Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Friendly Visit

It was damn bring here.. Everyone was there in kuttippuram for supplies. So I decided to go there. I went there on 2nd. They had exam on 3rd so nothing happened that day.. It was DCS on 3rd. It was oki as they told. After the exam all slept. But everyone managed to wake up at 430..The college time..!! But didn't see any good one :( .I'd Rida's phone with me. Swaroop was sitting on his bike. I told him to get ready for a photo shoot. Well, he love somebody taking his pics and he was really excited when I say about it with bike. What s it.. ya Wheeling right. I found a "safe" place for me to take the pics n the engine is on.. Grr..

The pics seemed really nice and there was very little space in front of cuba. So he suggested to goto Keltron road. I agreed.. yoo.. Rida and Vikas followed us.. Hey he did some really nice work. When Rida n Vikas arrived, he was standing perpendicular with bike n all with mouth opened. He landed safely. hhhuh.. I didn't get that pic becoz I clicked earlier. Because I'd no idea that it will go that much high.

After a few clicks he got tired. Back to room. Shaman was busy with OS. Rida n Vikas too. So me n swaroop left to Puzha. It was dark already.. It was the most beautiful scene I've ever seen. One end is the bridge with lights. One end is full water and above it sky full of stars. And the shadow in the river. Superb. Swaroop talked about his B'lore plans. We left there after an hour.. then me to bed zzZ.

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