Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bangalore: Dogs and Neighbors

I'm sorry my friends. I know its been a long time. But I really don't have anything to write. And whenever I had I didn't get time. But today I'll tell you about my neighbors and dogs.

You know Bangalore is all about IT(Girls comes here) and dogs. Get into any streets, you can see IT companies and dogs. And one funny thing about Bangalore dogs is they don't use doors and gates. They always prefer jumping walls and fences.

This incident happened about three months ago. We are blessed with very "nice" neighbors. One day an old lady came to our room shouting bla bla. Oh yeah that was in Kannada. All that we understood was that there was something on their terrace. Their house is a singles story building. And we stay in first floor of our building just left side of their house. You know in Bangalore or in any city buildings are very close. We can just walk into their terrace if we want. So we went to our balcony to see what this lady is shouting about.The whole house was there, on the terrace. Near them there was a packet. Kind of food waste. The lady was telling its us who put it there and they want us to remove it!

These people are vegetarians. And its something like beef in that packet. So all are staying some distance away from it. And keep telling us to remove it. Well we said its not us put it there and we wont remove it anyway. They shouted bla bla for sometime. We too.

Actually what happened was, there was a dog who usually sleep on their terrace. We were sure its he brought it there. We even told them its the dog who did it. They have a staircase outside their house. And the smart dog was living a happy nightlife on their terrace.

At last they told. "Ok its the dog who brought it there. But please remove it". We looked each other and got back to our rooms.

[It was removed only in last month, when they got a new servant.]
Days passed. last month a new family came in the ground floor. With a big[very big] dog. It's sound became a very big problem. Even their fence is tall enough to prevent him from jumping, he used to make it a 50-50. This made a mess between new family and the vegetarians, the ones I discussed before. Again the bla bla sounds. We heard only two English sentences. But those were enough.

Old lady Vegetarians: Your dog tried to bite me. It tried to jump the fence.
One form new family:  Don't call him dog. He is one of us.

[We thought, what should we call a dog? uncle?]

Vegetarian Family wasn't that nice to us after that issue. We used to play badminton in evening and night. They too started playing. Because we didn't have much space they became a big problem. Day by day they became more irritating.
There lives an old aunt with her son a few houses left to ours. She has a dog. She used to go for evening walks with her dog. We call her dog aunt. Sometimes her son comes with the dog. We used to wonder what they do. They are there full time on their terrace walking here and there. Not doing any work. But they have a car, a i10. A dog, a German Shepperd. And a servant Rukmini(say). How do I know?

One day her son was walking with this dog. You know why this people take dogs out. In front of our vegetarian family's house there is some space in between road and their fence. They tell its their land. They even planted some trees there. It only has 1 meter width. The dog aunty's dog passed urine there. And yeah he did almost everything. Vegetarian family's old lady saw that. And bla bla. He too replied something in the same tone. And he stopped. She was only started. It took one hour to stop her.

We went to have a tea. When we got back, there was police in front of dog aunty's house. Police was trying to find a solution. yeah the vegetarian family called police because of a dog.


Be nice ;) Thats all.

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