Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Another one year

Oiee its 2010 in a few days!

I feel like yesterday was in 2000.
I remember it from the beginning,
A real bad start,
F***d up with everything,
Lost direction in life,
All I could do was,
Just let the life take me with its flow.

Days passed, Months..
We cleared a lot of back-papers.
Got a lot of good friends.
Old ones got stronger everyday.

Now I don't want to clear my back-papers!
I just don't want to miss those supply get-togethers
Once I used to make fun 'f others,
When they speak about missing friends.
I'm sure I will never do it.

And life take us to b'lore
Gave us loads of fun.
Got a job, the one I wanted.
Life goes on n on..

well, Now I'm here.
all others went back,
They'll come back someday.
'm staring this computers
All day, all week.
No good chicks nearby to refresh my eyes.
working and working.
And wondering,
What will be in 2010 pack!

Its too early to wish a Happy new year. ain't it?
I'll get back later..
Till then.. tc.. have fun.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Huhh.. Blaahh

I can see the sky becoming blood red,
And the sea became black.
Everything I look seem to be sad,
The lonely tree and the crying bird on it.

I can see that feeling comes again.
Spreading through my hands, legs,
Laughing at me, as if it will rule me forever.
I can feel that I'm getting weak,
As it holds me stronger and stronger.

It reminds me a place once I was,
which gave me a lot of pain.
I can see them waiting for me
of course my blood, But they value my sadness more.

But when I think about the reasons,
Is that the reasons what matters?
Or is that my foolishness to let someone know those.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Boy : I love you
Girl : :)
Boy : Don't you love me?
Girl : I'll love you, But..
Boy :?
Girl : You shouldn't tell anybody we are in love.
: You shouldn't save our chats.
: You shouldn't talk to me in front of others as to a girlfriend.
: You shouldn't ask me to marry you!
: I'll never tell I love you. But love is there.
: Don't pamper a lot. I don't like it. Don't act like a kid.

And the Boy agreed!!

Boy: Honey
Girl: :)

One month later.
Boy: Honey
Girl: I'm not your honey. I'm nobody's honey.

Boy : Sweetheart
Girl : :)

Two months later.
Boy: Sweetheart
Girl: I'm not your sweetheart. I'm nobody's sweetheart.

Boy : Darling
Girl : :)

Three months later.
Boy: Darling
Girl: Call me my name.

You can guess what happened then. He got what he deserved for that foolish deal.

Moral: Don't go long after the girl who don't love you. There is a lot of fishes in the sea.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


I was in 6th standard, when I heard the word Diwali for the 1st time. We had a chapter in Hindi about Diwali. But the name seemed strange as we, keralates hardly celebrate it. Then after a long time, the neighbors decided to celebrate it. With small lights[wots its name? arti?]. But I was in hostel that time.

Now, here in bangalore, Diwali is a big festival here. I can hear the crackers everywhere. Lights, sounds. But all my roommates were in Kerala. I missed them very badly. We could have a blast here together. :( Here in company, I stay with the owners and co-workers. Since last two days, I was telling them about celebrating Diwali. None showed interest.

In front of our company, there live two 'crackers'! ya 2 girls with 6 boys. At noon they were teaching the girls driving kinetic. The girls always wear small trousers. Always. So you know how interesting is the kinetic teaching for us to watch!! I was very disappointed seeing all this. Life of a system admin sucks. I didn't see a good girl for the last two weeks. Always in front of the system. N at evening 'crackers' started bursting crackers, waving the Color wands n all. I was disappointed once again. Somehow I could convince others the idea of celebrating Diwali. And at last me and three others bought some crackers from Madiwala market.

It is the first time I'm celebrating Diwali. In Kerala we burst crackers on vishu[new year according to kerala calender]. So we started here in front of the company. Opposite to us those girls and boys. I saw those girls in full dress for the first time. Mmm. Not bad!

Me and Saju

The idea was to become a kid once again. I think the festivals are to celebrate. Whats the meaning of working all time and saving the money just to show our bank balance[well not us, about the one who saves]. In the house next to us lives one couples in middle ages. I think they celebrated Diwali better than anyone else in Bangalore. It was nice to see them enjoying in this age.

