Friday, January 16, 2009

Comments and Reactions

Ur blog sucks. U are a loser!
May be or may not be. But I'm not competing with what u are doing. And you Rocks.

Ur writing skill is very bad. I wont be visiting anymore!
Write and prove ur skill, I'll be a follower. And Goodbye. One more thing. Did I ever tell ya that I'm a good writer or like that?

Ur pic looks bad. You trying to tell you r a big thing or what? Who do u think you are!
Sorry. If you dont like my face, I can do nothing about it. By writing a blog and putting pic in it means one is a big thing or like that? If yes, yeh I may be. If u really wanna know who I am, Click the profile link and read my full profile. That might help.

Ur pic is cool and nice blog!
Thank you. :P

Monday, January 12, 2009

A Homosexual Story

The title is very misleading one. Isn't it? Its post in Noufal's blog made me write about this. Well, This is a true story happened to me a few years back, when I was in +1. I was staying in Thrissur for my studies. I used to go for evening walk everyday. That day I decided to go to Park in the heart of the city. As I was a small one, I didn't have any idea about the outside world. I was walking towards a lonely seat in a corner of the park. Its then this guy[or gay!] appeared. He was tall, dark one. He told me 'angottu pokam'[Lets go there] and showed something with his hands. I was like.. Blah.

He asked me, whether I am studying in St.Thomas College. I was such a fool and told him that, No. I'm studying in Govt.Model Boys. He asked whether I know Raju or Some name like that. I told no. All this time he was telling me. 'lets go somewhere, Nobody will see' and all. I didn't understand anything. But this time my mind started telling me 'Danger, escape'. I walked towards an old man sitting near and sat with him. Wherever I go this man followed me and showed kinda gestures.

I walked towards the other gate of park. When I got near the gate, something inside told me to run. A few seconds later, I found myself breaking all records in running. And I didn't go for evening walks for a long time.

After a few months, one morning all papers came with heading. A homosexual racket arrested in Thrissur. It was a big one. They caught children from St.Thomas, Model boys and other schools. Made them do bad things and took pics. And with that pics they blackmailed children again... I felt a big relax...

I'm sorry if I disappointed you :)
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