Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Swine flu tale!

I was fighting with Apache SSL. That time I’d a slight cold. A little breathing trouble also. Sanjith looked at me. I told it is Swine flu. A few heads turned back from the students section! After some sneezing, I left the Apache and went room. Roomies stared making fun of me. I took some paracetamol and slept.

In the evening, Director Vivek entered the room. Seeing me he told, “This is swine flu, you are going to die.” I looked his eyes. There was so much confidence in those. I started doubting myself.

Next two days I took sick leave! I was laying in the bed. Mob rang. It was a student.

Me :Hello
Student: Hello sir. When is class today?
Me: I’m having fever. I’m not coming today. Ask Sanjith.
Student: Ok sir. Take 2 weeks leave sir. Don’t come to institute.
Hung up!

After sometime,

It was another one.

Me: Hello
Student: Hello. Heard today is Windows class. When is it sir.
Me: I’m sick. I’m not coming today. I’ve no idea. Ask Sanjith.
Student: Fever? U saw doctor? Go home sir. Don’t come to class.

I decided to go home!! But 2 drinkers came from Chennai and Hyderabad just for fun! I decided to go after two days. Of course they had lot of fun!!

Next day the news of the death of Bangalore lady came. In the evening I found myself in the bus. Seeing my runny nose, guy next to me stared me for a sec. As if he is looking at a pig. I told it is just cold. I tested. I could saw relax in his face.

I reached home and started treatment under mom and dad. I heard it costs 10k to test H1N1 in Kerala. Next moment my fever is gone. But after the first vomiting, I decided to consult a doctor. Examining the x-ray doctor said it is because of sinusitis. Got medicines and now I’m fine.

In Bangalore all was wearing Masks! In Kerala I found none with that. One guy in Bangalore was wearing mask inside his air conditioned Innova!! I recalled old memories of how the road got blocked in our small village after the threat of Tsunami!!


  1. oooh! It has really become a deadly terror everywhere! :P
    Hope you are fine now! :)

    P.S You are a teacher? But your about me says otherwise... eh? :P ;)

  2. Hehe its a long story. I came Bangalore to do a course in Linux. RHCE. And when I completed it, they asked me whether I can teach or not. So I became a teacher. Now I've only a few back papers. :)

    And ya I'm fine now.

  3. Good that you recovered.....
    Last time when I was traveling in train everyone except me was wearing the mask ...they all threw weird glances at me as if I'm infected and want to spread it there.

  4. u r a teacher???/:p s u now sir?:D
    me wasnt well too...[ not swine flu;)] lol
    its true..the scene in mumbai is so bad..the person who coughs or sneezes is immediately stared at:)haha

  5. @ Divsi
    Please dont call me that :( :( U've no idea how much I hated that word when I was in college.


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