Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Burly Chap

I was very happy when I got home. I had to write one exam, yea one of my back-papers. Thought of seeing all those friends again thrilled me. Next day itself I went to Kuttipuram, where my college is. There s a house which rents its rooms to supply students. All were there. Fazil, yakub, Akhil, Vijappan, Rajesh, Kanjan, Nujoom, Shareef, Sheen, Nibin. All fun machines. I really wanted to laugh a lot.

First two days I was the target. They made lots of stories about me. Day by day new ones arrived and they took my place.

Apart from the funs I was getting mad. I had only one exam. But needed 60 marks to pass as I didn't have sessionals, which is not a new thing. I wrote it very well last time. Expected a 60-70. I never thought of writing it again. But somehow university made me do it.

Days passed, nights with hot topics. Girls, politics, religion, University, Jobs and old enemies. It was going good as usual. Until that night arrived.

I was studying. Not understanding anything. Last chance question paper smiled at me,telling "hey looser u think u gonna make it this time?" I got mad. I decided to take a break. I went for tea. Nobody came with me.

It was about 10pm. College and the house was on top of a small hill. The tea shop of
Sabu was half a km away from the house. Down the hill. In front of shop there s highway.Before sabu's shop theres another shop. Shukoor ikkas snacks shop. only a 10meters from Sabu's. It was closed.

When I reached in front of shukoorka's shop, there was an auto in front of it. Two men from auto throw one man out of it. And they placed a bag and two slippers besides him. I thought he was drunk and didn't mind and went to Sabu's shop. It was power cut I think. And no others noticed our man.

I ordered a strong black tea with less sugar. It was good. I returned to room. I forgot to look the man. Time passed. Nothing is moving expect the time. Its 12. I decied for an another break.

This time all was hungry. Fazil, Yakub, Sheen, Vijayappan, Akhil came with me. We were walking laughing loud as Yakud said something. When we reached Shokoorka shop. That man was still there. I was started to say two men threw him from an au.. But I
swallowed it. Fazil looked at him and said there is blood in his face. I could feel the fear taking control over me. I pulled Fazil telling I feel something bad. Lets go.

We reached Sabu's shop. Some Vehicles' light fell on that guys face. He was not laying far from sabu's shop. So we all could see it. BLOOD! we told Sabu. He found a torch and all headed to him.

Sabu and Yakub went close to him. I kept Fazil don't go close. So many questions came on my mind. Auto, bag, slippers. Sabu placed the light in his face. There was blood.All over his face. Eyes half open. some fluid s coming from his mouth. Something is there on this head.

Sabu: "Its the boy in the dress shop, Burly chap"
Yakub: "I think he s dead 95%!".
Fazil: "95%!! wot? "
Sabu: "I think he s dead"
Me to fazil: "We didn't see anything lets go"
Somebody told: "call police"
Something hit my head hearing that. Going to police station n becoming a murder victim didn't seem that good to us.
Me: "Tell some local people to call. We didn't see anything. Sabu s a native he has no problem"
Sabu: "I'll tell police I don't know anything. I'll tell College students showed me this"
That time all felt like peeing in their own pants.
We went to a new shop nearby and told the matter.
He told: "Don't stay here. Go to your rooms. Otherwise you wont write exams anymore.
We'll settle this". somebody called police and told us police will come now.
He told n looked for us. He could find none.
[We thought he is a strong person the good man saved us. But later we found that when the moment we left he closed the shop and try to go home.]

We were running. We reached the room in record time.
All gathered in Yakub's room.

And everyone started expressing their fears.
We are witnesses of a murder now. Somebody told.
Yakub told everyone to wear underwears. He told police will allow only that while
questioning. None was wearing that.

Me: We went to have tea. We told sabu there s somebody sleeping there. Thats it.
Nothing else happened. Nothing else we know.

Fazil looked at me. Only we know the auto incident.

Somebody told: Is he dead?
me: anyway police might have arrived.
Yakub: " He is dead. I saw his brain outside his scalp"
Fasil: "Sabu also saw something like that"
Yakub: " There was also blood in his head"
Sheen" "But if the head is wounded there will be lot of blood in the floor".
Akhil: "What if it was brought here after long time".
Fazil: "His eyes had a horrible look"
Vijayappan: "There was no need to have tea this time"
Somebody: "Who asked to go for tea. He s the one responsible for it"
Everybody pointed finger at me.

