Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Some pics By me

Well, these are some pics by me. Howz them? Do i've any future in photography?? Anyway tell hows them.. Thank you

I dont know its name. I found this in front of donz. Nice na.. Shaman's N73

Hey try this as ur wallpaper. I m sure that u r going to love it. This too from donz. Vikas's N73

Oooh we miss this!!

Well, next is by Nibul. Cool na. Looks he's better than me. I'm proud of u my friend :)Its also from Donz

Please comment oki.. Thank you


  1. hmm...k not much future in photography...he he

  2. ninakku ara piri loose aanu....
    pakshe foto kollam................:-)

  3. hmm.. not bad..
    u ve tried to explore the unnoticed beauty..

    pinne piri.. i totally agree with Ranjith

  4. da...take pix on a better cam(a professional one). then we wil c whether ur photography is acceptable or not..

  5. dai....the cam used was exceptionally N73 yaar...:-)


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