Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pathetic oblivion!

I know you are here. Somewhere,
Hating to see me near or far!
I know your love is gone. Forever,
Trying to let go of the pain so fast.
But I'm not searching for the reasons. Anymore,
The reasons which can't give me, u back.
But I'm digging the old memories now.
To feel your love more and more.


  1. 'Digging old memories to feel the love more and more'....romantic to the extreme....nice post Randeep.

  2. Wow! This proves that maybe you teach real well even , lol :P :D
    Nevertheless, the poem was reallllyyy realllly wunnerful :)

  3. @ Bhavya
    :) Thank you.

    @ Diya
    Ya I teach very well ;) Thank God u dont know any of my students :)

    @ Neha
    I've told you b4 dont ask or tell this kinda things straight. ;)

  4. Vry vry touching one..
    can feel the pain in those lines.. well written ..

  5. ha..ha...ha..

    i wonder which one of the 10 girls in ur life r u missing so much...

    u romantic baboon..


  6. @ Angel
    :) Thank you.

    @ Shaman
    What are you doing here? Go and study..mmm..

  7. OK,The first Sensible Comment from me, In ur "Non-Sense"ible Blog..

    Whatever u do,U know

    "But I'm digging the old memories now" is NOT at all good for you Roomie..

    Of course dig memories about Manchester Uniteds(OUR) Victory in UCL 2008,
    or EPL Games and Stuff like that.. also may be the Strikes and Fights and Beating up a Mechie etc...
    You can Dig all that up...

    ...but Dont you go
    "digging the old memories
    [of that B!7(|-| ] now"

    ..Heed my Warning..
    ..Have Thy Grass..
    :) Tahts Much Better

    PS: But, If In case u r gonna do that, call me..
    Wil be Happy to bring the Psycho out of you.. :)

  8. To hell with that.. ninak vere pani ille?

  9. Psyhcho Boi...
    Stop venting ur Emos in the Blog!

  10. V.V.V.Well expressed!!
    Someone told me similar things a week ago! Though it wasn't really expressed well like you did! :) Love it!

  11. @ Esther
    Similar expressions :) Thank you :) :)

  12. i dont think u can feel the love more n more digging the old will only give you more pain...juz forget it!!
    live in d present ..mak it beautiful...forget abt it...n strt a new day ..tryin to mak it better thn last day... this is the best comment i can give on this post:) ... cheer up !!

  13. @ Nesi
    :) Love never die. Intensity can vary time to time. But never die..


Be nice ;) Thats all.

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