Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Last days in Donz

Here i am, after a long time[14 days is long, isnt it?]. Well, i was in donz for 7th sem supply examz. Some were good, some were bad n some were even ugly. But we, me and shaman really tried. The first exam was DAA. It was good. We did really well. Then IM and CNS. The bad n ugly. I reached there on 23rd. Shine was there and shaman reached the next day. We had lots of fun there. Most days me n shaman were only there. Shine went on 28th. Then me and shaman. We got sajif's laptop. Filmz from RIda and Nibul. We used to fight with 'vadi's' available there. As we see in Chinese filmz "..Through Strength gain Gentleness, Through Gentleness gain Strength..". haha. We played golf in front of donz with cricket ball and kolli sticks [shaman was the looser both time]. We practiced 'gusti','idi','thallu' everyday [ya in this, most time i was the looser]. U may think this is insanity. But it ain't. What else we can do in the middle of keltron forest in small intervals from DAA and CNS. Rida used to come and go on each exam day.

Sreekanth came the day before the IM exam. He brought 'Neyypayasam' for us. In a big bottle, which became empty just after he placed it on the study table. It was good. Thanks Sreekanth. Me, Swaroop, Shaman and Rida were there that day.

Day before that day was bad for me and shaman. Rida called in mornig and asked who else is there. It was obvious when he asked, for bring food. 'Just Me and Randeep', shaman replied. We didn't eat anything after the lunch. Time went on.. Tea time over. Last we called Rida, he told us 'go n take tea. I'll reach only on 7. We were happy. So good dinner today. Rida reached before 7. We were very hungry. We bought plates from Ritzy. But it was then Rida announced that "Nobody will get the food before 7:30". We were helpless. we asked him many times but.. I set alarm in my mob! and waited. It happened together. The alarm and the Devil's entry [sorry Swaroop's]. I looked at shaman. I've seen that face like that.. before..When he got washed out in some semester. Swaroop came very sad and told some bad things happened to him. He was like crying. But that time two hungry souls were really crying.. Me and shaman.

Rida opened the bag. Pathiri and chicken fry. It was enough for four. Everyone got good share. Exam halls was with full of bits and Scales. As we[Me and Shaman] are good innocent people, we didn't use them.

Yesterday was suppose to be last day in donz. Shine, Rameez,Vipin, Ramachandran, Swaroop, Shaheez, Prajeesh and Vikas was there. We had a blast there. And saw film 'Kuchelan'. Please don't waste your money. All went home today morning, except shine.. Alone.. On his business tour 2.

Everybody started doing something or seeking jobs. Rathnam is teacher now!!! poor kids.See ya later bye. tc

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  1. Factual error(s):It was for one or 2 days that i wasn't there..What?!..I thought u talked bout being innocent n naive..playin by the rules.


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