Sunday, September 7, 2008

Flooded day

I woke up with sounds of achan and amma. I looked at mob, its 1:50am. I opened the door to see whats happening. When i opened the door i saw water. Everywhere. Except in my room. Water is flowing down through staircase. I checked the pipes. All closed. Its raining outside, but this much water.. I dried the floor using wiper. but it got filled again. Through every door water is coming. I got confused. I called chechi. Her room was also in water. N she didnt even know it. I checked all possibilities. Broken pipes, Rain.. No idea. Its then i noticed the door to balcony from sister's room is wet. I opened that door. I got it. The reason for flood. There is a pipe in balcony to flow the rain water. It got stuck by some leafs. Rain was heavy. So water level increased in balcony. When it reached door's level, it began to flow to chechi's room. Then to other rooms and to stair case. Then to ground floor through stair case. Then to rooms there. It took hours to dry the floor. n its 4am now... Rock on, Wall E download completed..k gotta sleep.. bye

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  1. Well, what can i comment..
    Must have had a tough time cleaning up...
    Keep Posting



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