Me, Aswath and Shinto

Shuhib and Shinto

Anyway happy Diwali to all. Thanks for my buddies Sajulal, Aswath, Shinto and Shuhib for the 1st Diwali celebration in my life. Prakash and his brother for just bearing us, the employees. :) And my roommates, I missed you all very badly. Yes I missed the Cheers family[cheriyan, Abi, Kiran n team] too.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

You name it

Some programs are hard coded. It doesn't matter how beautifully u modified it, you just cant save it. Girls are like that. Just like that..

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Random Thoughts

Sometimes we tell/write things,
What we are not actually meant.
And in all those times,
Others take it not as we told/wrote too.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pathetic oblivion!

I know you are here. Somewhere,
Hating to see me near or far!
I know your love is gone. Forever,
Trying to let go of the pain so fast.
But I'm not searching for the reasons. Anymore,
The reasons which can't give me, u back.
But I'm digging the old memories now.
To feel your love more and more.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Swine flu tale!

I was fighting with Apache SSL. That time I’d a slight cold. A little breathing trouble also. Sanjith looked at me. I told it is Swine flu. A few heads turned back from the students section! After some sneezing, I left the Apache and went room. Roomies stared making fun of me. I took some paracetamol and slept.

In the evening, Director Vivek entered the room. Seeing me he told, “This is swine flu, you are going to die.” I looked his eyes. There was so much confidence in those. I started doubting myself.

Next two days I took sick leave! I was laying in the bed. Mob rang. It was a student.

Me :Hello
Student: Hello sir. When is class today?
Me: I’m having fever. I’m not coming today. Ask Sanjith.
Student: Ok sir. Take 2 weeks leave sir. Don’t come to institute.
Hung up!

After sometime,

It was another one.

Me: Hello
Student: Hello. Heard today is Windows class. When is it sir.
Me: I’m sick. I’m not coming today. I’ve no idea. Ask Sanjith.
Student: Fever? U saw doctor? Go home sir. Don’t come to class.

I decided to go home!! But 2 drinkers came from Chennai and Hyderabad just for fun! I decided to go after two days. Of course they had lot of fun!!

Next day the news of the death of Bangalore lady came. In the evening I found myself in the bus. Seeing my runny nose, guy next to me stared me for a sec. As if he is looking at a pig. I told it is just cold. I tested. I could saw relax in his face.

I reached home and started treatment under mom and dad. I heard it costs 10k to test H1N1 in Kerala. Next moment my fever is gone. But after the first vomiting, I decided to consult a doctor. Examining the x-ray doctor said it is because of sinusitis. Got medicines and now I’m fine.

In Bangalore all was wearing Masks! In Kerala I found none with that. One guy in Bangalore was wearing mask inside his air conditioned Innova!! I recalled old memories of how the road got blocked in our small village after the threat of Tsunami!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

My childhood friend!

In those days we thought only about us.
We wandered here and there playing,
Sharing all those chocolates we got.
When I sang, u laughed.
when u laughed, I cried.
And then you danced!
When you got into any problem,
I stayed with you,
Holding your hands,
Taking the responsibility of all those things you've done,
wiping your tears..
Till the darkness we sat on that bench,
thinking will we be scolded?
Last we departed saying I'll talk for you,
promising, I wont tell its you did it.
Thus we got our shares for each other.
but we smiled, kissing those wounds,
hugging each other.
As days went on,
age created a wall between us.
We shared our problems no more,
now we hardly speak for another.

We can never be those little cute innocent ones again..
But cant we be friends forever?

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I was..

How many times, I acted like a kid to you.
How many times, I felt u as my little cute daughter.

There were days, I'd lived for you.
There were days, You cared me a lot.

May be someday,
I'll sit back and think all these, shyly..
Realizing, We were I was mad about you..

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Time 3.10am, Thrissur railway station. It was raining lightly. I took my bag and searched for a bench. All were occupied by one or another. Last I found one, far from the crowd, near the end of the station. I'll get bus to home only after 5am. So I bought a tea and headed towards my lonely bench. I love the taste of the tea before brushing! Rainy railroads and huge machines[I mean train ;)]. I was enjoying the moment still killing the time.

