Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Memories of a football match!

Hey you saw the film Lagaan right? Kinda story I'm gonna tell here. There s only difference in this story, That I'll tell ya in the end. Well, This is "Tintumon United". Our class team. Our class was tagged as the most bad one in the college history by teachers,HOD & principal [so u know, its the best one]. And inter college football matches announced. We'd only two people who know whats football [Muhammad and Vivek]. But we decided to participate[U got it na]. We learned how to pass the ball and whats it look like and all on the day b4 the match.

from the left Muhammad, Suresh, Vipin, Sanath, Vivek, Prashin, me, Shahees and Shafeeq.

The most awaited day came. It was then we heard the opposite team was the most fav among the players. We dreamed of a 5-0 loss. Anyway enjoy. Time went. Ball ran b/w our legs, hit our noses, we fell, rolled.. half time over. People wondered still 0-0. 60mnts, 75mnts we never reached their penalty box and ball was always in our half, 85mnts.. still 0-0.. Well, the time over..but the PT sir n all their side he gave more time to them, We tired and the last,.. last they scored two goals and we failed for 2-0.. This is the only difference from the Lagaan.

But who won? us na? Everyone congratulated us. In the end the other team became champions. They faced fear only once. That was with us. And we never played football there! The thing is most of girls in our class came to see the match with placards. No other teams had girls support. Thankz babez. And one more thing.. After that defeat no girl dared to come to see any match!!![U got it!]


  1. very nice personal blog....
    carry on

  2. hmm.. not bad.. but u could have made this story more interesting.. may be describing the players[ur team] a bit more n giving a bit more details.. anyways good try.. keep blogging..

    n do checkout my blog 'The Glory Days'.. The latest 2 posts are tech based but the rest of the blog is all abt college life. It's abt 3 friends me, rd and guns who stay together in a flat[C-124] and enjoy our last year in college to the max!!


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