Monday, November 16, 2009

Huhh.. Blaahh

I can see the sky becoming blood red,
And the sea became black.
Everything I look seem to be sad,
The lonely tree and the crying bird on it.

I can see that feeling comes again.
Spreading through my hands, legs,
Laughing at me, as if it will rule me forever.
I can feel that I'm getting weak,
As it holds me stronger and stronger.

It reminds me a place once I was,
which gave me a lot of pain.
I can see them waiting for me
of course my blood, But they value my sadness more.

But when I think about the reasons,
Is that the reasons what matters?
Or is that my foolishness to let someone know those.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Boy : I love you
Girl : :)
Boy : Don't you love me?
Girl : I'll love you, But..
Boy :?
Girl : You shouldn't tell anybody we are in love.
: You shouldn't save our chats.
: You shouldn't talk to me in front of others as to a girlfriend.
: You shouldn't ask me to marry you!
: I'll never tell I love you. But love is there.
: Don't pamper a lot. I don't like it. Don't act like a kid.

And the Boy agreed!!

Boy: Honey
Girl: :)

One month later.
Boy: Honey
Girl: I'm not your honey. I'm nobody's honey.

Boy : Sweetheart
Girl : :)

Two months later.
Boy: Sweetheart
Girl: I'm not your sweetheart. I'm nobody's sweetheart.

Boy : Darling
Girl : :)

Three months later.
Boy: Darling
Girl: Call me my name.

You can guess what happened then. He got what he deserved for that foolish deal.

Moral: Don't go long after the girl who don't love you. There is a lot of fishes in the sea.
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