Wednesday, July 7, 2010

You name it [2]

Once film actor kamal Hasan said:

Love before age 40 is not real love. Its only lust.
He must be right. Because he has lots of experience.

She was sitting in bed.
He stood close to her.
It wasn't a usual feeling they were having.
She was confused.
She wanted it. one day. But she wasn't sure it should be that day.
He was feeling guilty from the start itself.
He placed his hand on her shoulder.
Now she is blank. No more confusions.
His heart was beating faster. Faster and faster.
He didn't want to do it. His love was pure.
He remembered somebody saying its the final stage of love. He relaxed.
But deep inside he was a man. His age is taking control of him now. Not the conscious.
His fingers started drawing pictures on her neck.
She closed her eyes. Took a deep breath.
She pulled him to the bed.
He paused for a minute. Thinking whether she always wanted this?
They didn't think anything after that. They felt like animals.
Deep inside she was a woman.
After some time.
He felt more guilty.
He saw tears running from her eyes. Through the mirror.
He couldn't look at her face.
She came to him. Smiled
She told "I've to go".
It was like same old days. As nothing happened. But the smiles were different.

In real stories, in most cases, You just cant find where it started and where it ended. So you cant blame me.


  1. so i assume, u banged the sexy neighbour!

  2. hehehe............ randeep ib back on track [;)]

  3. @ Nibul
    No roomie. I didnt. These posts were an experiment. It didnt work well. :(

    @ Ranjith
    wot wot? :P

  4. *raises eyebrow at the comments*

    i like this true..

  5. *raises eyebrow at the comments*

    i like this true..

  6. @ Mads
    Hehe. Nothing happened. Thank you.

  7. wow!! this is beautifully written! and u were asking me how one goes about writing a story? u have a story right here... a damn good one, at that!

    Mister Randeep, you need to be writing lots more... cos this is really good stuff.


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