Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The sexy neighbor

I was coming back after a walk. It was about 6pm. There is no traffic and its a residential area. There are a lot of nice houses on both sides. The sky was little cloudy. But it wasn't dark. And a soft wind was there. I was walking, contemplating the beauty of dark sexy road just after the rain. I love the atmosphere just after the rain. Road will be real black, leaves will be shining green without dust. And the air will be filled with a kind of fresh energy. My hands rested in my jeans pockets. I was walking very slow. Watching each steps, studying the trees around. Kicking the Badam nuts to the drainage on the sides. Suddenly the gate in front of me opened.

It was a girl about 17. With her dog. I knew where she lives but nothing more. But I didn't waste any time thinking about that. She was in a green T-shirt. And a grey short skirt. It was very short and I thought she must have bought it one or two years back. She was all good for that age. May be much better.

Her T-shirt was skin tight type. It was very light that I could see almost all the lines inside. Now her dog is moving fast. She was trying to control it. As she walks her skirt moved to left and right clearing the way up. I could feel the increase in my heartbeats. The scene will force any boy to think he will get something now.

Suddenly the chain fell down from her hand. Oh god don't do this to me, I thought. She bend down to pick the chain. I could see my legs stopped moving my eyes bulged out for a few seconds and went back. When I got back to conscious she had already got a few meters away from me. I resumed walking. She is very slow now. When I got near her she took the chain through her back covering the skirt not to fly because of the  wind. I could see the perfect curves now. The things I've seen only on the Temple-walls and in paintings. I could see I'm sweating now. I fixed my eyes on a swift parked near in front of me. I kept walking.

Fortunately or unfortunately she took a turn to left. I didn't look that way and kept walking. Now I know I've much more control over me. Than I thought.

Now I know why these rapes/sec is always increasing. But I wonder how can her parents let their child roam in this kind of dress.


  1. yeahhh ... girls r 70% responsible for all these problems !!

  2. @ Nesi
    Actually I got lot of comments through phone. All were telling I destroyed the whole mood at the end of it. I don't want to blame anyone for problems. It varies person to person. Actually I was trying to wind up that post.

    Somebody told me I became more diplomatic these days!!

  3. "The things I've seen only on the Temple-walls and in paintings"hey randeep u r very expresive. as u said i dint like the way u concluded.

  4. @ Cherru
    Expressive!! hmm.. Yeah I'd to conclude like that. Didn't want to make this a porn blog ;)

  5. I liked the post...feeling sad though :(


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