The people who didn't come with us came asking lots of question. Leading us to more fear.
Nibin: "If brain was out he might be dead"
Yakub: "I'm sure I see it"
Fazil: "I'm seeing this kind of thing for the first time.
Me: Me too.
Yakub: "I saw one like this before"
And he told the story.
It happened at his native place. One guy was riding bike. On the way one tree fell down

on his head! he fell down. His head was injured. Brain was out. But body was moving.
Police came and took him to hospital. Even after that Yakub could see the brain parts in the road.

He stopped telling "Idiots forgot to take the brain. Even if he escapes he wont have intelligence".

Everybody wanted to laugh loud. But the situation stopped them.

It was 2am, Somebody told: "Come lets go and look"
Fazil & me: "No its risk:
Somebody told: "wot if he is awake"
Yakub: "Then Sabu must be laying in the same place. Police must took him hospital man.

Everybody want to sleep. But none had the courage to. Last Akhil told me he'll sleep with me. I felt relaxed. Fazil, Nujoom, Yakub, Vijayappan slept in one room. Everybody wanted him to be alive. Then police can help him. But I don't know wot I wanted of course I wanted him to alive but thought of looking to that face again frightened me. But if he is dead, I'll be the first witness.

Sheen: "tomorrow morning we'll know everything. go and sleep".

Akhil asked me a few more questions in bed. I didn't co-operate. We kept the lights on.Closing the eyes his face came to my mind. I slept only after hearing call for morning prayers from the mosque.

Next day I woke up with Nibin's Sound.
He is dead. There is police in front of shukoorka shop.

I felt nothing. Emptiness in my heart. Seeing my face Nibin told. He is alive. He was drunk. It was not blood. He ate some pan. And he vomited all over. that it. I felt more relaxed. hoooo...

Here is wot happened after we returned to home.

The man at the new shop closed the shop when we left. When he was about to leave
police came.Sabu had called a few local CPIM party leaders. All came at same time. Sabu showed police the "body".

Looking the body police told. he is dead. Somebody brought two buckets of water and
wet his head. No moves.

After that Raghu the party leader crushed some lime n scratched on his head. He made
some sounds. After two more buckets of water, he could stand. But police decided to keep him in station for some more time. While police helping to get him to jeep

He told to police: its ok saaaar. I'll do it. No help. nOoooOoo Help needed.

Sabu also went to station with them. At 3 o'clock police told sabu to take him back.
at that time,

He told to police: "Thank youuuu BOSSSS".

When we saw Sabu next time all started laughing. None could stop. Yakub's brain story was the main topic. We saw his shop "Burly chap" is open. After sometime his father came and took him home. The blood was his pan and the vomit. His brain was Parippuvada piece[ a snack]. Fluid from mouth was pickle he ate. Supply days are always fun! aint it? But not the result publishing days.

Note: This post is not indent to make fun of any people. The man freaked us. And all other things are just normal feelings of people who faced it. "Heavy" drinking is a bad habit. So please stop it. Thank you

Friday, January 15, 2010

The reason behind your silence

I was thinking about you. Feel like its been years since we spoke last time.

Its right. Its the nature of some relations. It starts from nowhere. It becomes stronger, closer day by day. Until it reaches a peak point. After that it vanishes. Sometimes we even think whether it existed. "L" once wrote about it. After that phase. Everything feels like waste of time. We know what is gonna say and How its gonna feel.

We want to look away from most facts. To end it someway or to forget it someway.

After a few years, it will be in memories. Sweet haunting memories. I wish I could sweep off those memories. Like in the film Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. Why should we keep it? if its disturbing. Even if it is sweet.

But I was thinking where I went wrong. You know when u think of reasons, something will pop up in ur mind. And you'll doubt it should be the reason. In most cases it is. But you try to believe its not.

May be it was inevitable. The silence. Because it gives us strength to fake a smile after a long time.

Laziness! people avoid others simply because laziness? People will hide sorrows by seeing films n sleeping? The later seems difficult. Because I could never sleep when I was sad. And all those are excuses?

But you know. its better to break the silence. Just because the silence speak more. Much more.

He continued.. She too. Her silence.
After a long time it gave them strength. To fake that smile.
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