anyway tell hows them.. Thank you

I dont know its name. I found this in front of donz. Nice na.. Shaman's N73

Hey try this as ur wallpaper. I m sure that u r going to love it. This too from donz. Vikas's N73

Oooh we miss this!!

Well, next is by Nibul. Cool na. Looks he's better than me. I'm proud of u my friend :)Its also from Donz

Please comment oki.. Thank you

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Last days in Donz

Here i am, after a long time[14 days is long, isnt it?]. Well, i was in donz for 7th sem supply examz. Some were good, some were bad n some were even ugly. But we, me and shaman really tried. The first exam was DAA. It was good. We did really well. Then IM and CNS. The bad n ugly. I reached there on 23rd. Shine was there and shaman reached the next day. We had lots of fun there. Most days me n shaman were only there. Shine went on 28th. Then me and shaman. We got sajif's laptop. Filmz from RIda and Nibul. We used to fight with 'vadi's' available there. As we see in Chinese filmz "..Through Strength gain Gentleness, Through Gentleness gain Strength..". haha. We played golf in front of donz with cricket ball and kolli sticks [shaman was the looser both time]. We practiced 'gusti','idi','thallu' everyday [ya in this, most time i was the looser]. U may think this is insanity. But it ain't. What else we can do in the middle of keltron forest in small intervals from DAA and CNS. Rida used to come and go on each exam day.

Sreekanth came the day before the IM exam. He brought 'Neyypayasam' for us. In a big bottle, which became empty just after he placed it on the study table. It was good. Thanks Sreekanth. Me, Swaroop, Shaman and Rida were there that day.

Day before that day was bad for me and shaman. Rida called in mornig and asked who else is there. It was obvious when he asked, for bring food. 'Just Me and Randeep', shaman replied. We didn't eat anything after the lunch. Time went on.. Tea time over. Last we called Rida, he told us 'go n take tea. I'll reach only on 7. We were happy. So good dinner today. Rida reached before 7. We were very hungry. We bought plates from Ritzy. But it was then Rida announced that "Nobody will get the food before 7:30". We were helpless. we asked him many times but.. I set alarm in my mob! and waited. It happened together. The alarm and the Devil's entry [sorry Swaroop's]. I looked at shaman. I've seen that face like that.. before..When he got washed out in some semester. Swaroop came very sad and told some bad things happened to him. He was like crying. But that time two hungry souls were really crying.. Me and shaman.

Rida opened the bag. Pathiri and chicken fry. It was enough for four. Everyone got good share. Exam halls was with full of bits and Scales. As we[Me and Shaman] are good innocent people, we didn't use them.

Yesterday was suppose to be last day in donz. Shine, Rameez,Vipin, Ramachandran, Swaroop, Shaheez, Prajeesh and Vikas was there. We had a blast there. And saw film 'Kuchelan'. Please don't waste your money. All went home today morning, except shine.. Alone.. On his business tour 2.

Everybody started doing something or seeking jobs. Rathnam is teacher now!!! poor kids.See ya later bye. tc
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