Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fed up with BSNL bills

I got another heartbreaking bill. This time its less only 4500rs as my contribution. They included a night download as payable units. Sukesh also got this prob. He got it solved yesterday. I didn't have much hope; its Sukesh's call made me to try a shot. I woke up early at 10:45 took tea with meals. After one hour day dreaming, i got there in Tcr. Office is near Model Boys HSS. Old memories. Familiar roads.. But it changed a lot. I got into the office. Sukesh was right. The lady looked nice. I'd met her before. When I got the 10,000rs bill. After a little calculations she reduced a 3,500rs from my bill. Sigh of relax from me.

I got back to the road. I took a short cut to tcr round. Not many know that short cut. When I was stepping into it a woman passed me. Familiar face.. Yes I got her.. My class teacher, chemistry miss in +1, +2. She smiled at me [How could she forget; that much problems I made when I was there]. She talked about the class, which shifted to new building [Poor new comers, They will miss chicks in Kalyan's parking lot], teachers who were there that time, my classmates etc.

Then I went to City center. I thought I'll see someone I know.. But couldn't see anyone. Got back home.. Today there is Manutd's match. I looked at the TV. Blasts in Delhi. Yes the last blasts were too on the day of Manutd match. May be Manutd fans. But the foolish Police says Its just because Saturday streets are full. Match time.. See ya later.. bye..

Friday, September 19, 2008

Ifthar party @ Shaman's house

17th was date for my DE lab. I left home on 15th. Went to fazil's room. Vineesh's achan was there. Slept at 2am. Well, next day was oki. Rathnam came college to collect the mark lists. So I'd to go to see my friend-come-enemy. Hmm with a horrible smile she welcomed me. I found no change in her. Same as before. We went to canteen 1st. After that, Mark lists. That time Malini came. I went to Thulsi for collecting Lab manual. Thank god for giving such a nice Junior. I met so many people there. Most of EEE guys had come to collect mark lists. I went back to room n slept. zzZZ..In evening, I went through some experiments. Counter, Shift register, adder, converters.. Stars around my head. I closed the record n talked bla bla with Nithin.

The exam day: I ran to Thulsi to get lab coat. Then exam cell to duplicate hall ticket. Saw Ansar sir as Internal. My 50% hopes vanished then. Somehow I made my mind and entered the Lab [Swaroop n Shijin couldn't make it]. Question: Make a full adder using two half adders. Adders!! My mind danced with happiness. Got o/p in less than half n hour. My first full o/p in lab. Ansar sir helped me a lot in Viva. Everything over before 12:45. I returned coat and Lab manual to Thulsi and called Shaman. Ifthar party @ his house. He told there s train @1:50.

I got there at 1:15 saw Dani and Mishal. Train came on time. Got seats from Tirur. @Station Shaman n petta was there. Got into shammu's house. Well, a typical petrol pump owner's house. After some time Anseed n Noufal came. Then saj, then Riju. A table full of food. It reminded me of party at Rida's house. But there were full donz. Here we only 5. I looked @ Anseed n Noufal.. remembered how they ate in Painkannur. My tensions flew away. Well the snacks over. Space in vayar also. We went to town. Shaman's Chinmaya friends were also with us. Shammu bought Chirandi [kannur special] for us. It was good.

Saj in confusion!!

pose for pic :D

Plates getting empty :D

Dinner! well, Pathiri fried rice. Chicken, mutton.. After pathiri everyone looked tired of food! But when we stopped only half the rice remained. Then pudding. Mmm. Thanks to Shammu's Umma. It was very nice n tasty. All left, me ranjith and shaman in room. Game maniacs. They played "Puzhu" all time. After that, Kungfu panda! I slept. They saw it full.

Dinner. Yumm

Empty pudding plates...

Next morning. I got the train @9:15. Got seat from Thalasseri. Memories of Prajila miss.. mmm. In college many were there. Riju, Arun, Anil, Sanath, Farzana, Siji, Nithya, Srikanth n heard sowmya n sangeetha were also there.

A supply season s waiting.. wooo.. When will this end.... See ya later. Bye.. Shammu thanks again :D

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A bad day

I was shaken, beaten and smashed away by the lost of manutd by 2-1. I changed the channel not to see Gerrard dancing [even I like him very much]. Then the flash news in Indiavision.. Blasts in Delhi. Oh My God.. Another serial blasts.. Say NO to this SIMI and Indian Mujaheddin. I changed channel to NDTV. 5 Blasts. 9 feared dead. Numbers may increase. Many injured. I don't know what I felt then. **** this government. What are they doing? They failed in Ahmadabad, then Bangalore and now in Delhi. What the **** they are doing? They failed in Orissa. Poor Christians dying there. They failed to maintain peace in Kashmir. The goddamn BJPs are also destroying Kashmir. Inflation is above 12 for the last few months. Did they do anything???? What the... They were busy with selling India. They wanted that goddamn deal to be done. Now come to the point. The SIMI. They are doing wrong [Is this Jihad?]. In this holy month. They doing it for creating communal violence [Whoever do it].

