Friday, September 19, 2008

Ifthar party @ Shaman's house

17th was date for my DE lab. I left home on 15th. Went to fazil's room. Vineesh's achan was there. Slept at 2am. Well, next day was oki. Rathnam came college to collect the mark lists. So I'd to go to see my friend-come-enemy. Hmm with a horrible smile she welcomed me. I found no change in her. Same as before. We went to canteen 1st. After that, Mark lists. That time Malini came. I went to Thulsi for collecting Lab manual. Thank god for giving such a nice Junior. I met so many people there. Most of EEE guys had come to collect mark lists. I went back to room n slept. zzZZ..In evening, I went through some experiments. Counter, Shift register, adder, converters.. Stars around my head. I closed the record n talked bla bla with Nithin.

The exam day: I ran to Thulsi to get lab coat. Then exam cell to duplicate hall ticket. Saw Ansar sir as Internal. My 50% hopes vanished then. Somehow I made my mind and entered the Lab [Swaroop n Shijin couldn't make it]. Question: Make a full adder using two half adders. Adders!! My mind danced with happiness. Got o/p in less than half n hour. My first full o/p in lab. Ansar sir helped me a lot in Viva. Everything over before 12:45. I returned coat and Lab manual to Thulsi and called Shaman. Ifthar party @ his house. He told there s train @1:50.

I got there at 1:15 saw Dani and Mishal. Train came on time. Got seats from Tirur. @Station Shaman n petta was there. Got into shammu's house. Well, a typical petrol pump owner's house. After some time Anseed n Noufal came. Then saj, then Riju. A table full of food. It reminded me of party at Rida's house. But there were full donz. Here we only 5. I looked @ Anseed n Noufal.. remembered how they ate in Painkannur. My tensions flew away. Well the snacks over. Space in vayar also. We went to town. Shaman's Chinmaya friends were also with us. Shammu bought Chirandi [kannur special] for us. It was good.

Saj in confusion!!

pose for pic :D

Plates getting empty :D

Dinner! well, Pathiri fried rice. Chicken, mutton.. After pathiri everyone looked tired of food! But when we stopped only half the rice remained. Then pudding. Mmm. Thanks to Shammu's Umma. It was very nice n tasty. All left, me ranjith and shaman in room. Game maniacs. They played "Puzhu" all time. After that, Kungfu panda! I slept. They saw it full.

Dinner. Yumm

Empty pudding plates...

Next morning. I got the train @9:15. Got seat from Thalasseri. Memories of Prajila miss.. mmm. In college many were there. Riju, Arun, Anil, Sanath, Farzana, Siji, Nithya, Srikanth n heard sowmya n sangeetha were also there.

A supply season s waiting.. wooo.. When will this end.... See ya later. Bye.. Shammu thanks again :D

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