Sunday, April 25, 2010

Childhood friend [2]

She was walking towards her car. With hands full of covers. She was going somewhere for enjoying the summer vacation. She was talking loud. She has a sweet voice.

She was looking her friend. With open mouth. She was curious where her friend is going. It was raining. So she couldn't go near the car.

Lakshmiiiii.. Shirya called. I'm going. Tata.. She was very happy to tell her friend that she is going somewhere. She kept telling Tata, tata to Lakshmi.

Even Lakshmi seemed excited. Her friend is going somewhere. She shouted back Goodbye Shriya... Tata.. tata..

Shriya's mom closed the door. Started the car. Shriya opened the glass and kept telling bye, tata..

She was jumping with happiness. She didnt ask where Shriya is going. Or when she will be back. She was running behind the car. As long as she can run. When it disappeared, she stood there. Still smiling, shouting goodbye.

Shriya lives in a big house. Her parents are working in big IT companies. Lakshmi lives just in front of Shriya's house. In street. Her parents do laundry work. How long their friendship will last...?
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