Fuck this religion thing. I've many Muslim friends and they told me there s no such killing Jihad in Qur'an. I've many Hindu friends they don't want to hurt any Muslims. But there r many who think all Muslims are in danger and God Ram is in danger!! Fuck them too. We can do many things. Tell our friends n make them clear there s no such problems. Hindus n Muslims are brothers. We wont give a damn for their political gains. India needs some politicians who love this country and humans more than their wrong, blind agendas.

Back to the blasts. Many died. Number reached 20 now. Blood is everywhere. Total panic.One thing I noticed Sikh people giving water to wounded and feared people. Not ran away with their life. Good work. I am proud of those Indians.

U know the ones who suffer most because of this terrorists? Our innocent Muslim friends. IT Companys are now reluctant to have Muslim employees in their company. They see co-workers as terrorists. This s horrible. Isn't it?

Hey life s short. We are not here to fight and kill each other. Lets live our life and make a world of love and peace. Jai Hind

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Flooded day

I woke up with sounds of achan and amma. I looked at mob, its 1:50am. I opened the door to see whats happening. When i opened the door i saw water. Everywhere. Except in my room. Water is flowing down through staircase. I checked the pipes. All closed. Its raining outside, but this much water.. I dried the floor using wiper. but it got filled again. Through every door water is coming. I got confused. I called chechi. Her room was also in water. N she didnt even know it. I checked all possibilities. Broken pipes, Rain.. No idea. Its then i noticed the door to balcony from sister's room is wet. I opened that door. I got it. The reason for flood. There is a pipe in balcony to flow the rain water. It got stuck by some leafs. Rain was heavy. So water level increased in balcony. When it reached door's level, it began to flow to chechi's room. Then to other rooms and to stair case. Then to ground floor through stair case. Then to rooms there. It took hours to dry the floor. n its 4am now... Rock on, Wall E download completed..k gotta sleep.. bye

Friday, September 5, 2008

Application form trip

Well, results came. Whats next? of course, Supply is next. Rida's forms was also with me. So was a bit tensed. I went there yesterday. Reached kuttippuram at 4. Met Nujoom at stand. He too came for forms. Then to Sini for photos. And to Room. As usual Fazil was there. In this ramsan month also he is echi.. Was searching notebooks to sell. He n sooraj got 21kg books. And 9Rs per kg.[Gys check ur books!] I met Rammez [Ramzi's bro] there. He told Ramzi is going to Dubail today and he s waiting them> Airport. Faizal'd [shop] ragged him [not ragging.. like u know]. So Rameez asked me who s it n all. I called Faizal and introduced him to Faizal. Faizal know Mirza [Ramzi's elder bro] n they became friends!. That time Ramzi came. She told she s going... Tata...

We decided to go to Kuttppuram for food. Bcoz of nombu all shops was close there. We had shakes from KR and went to Bit house. Nujoom was there looking at sky dreaming food. They talked a lot about supplies, Nombu, Classmates n all. Nujoom n others invited us for Nombu thura [Mission successfull]. After my +2 days it was first time I was attending a Nombu thura. We went to Vrindavan after that small food. Met Hareesh. Two masala Dosas. Dinner over.

Back to room. Well Fazil there. Me there and Nithin too. Somehow it got started. Its started with "Zakir Naik" [I dunno why religion always!!]. Then Sunni, Mujahdeen, Shiya.. Differences between them, Bible, Ramayanam, Geetha..differences, similarities.. hoo.. after some time it changed to Anti America [another usual topic]. Then to Jews, Palestien, Nazi n all. It ended at 2am.

I woke with Sheen's sound. He too came for forms. As we were talking, Vikas came. Went to college bought forms, Asha miss was on leave so, other plans :( . We was filling the forms in room, PKP in. after some time Nujoom too. Again to kuttipuram for attesting forms. DEO office. He attested mine and Vikas'. When we gave Rida's..[@#$%%$#@]... So we 'd to go to HSS Kuttipuram. Got into the staffroom. Attest.. A male staff was sitting there he looked at me n turn his face to somewhere else. I asked him once more. Attest...One Lady staff from other end waved at me[ Lady staffs always nice to me :)] She looked at Rida's ID card n forms. Attested. Over.

After that to ICPC. Class was over that time. So many beautiful girls.. ho.. There were so many like them when we were there? May be its boz i concetrated on 2 or 3 only thats why I missed all others. I had a feeling like some monsters laughing at me as some of them looked me. Escape..

S8 S7 Mark list available there with Asha miss. Asha miss is our tutor now [only one tutor for passout]. So go get it.
DE lab on 17th and compiler lab on 25 n 26. Seeya then.. bye
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