I was thinking about Vikas, my roommate. Will he buy the Guitar today? It was then she came. A girl who seemed of my same age. She asked me whether I know in which platform Trichi-Ekm train arrives. Well I didn't know. I said NO. There was enough space in my bench to sit one or two more. But she didn't. She was typing something in her mob. I looked her bags. One, Two, Three, Well It looked like she took the whole home in those bags. She was in blue jeans and black shirt. Hair clipped at neck's height. A beautiful black wrist watch. Well she is ok!.

5minuts later. She came and sat besides me. Showed least interest for a talk. Tea over. I bought a newspaper. CPM, Cricket, Sania well that too finished. I turned to her. She was looking at me. As if caught red-handed. I asked her, "when is your train".

Then it started. Her name is Ardra. She is doing Ph.D in Medical Micro Biology in Coimbatore. She came from Bangalore [By the same one I came]. Because that was a super fast and don't have stop in her station, she has to pick a local one from Trissur. She went Bangalore regarding her project. She talked about days in Blore, PG rent, friends, shopping, Job scarcity, lack of fund for her project[ She need 4lakhs for project!] etc. Her sound was bit rough. She had big eyes and small pimples. Talk went on and thus time.

She didn't ask much about me. Whenever she did, cargo trains interrupted our talk!. I was very happy because usually I used to sit there alone 2hours. Her train announced. I checked the time. Its 4:30am. Good timing. I can go to Bus stand now. She was struggling with her bags, so I took one and offered my help! Huhh.. Come on guys, don't mistake me. She was planning to get in ladies compartment. Wont it be nice going there? But the train disappointed me :( . No good chicks. I gave her bags and she whispered a thank you as nice as she can say. Well. Who likes good-byes. I walked back. Hopping I can get another one next time. Pray for me :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Accident!..

I was reading Nehya's post: Define a relationship. Its then I heard that sound. Like some vehcle is skidding. I looked through window and saw nothing. Vikas looked outside and told, "Da its accident. people running". We were in 3rd floor and we rushed to the spot. There he was, a young man in early 20s, covered with blood. Some flesh is missing from his cheeks. Seeing it I took two steps back. Then I saw my friend Charli talking with him. People were fighting! I went near Charli to get him out of it. By the time that guy who got accident asked us "is this bangalore?"

Some people was telling he is ok! leave him! some people told wait till his friends come. One Autorikshaw man came and told if we are going to hospital, call his auto!! We told to him he is a mess and get to hospital soon. We will take him to the hospital. He came with us. Me and charli called an auto. And we are in.

His name is Shankar. From Assam. Working in TCS! We asked him whether the keys with him, of bike, Karizma!. He told yes. But we called Vikas and Rida and asked them to take care of it. He didn remember how it happened, When it happened and where it happened. We reached Spurthy hospital. He is ok now. We asked him to call his friends. He checked his pocket and got his Tata Indicom mob. Its then he told,"I think I got one more mob, yes its N95". We told him t relax, we were sure mob is out of question. There was about 50 people. All kinda. He went with doctor.

5 Minuts later: Door opened and doctor came out. We told him its us who brought him there. He was asking where is his bike, where is his mob. We told bike is fine and we dont have any idea of his mob. Prabhakar[his friend] came and we handovered his Tata mob, Helmet! and bags. Told him what happened, and came back.

Vikas and Rida was standing with bike and vikas' friend Thomas. They were very tired. Its Karizma and very heavy they could hardly lift it. Handle was locked, Clutch was not working. Its Thomas helped them the most. Bike was fine but they didnt get key. No idea about mob too. After sometime Prabhakar and his friends came and took care of the bike.

Some points:

If you meet this kinda incidents in life,
Get him/her to the hospital asap. Tell ur friends to get the keys if there is any and mobile like stuffs.

Call his friends and tell to come fast[while calling make sure its his friends. Not call to his mom or dad and tell he got accident].

To you: Always wear full helmet, not the half covered. He was wearing a half covered and his face was badly injured..

Now its ur turn: What u say?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mobile worries

I wish If I Could throw my Mob,
Off the river and watch the flow washing the messages.

I wish if I could laugh looking at it,
And celebrate my victory against the radio waves.

