Monday, December 15, 2008

When Love Marry Suicide!

It wasn't Love at first sight,
Kinda friendship as it started first.
We talked and we messaged.
For hours and till the balance die.

She told me, she misses me,
When I wasn't near her.
She told me, she loves me,
When I cared her much more.

Well, I was such a narrow minded,
To realize, that she s very broad minded!
I told her that I love her too,
She smiled but not replied.
She had other friends,
Like I've as my own friends.
But I was becoming very possessive,
I've heard its human nature.

I couldn't see I'm losing my friends.
My time, studies for her.
My friends told me don't trust a girl,
They told, girls are,
Most unreliable creatures on earth!
But I'd seen good ones in my life.
So I kept my ears closed.
But she, managed everything with her.
Proving again and again, that I'm just a fool.

And now, our course about to finish,
She told me, that she can't accept me.
She told me, that she got another boyfriend!!
I'd felt a sudden pause in my heart
I lost all my senses
I lost all my faith
I cried loud to hear someone
But all ears were busy
I never felt hungry anymore
I never found whats sound sleep
I found myself loosing..
When I look at the mirror,
"You are a loser", it shouted back.

I'd no options left in my life
I told her that I'll suicide.
"It doesn't matter to me", she replied!
I kept thinking, What to do?
Sun went and the moon came
Moon went and the birds sung
At last, I made up my mind.

I took my blades and poison.
I always feared when I used blades,
But this time, they seemed my only hope
I cut my vein and ate the poison.
Blood, gushed out as soothing words.
I could feel a little pain in my hand
But not as much when she hurt my heart.

Sight became blurred and blurred
But a sudden thought, stuck my mind
Will she be sad hearing this?!!
Will she cry seeing this?!!
I wanted to say, don't cry my baby..
Well, that was my Love, still in this moment.

Last I found what a sound sleep s like.
Dreaming a world different from this.
which will 've only me,
And a girl of my own...

[In the world of love cheating is just not acceptable]


  1. Nice blog and nice work you are doing.

    i am also running a blog....

  2. @ Sriram,xtra,Dileep

    Thankz dudes

    @ Josohana

    Life s like that.. and I dont know ur language :(

  3. heyy dont lose hope...there is some1 4 every1 so jus hang in there n wait 4 her :)))

  4. The world is full of love.

    Take Care.


  5. @ trinaa,sealed lips


    Welcome to my blog

  6. good one!
    if u've written it, its a really great one to write, but pretty bad for an experienced one!

    neways, do visit my blog, n comment!


  7. Really loved it!! Kinda touched my heart...

  8. well lik sadu said commentz :-(

  9. This post was really deep!!! Love can be messy, yet it is sooooooo beautiful!


  10. i m very inexperienced to comment on this. but wanna tell this much that guy is immature to take such a decision. now i know hw this much suicide n attempts r going on :(

  11. forgot to tell u that i like the TITLE more than poem ver catching n meaningful one hatsoff to u LOVE MARRY SUICIDE....gr8

  12. good narration hmmmmmmm

    liked it very much



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