Friday, September 5, 2008

Application form trip

Well, results came. Whats next? of course, Supply is next. Rida's forms was also with me. So was a bit tensed. I went there yesterday. Reached kuttippuram at 4. Met Nujoom at stand. He too came for forms. Then to Sini for photos. And to Room. As usual Fazil was there. In this ramsan month also he is echi.. Was searching notebooks to sell. He n sooraj got 21kg books. And 9Rs per kg.[Gys check ur books!] I met Rammez [Ramzi's bro] there. He told Ramzi is going to Dubail today and he s waiting them> Airport. Faizal'd [shop] ragged him [not ragging.. like u know]. So Rameez asked me who s it n all. I called Faizal and introduced him to Faizal. Faizal know Mirza [Ramzi's elder bro] n they became friends!. That time Ramzi came. She told she s going... Tata...

We decided to go to Kuttppuram for food. Bcoz of nombu all shops was close there. We had shakes from KR and went to Bit house. Nujoom was there looking at sky dreaming food. They talked a lot about supplies, Nombu, Classmates n all. Nujoom n others invited us for Nombu thura [Mission successfull]. After my +2 days it was first time I was attending a Nombu thura. We went to Vrindavan after that small food. Met Hareesh. Two masala Dosas. Dinner over.

Back to room. Well Fazil there. Me there and Nithin too. Somehow it got started. Its started with "Zakir Naik" [I dunno why religion always!!]. Then Sunni, Mujahdeen, Shiya.. Differences between them, Bible, Ramayanam, Geetha..differences, similarities.. hoo.. after some time it changed to Anti America [another usual topic]. Then to Jews, Palestien, Nazi n all. It ended at 2am.

I woke with Sheen's sound. He too came for forms. As we were talking, Vikas came. Went to college bought forms, Asha miss was on leave so, other plans :( . We was filling the forms in room, PKP in. after some time Nujoom too. Again to kuttipuram for attesting forms. DEO office. He attested mine and Vikas'. When we gave Rida's..[@#$%%$#@]... So we 'd to go to HSS Kuttipuram. Got into the staffroom. Attest.. A male staff was sitting there he looked at me n turn his face to somewhere else. I asked him once more. Attest...One Lady staff from other end waved at me[ Lady staffs always nice to me :)] She looked at Rida's ID card n forms. Attested. Over.

After that to ICPC. Class was over that time. So many beautiful girls.. ho.. There were so many like them when we were there? May be its boz i concetrated on 2 or 3 only thats why I missed all others. I had a feeling like some monsters laughing at me as some of them looked me. Escape..

S8 S7 Mark list available there with Asha miss. Asha miss is our tutor now [only one tutor for passout]. So go get it.
DE lab on 17th and compiler lab on 25 n 26. Seeya then.. bye

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