Monday, March 2, 2009

Life of Thoughts/Lies

Ring..... RRing...... Mob rang..

She was looking at it.. reluctant to take.. "we cant go on like this.. then why.." She thought...
But in some other corner of her heart, she really wanted to answer it..
[C'mon babe, pick up...He tried a few more times]

"I should stop this or at least reduce the phone calls.. I shouldn't let it go deeper". He thought.
["What if he sees me as a good friend only? May be, its my thoughts, are wrong". She called back]

Both got "Number Busy" answer.

He called again. "I was calling u monkey. Where were u..".
"I was in kitchen." She answered.
!@#$@%(usual jokes)
"K. Da me going to film with my friends.. its already late now." He'd to stop.
"K.Bye.. ". [He s so sweet. I'm a fool.]
"We will be good friends always". He said silently as he fell to bed.


  1. Why do we think SO MUCH? We love complicating our own lives.


  2. very true mate... good style..

  3. @ L

    @ Sowmya

    @ Puneeth
    Thank you. For ur comment and for following my blog.. keep visiting..


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