Sunday, February 28, 2010

White Bubbles

[Film running]

Pictures rolled in front of my eyes
Everything was going fine.
something hit hard on my head.

Ttttaang gg ggg ggg ! !! !!! !!!!
You appeared.

But I felt like I was in past
I could not believe you.

And I couldn't fill the time gap between me and you.
It seemed hollow.

Now you are gone.

In every 5 minutes you appeared.
I could not believe who is real,
You or me.

[Somebody was explaining something]

I felt like I said something.
I was in confusion.
I reached past again.

[People laughing ]

I was in air.
A colorful world.

I've been feeling my eye-lids too heavy
I closed my eyes.
May be I didn't like you, Or I was afraid of you.
I jumped into darkness.
Suddenly all appeared.
Stars and planets all covered with triangles and squares.
In white and blue colors.

I felt my hands and legs very heavy.
They were like airbags covered on bones.
Still heavy.

You appeared and went.
I was on a slab. In air.
I thought I'll fall.

I felt like, you and your friends there,
Looking at me,

Whatever you guys said,
I couldn't agree up on. And then,
Arguments, from both sides.
All got mad. All decided to fight.

Airplanes. Lights in different colors.
Fires from plane wings...

I found myself sleeping.
sometimes I thought I'll never meet you again.

But you kept calling me.
I wanted to come. But I was lost inside the time gap.
You told me to sleep.
But sleep reminded me the word death.

[Mob ringing]

Something hit hard on my head again.
But I couldn't see you
I couldn't see anyone.
Now I know, all were you
and you was me.

[People Laughing]
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