Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New year message!!!!

Well, I read a blog today telling about +ve thinking. It says to see others problems and realize yours is so small. It made me remember an incident.

A few months before, I was a day scholar that time. I was going trough a bad time in my life. One day, I lost all my hopes, faith, dreams... On that day, I was going college by bus. I sat, cursing my own fate. I was resting my hands on the seat in front of me. In that seat there was a boy and his dad. Boy looked like of 15-17 year old.. After sometime, boy started pulling my hands and shouting something. His dad tried to stop him. Boy didn't. He was mentally ill and behaved like a small boy. Dad got angry and started shouting at him. This boy's mom was sitting in front of him. She turned back and looked at him, then to me with her wet eyes.

I couldn't look back. I felt guilty. There was so much pain in her eyes. They were telling me sorry, telling that she is helpless.. Boy's dad somehow freed my hands. I thought... comparing to that mom's, my sorrows are nothing.. And my problem are simple and small..

So.. Look others also.. Don't think only u r like this or like that.. And thank God and parents for all we've..Thanks for reading.


  1. hmm
    life has so much inside..
    we all are so lucky in our own perspectives..
    all by gods grace..
    peace to evryone.

  2. Right. Others problems always make you realize how small are yours.

    Hope you have a Beautiful and Positive New Year.


  3. happpppppy new year!! hmm but this comment is not related to ur post..BUT DONT DELETE! :P

    like d comment above i hope u hv a beautiful n positive new year! tc :)

  4. problems r never big...jus dat v r jus so bothered abt em we make em big

  5. Ya... Truely said.. Other people have more bigger problems than us..we somehow dont look for the solution n just sulk over the problem..


    i complained tat i have no shoes till i met a man with no feet
    --mother teressa

  7. @Neha

    yeh true.


    Hugs :)


    K. I wont delete. :P


    ya. Its us making it bigger n bigger..




    Thats the right way. Think how to solve it rather than cursing the fate.


    That was a nice quote..


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