Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fed up with BSNL bills

I got another heartbreaking bill. This time its less only 4500rs as my contribution. They included a night download as payable units. Sukesh also got this prob. He got it solved yesterday. I didn't have much hope; its Sukesh's call made me to try a shot. I woke up early at 10:45 took tea with meals. After one hour day dreaming, i got there in Tcr. Office is near Model Boys HSS. Old memories. Familiar roads.. But it changed a lot. I got into the office. Sukesh was right. The lady looked nice. I'd met her before. When I got the 10,000rs bill. After a little calculations she reduced a 3,500rs from my bill. Sigh of relax from me.

I got back to the road. I took a short cut to tcr round. Not many know that short cut. When I was stepping into it a woman passed me. Familiar face.. Yes I got her.. My class teacher, chemistry miss in +1, +2. She smiled at me [How could she forget; that much problems I made when I was there]. She talked about the class, which shifted to new building [Poor new comers, They will miss chicks in Kalyan's parking lot], teachers who were there that time, my classmates etc.

Then I went to City center. I thought I'll see someone I know.. But couldn't see anyone. Got back home.. Today there is Manutd's match. I looked at the TV. Blasts in Delhi. Yes the last blasts were too on the day of Manutd match. May be Manutd fans. But the foolish Police says Its just because Saturday streets are full. Match time.. See ya later.. bye..

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