Saturday, October 17, 2009


I was in 6th standard, when I heard the word Diwali for the 1st time. We had a chapter in Hindi about Diwali. But the name seemed strange as we, keralates hardly celebrate it. Then after a long time, the neighbors decided to celebrate it. With small lights[wots its name? arti?]. But I was in hostel that time.

Now, here in bangalore, Diwali is a big festival here. I can hear the crackers everywhere. Lights, sounds. But all my roommates were in Kerala. I missed them very badly. We could have a blast here together. :( Here in company, I stay with the owners and co-workers. Since last two days, I was telling them about celebrating Diwali. None showed interest.

In front of our company, there live two 'crackers'! ya 2 girls with 6 boys. At noon they were teaching the girls driving kinetic. The girls always wear small trousers. Always. So you know how interesting is the kinetic teaching for us to watch!! I was very disappointed seeing all this. Life of a system admin sucks. I didn't see a good girl for the last two weeks. Always in front of the system. N at evening 'crackers' started bursting crackers, waving the Color wands n all. I was disappointed once again. Somehow I could convince others the idea of celebrating Diwali. And at last me and three others bought some crackers from Madiwala market.

It is the first time I'm celebrating Diwali. In Kerala we burst crackers on vishu[new year according to kerala calender]. So we started here in front of the company. Opposite to us those girls and boys. I saw those girls in full dress for the first time. Mmm. Not bad!

Me and Saju

The idea was to become a kid once again. I think the festivals are to celebrate. Whats the meaning of working all time and saving the money just to show our bank balance[well not us, about the one who saves]. In the house next to us lives one couples in middle ages. I think they celebrated Diwali better than anyone else in Bangalore. It was nice to see them enjoying in this age.

Me, Aswath and Shinto

Shuhib and Shinto

Anyway happy Diwali to all. Thanks for my buddies Sajulal, Aswath, Shinto and Shuhib for the 1st Diwali celebration in my life. Prakash and his brother for just bearing us, the employees. :) And my roommates, I missed you all very badly. Yes I missed the Cheers family[cheriyan, Abi, Kiran n team] too.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

You name it

Some programs are hard coded. It doesn't matter how beautifully u modified it, you just cant save it. Girls are like that. Just like that..
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