Friday, October 31, 2008

Lost love

My skin feels like orange peel
My eyes have been vacuum-sealed
My organs move like a squirm of eels
We should be more adventurous with our meals
They annoy me those who employ me
They could destroy me
They should enjoy me
[The servant-cells-Sin city]

It was Rohith made me search this song. It made my memories go back four years. In first year we used to hear this song from afilaj's player. In those rainy days. Rain made my thoughts flew again. I love the wet roads after rain. Shining black roads. The heavy vehicles and the sound they made when they go on wet roads. George liked that sound. The college bus to n from college. I used to sit in same seat everyday. He suggested a couple of good songs. I was hearing those all day. Dbms, Cn, Cd all were rolling above head. But I didn't mind.

Swaroop got job in Bangalore. Shaheez too there. Shaheez is doing CCNA I think. So most of us got jobs. hope rest of us will get it soon. I was chatting all time. Happy news's, fun, sorrows! All losing their girls. Don't fall in love with a Muslim girl without any Job or good foundation. If u did, by the time u get a job she must 've married someone n expecting second baby. But their sorrows sounded like..

U taught me whats Love.
U taught me whats Loving is like.
And u also taught me,
The pain that, Love can cause.

There are a lot of guys who lost their Love. My medicine for them is

1.Don't try to forget her.
2.Get engaged yourself in something. Especially with friends.
3.Play some games. Eg football. It will help u to get good sleep.
4.Find another girl immediately.
5.After three or four failures you'll know whats love n how to bear the pain.
6.Keep in mind that,"You will get a girl beautiful than her. And she will love u and care u more than this fake one did. Then your life will be more happier". So don't cry for the lost one.

Hehe. Its hard.. though its not impossible. And sleepless nights. Sleepless night made by this pain is horrible. Its like u are sleeping in a hot room without fan, with lots of mosquitoes and u didn't had ur dinner.

Bye for now friends. See ya after exams.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ente Kavitha

Got back after a long time. 3 and 5 exams came n gone now. Did really good in some of them. So is a bit happy. It was on 10th I left for hostel. Shammu, Vikas n Rida was there. Swaroop too. All were studying. They did well in exams too. But sessionals :( hmm.. Hope the God will be with us. Vipin, Shijin, Sukesh all used to come n go. Didn't write ECS but did really well in TOC. Me n Shaman was happy to end it up with a good one. Swaroop is going b'lore in this week. Shaheez too. By the next month, half of CSEB will be there in b'lore. So b'lore boys n gals beware k.

I was sitting simply. Its then the idea come to my mind. Write a poem. Thus I gave life to my first poem. It was in Malayalam. When I came here and tried to post it in Malayalam, there was some technical problems. So I decided to convert it to English. As I am a product of Malayalam medium school. I found little difficulty. Its Srikanth helped me most. Jaison n Hasif all helped. Apart from all of them the characters in poem helped me!. So read n comment. Its my first one.Plz don't disappoint me :D All suggestions are welcome.

It was in a desert, we met first
Which created an oasis in my mind.
I felt something for you
Which I've never felt for anyone.
Those beautiful eyes, sound
Made a breeze inside my heart
But I was afraid,
Even when I said my love for u
The fear that, I'll lose you?
As I feared,
I got my love crushed.
But I didn't feel anything.
'Cause I was dead inside.
My love for you,
Made me a joker for others.
But i didn't hear what they said;
I didn't even understand what I heard.
'Cause my mind was full of you.
I didn't know u got other nests to sleep.
I was already mad when I came to know it.
But you didn't know what real love is.
Time had made, money n pride,
Your new lovers.
I sought shelter in the net thrown by death,
But God started hearing my prayers.
When god was in my mind's workshop,
You were getting married.
Then I thought of me for the first time.
When I was traveling back from desert
An old man told me,
There's spring in somewhere away.
I looked back,
The spring that was u, had begun to fade.

Over. hows it. Leave comments oki. Nothing else Gnt.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Back to Donz

When I woke up[4th oct] Vipin was there. He had OS. Everybody was studying. All left for the exam then. Most of them got back asap. We had food. Afternoon was bad with settling some money dealings. Vipin went home. In the evening all decided to study. BEE. All needed N N Bhargava. Only one with them. I told them we can go to pinga. May be Nibul has it. So we went there. Got Nibul's from Sooraj. We needed one more to have one for each. So we went to Jinga. Got nothing from there. That time we decided to go to Donz n check whether any books left there. All had doubt that there was a Bhargava.

The holy route to Donz. Beautiful na. But its horrible in night..

Omg. All changed. Muthalali painted the house. Fitted new Grill. Land was cleaned. It looked nice.

Some months before we used to stand like this in every evening..

Hey look at the grills. If we had this protection before!!

We wandered here and there. We went near to well.. Ooow. No it was there we played Golf :(

The dark area was our study room.. sometimes enjoyment room too...

We went to upstairs. Everything is cleaned.

We couldn't find the bench we used to sit..

Alas.. we found something.. Ya two caps of :D :D

Vikas went near to water tank.

Muthalali fixed the pipe to the tank which we used to fit each time it came out.

The land just below donz was a kinda forest. But now its changed.

Somebody is starting a farm there.

We saw Vinu's mom, our neighbor. Had a little talk. We found no books there. We went back..

Hows this pic? Cool na.. Its the tree in front of donz.. Looks sad without us na :D

It was very heart feeling.. On the way back everybody talked about the funny moments we had there. We got back to room. I wanted Thulsi's TOC books. Pallavi's dad died, so all went there. I got it day after it and returned home..

A Friendly Visit

It was damn bring here.. Everyone was there in kuttippuram for supplies. So I decided to go there. I went there on 2nd. They had exam on 3rd so nothing happened that day.. It was DCS on 3rd. It was oki as they told. After the exam all slept. But everyone managed to wake up at 430..The college time..!! But didn't see any good one :( .I'd Rida's phone with me. Swaroop was sitting on his bike. I told him to get ready for a photo shoot. Well, he love somebody taking his pics and he was really excited when I say about it with bike. What s it.. ya Wheeling right. I found a "safe" place for me to take the pics n the engine is on.. Grr..

The pics seemed really nice and there was very little space in front of cuba. So he suggested to goto Keltron road. I agreed.. yoo.. Rida and Vikas followed us.. Hey he did some really nice work. When Rida n Vikas arrived, he was standing perpendicular with bike n all with mouth opened. He landed safely. hhhuh.. I didn't get that pic becoz I clicked earlier. Because I'd no idea that it will go that much high.

After a few clicks he got tired. Back to room. Shaman was busy with OS. Rida n Vikas too. So me n swaroop left to Puzha. It was dark already.. It was the most beautiful scene I've ever seen. One end is the bridge with lights. One end is full water and above it sky full of stars. And the shadow in the river. Superb. Swaroop talked about his B'lore plans. We left there after an hour.. then me to bed zzZ.
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