Sunday, November 1, 2009


Boy : I love you
Girl : :)
Boy : Don't you love me?
Girl : I'll love you, But..
Boy :?
Girl : You shouldn't tell anybody we are in love.
: You shouldn't save our chats.
: You shouldn't talk to me in front of others as to a girlfriend.
: You shouldn't ask me to marry you!
: I'll never tell I love you. But love is there.
: Don't pamper a lot. I don't like it. Don't act like a kid.

And the Boy agreed!!

Boy: Honey
Girl: :)

One month later.
Boy: Honey
Girl: I'm not your honey. I'm nobody's honey.

Boy : Sweetheart
Girl : :)

Two months later.
Boy: Sweetheart
Girl: I'm not your sweetheart. I'm nobody's sweetheart.

Boy : Darling
Girl : :)

Three months later.
Boy: Darling
Girl: Call me my name.

You can guess what happened then. He got what he deserved for that foolish deal.

Moral: Don't go long after the girl who don't love you. There is a lot of fishes in the sea.


  1. Title can be modified to : Dog n Bitch

  2. @ Achu

    @ Cheriyan
    Haha.. liked it.

  3. i guess u r very badly dumped by a girl.. jus luk at ur title man...

    lemme tel u 1 thn... girls r bitches jus coz of dogs aka boys...

    i likd ur odr posts.. u r a gud writer.. keep dat spirit up...

  4. WoW!!!!..

    i actually like this!
    (for the first time...or the Second?...Something Good/Sensible in ur Blog!)

    Roomiee... You r getting better..


  5. @ Niska
    Ohh dear. I'm sad seeing ur comment. I didnt mean to hurt anyone. Both boys and girls have good and bad ones. And your guess. It is totally wrong. :)

    @ Rommiee
    Hmmm. I expected this. tc

  6. hmmmmmmm nice1....I hav seen sm galz doin dis in coll at tyms its not intentional rather jus a lack of maturity n full of confuzion in life...

  7. Remove the moral line from it and give the readers a chance to find out the moral...You could have enjoyed the bitch & dog versions of moral.

  8. @ Angels
    Its lack of maturity? or they do it purposefully? is it selfishness? or is it helplessness?

    @ Ankit
    :) Thank you. Welcome to my blog. Have fun.

  9. @ Bhavya
    They will never learn that moral Bhavya. And im not interested in that dog n bitch war.

    @ Nesi

  10. Not all gals think that way buddy:) wrong to classify all gals in dat category..! U sound like a hurt jilted lover man

  11. @ Divsi
    Oh dear. I didn say all. Some are. Some are even worse. N some are damn good too.. Dont take it wrong. Ya im hurt. But not by love :) I fell down at disco. ;) Tc.

  12. Hehe:):p don wori der ll be sumone sumwer to apply bandaid:)lol

  13. Wooh! Hard hitting but true.. totally!

  14. @ Divsi
    :) :) :) :)

    @ Dhanya
    you tooo??? oh Dhanyaa.. mm..

  15. @ Rakesh

    :) Welcome to my blog. Thanks for commenting. Have fun.

  16. d tym has come..
    you can now consciously choose d peron u wannu fall in luv wid..

  17. @ Wildflower
    Welcome to my blog. Thanks for commenting. yeah im on it.

  18. Lol :P
    Love is nothing but trouble :P
    I don't say t-shirt quote says it :D
    Brutually honest post :P

  19. @ Mads
    Ahem thank you. Where wr u. after long time na. Have fun.

  20. LOL!!!!!

    You are so right...lot of good fish in the sea....same goes for guys too..Dont be hooked on to one person

    Work from home India

  21. @ workhard
    ya only thing is we have to work hard :)


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