Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy season!

The End[music]

I closed the vlc player. Stranger than fiction. Was oki. Saw two films today. This one and Adulthood. Both were time killing. Got home only yesterday, after a long supply season. But I am happy by the way it got over. Hopefully I'll pass all the exams I wrote in this season. We'd a really good time there. Less number of films in this season. Missing those days now.

College road under construction!

I was checking my mails yesterday. Clearing the spam craps; gtalk popped up. One disturbing chick this time. She got a doubt. A real ***ing one. I lost my time hearing it. So hope ur precious time too. She has a friend. Let her be P. P had a boy friend D some years ago. Broke up. Its over. Now the same P forgot all past n fell in love with a new one. Say C. They are serious in love [serious love!?]. Now the old boy friend D started talking to her again!. P says its just friendship and nothing else. C cant allow it. Confused??? Well, her question is that if I am the C, whether I'll allow P to talk to her old boyfriend or not. I told I wont. No boy will allow it. Do you? Comment okki.

After Adulthood I was checking for an another one to kill time. This time it was my mob. Unknown number!! I answered. Familiar sound. But couldn't recognize. He was my old classmate. He told he is going to start a new organization or kinda federation to help or promote inter cast marriages. I was.. I didn't know what to say. I asked him what happened. When we were in class we used to talk about the plans to change the world and traditional systems. He answered. He had an affair. From another religion. Parents came to know it. All ended. He had a job and somehow he lost it. So now he don't has a goal or aim in life. I was shocked. Soothing words or support? What I should say? I told him to think once more before do something. What else to say. An org to promote Inter cast marriages! Are you open to that idea?? comment please okki.

Nothing else friends. Till 23th I'll be here in home. I got DS lab on 25th. So 10 days. See ya soon gnt. Hey plz comment okki. They want your feedback. On both inter cast and boyfriend. They will be reading the comments. Thank you


  1. y simply lie to us man..u could have just directly asked...y make up a fake story n all...

    we know ur the C in the story...

    n from ur intercaste-marriage-friend story ,i'm definite tat P is a muslim..


  2. if this stry is abt u then no comments he he..else dont allow the ex guy to him find a new gal...ha ha

  3. nono... true lover will never allow to do so...!!!!......tht girl shud b givn nice dashin.!!...friendship it seeems!!!....

  4. wat if she is telling truth...always mistrusting gals...these guys!!!
    Let them talk n b frnds... y bother Mr.C???


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