Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Another one year

Oiee its 2010 in a few days!

I feel like yesterday was in 2000.
I remember it from the beginning,
A real bad start,
F***d up with everything,
Lost direction in life,
All I could do was,
Just let the life take me with its flow.

Days passed, Months..
We cleared a lot of back-papers.
Got a lot of good friends.
Old ones got stronger everyday.

Now I don't want to clear my back-papers!
I just don't want to miss those supply get-togethers
Once I used to make fun 'f others,
When they speak about missing friends.
I'm sure I will never do it.

And life take us to b'lore
Gave us loads of fun.
Got a job, the one I wanted.
Life goes on n on..

well, Now I'm here.
all others went back,
They'll come back someday.
'm staring this computers
All day, all week.
No good chicks nearby to refresh my eyes.
working and working.
And wondering,
What will be in 2010 pack!

Its too early to wish a Happy new year. ain't it?
I'll get back later..
Till then.. tc.. have fun.
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