There wont be complaints anymore,
Like, you didn't call/msg me.

There wont be any hard feelings,
Like, She could 've miss called me, at least.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Expectations and hurt

When u start expecting in a relationship,
He/She starts disappointing u.
When u start missing someone,
You start hurting yourself.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Life of Thoughts/Lies

Ring..... RRing...... Mob rang..

She was looking at it.. reluctant to take.. "we cant go on like this.. then why.." She thought...
But in some other corner of her heart, she really wanted to answer it..
[C'mon babe, pick up...He tried a few more times]

"I should stop this or at least reduce the phone calls.. I shouldn't let it go deeper". He thought.
["What if he sees me as a good friend only? May be, its my thoughts, are wrong". She called back]

Both got "Number Busy" answer.

He called again. "I was calling u monkey. Where were u..".
"I was in kitchen." She answered.
!@#$@%(usual jokes)
"K. Da me going to film with my friends.. its already late now." He'd to stop.
"K.Bye.. ". [He s so sweet. I'm a fool.]
"We will be good friends always". He said silently as he fell to bed.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Company with the Horizon

This pic was taken at Chettuwa beach. More pics in my orkut profile

I like this pic of mine. My roommie NiBuL took it. I wish I was alone there.. Sea was not calm as u see in the pic.. But something called me from the deep sea.. There was a strong feeling to jump..[me psycho!] I felt the same while looking the electric lines from top of our b'lore house. Shaman was laughing loudly hearing that :P

Being Moody!!!

I cant write anything...
I tried..again and again.. but couldn't.
My fingers were reluctant to type..
I tried to pen a poem...
That was something I never did..
before, If I write something in good mood.. it used to come out as a poem..
Now.. when I write, something inside telling me.. u r writing a poem..
Which stops further flow of lines..
I think Saraswathi Devi left staying in my mind..

Now-a-days only thing I'm interested, is to dance..
Every tune take me to an another world..
And I cant resist it..

Sorry friends.. I wanted to write a lot about the Bangalore life.. Not in a mood now.. of course I'll write..

Friday, January 16, 2009

Comments and Reactions

Ur blog sucks. U are a loser!
May be or may not be. But I'm not competing with what u are doing. And you Rocks.

Ur writing skill is very bad. I wont be visiting anymore!
Write and prove ur skill, I'll be a follower. And Goodbye. One more thing. Did I ever tell ya that I'm a good writer or like that?

Ur pic looks bad. You trying to tell you r a big thing or what? Who do u think you are!
Sorry. If you dont like my face, I can do nothing about it. By writing a blog and putting pic in it means one is a big thing or like that? If yes, yeh I may be. If u really wanna know who I am, Click the profile link and read my full profile. That might help.

Ur pic is cool and nice blog!
Thank you. :P

Monday, January 12, 2009

A Homosexual Story

The title is very misleading one. Isn't it? Its post in Noufal's blog made me write about this. Well, This is a true story happened to me a few years back, when I was in +1. I was staying in Thrissur for my studies. I used to go for evening walk everyday. That day I decided to go to Park in the heart of the city. As I was a small one, I didn't have any idea about the outside world. I was walking towards a lonely seat in a corner of the park. Its then this guy[or gay!] appeared. He was tall, dark one. He told me 'angottu pokam'[Lets go there] and showed something with his hands. I was like.. Blah.

He asked me, whether I am studying in St.Thomas College. I was such a fool and told him that, No. I'm studying in Govt.Model Boys. He asked whether I know Raju or Some name like that. I told no. All this time he was telling me. 'lets go somewhere, Nobody will see' and all. I didn't understand anything. But this time my mind started telling me 'Danger, escape'. I walked towards an old man sitting near and sat with him. Wherever I go this man followed me and showed kinda gestures.

I walked towards the other gate of park. When I got near the gate, something inside told me to run. A few seconds later, I found myself breaking all records in running. And I didn't go for evening walks for a long time.

After a few months, one morning all papers came with heading. A homosexual racket arrested in Thrissur. It was a big one. They caught children from St.Thomas, Model boys and other schools. Made them do bad things and took pics. And with that pics they blackmailed children again... I felt a big relax...

I'm sorry if I disappointed you :)
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