Saturday, July 18, 2009

My childhood friend!

In those days we thought only about us.
We wandered here and there playing,
Sharing all those chocolates we got.
When I sang, u laughed.
when u laughed, I cried.
And then you danced!
When you got into any problem,
I stayed with you,
Holding your hands,
Taking the responsibility of all those things you've done,
wiping your tears..
Till the darkness we sat on that bench,
thinking will we be scolded?
Last we departed saying I'll talk for you,
promising, I wont tell its you did it.
Thus we got our shares for each other.
but we smiled, kissing those wounds,
hugging each other.
As days went on,
age created a wall between us.
We shared our problems no more,
now we hardly speak for another.

We can never be those little cute innocent ones again..
But cant we be friends forever?
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