Sunday, September 12, 2010

Promote Natural Beauty!

My dear girls and Ladies,

A few minutes ago I saw a video promoting natural beauty. First of all, I'm asking you why do you use these cosmetic? Most of us, boys consider girls who do make up more than a limit as whores[frankly speaking]. We don't want to kiss a lip which is colored like an oil paint and tastes like grease. And the rose powder. Well most men are allergic to that. I heard that there are around 100 toxic chemicals in each Nail polish. Yeah! they give u a ghostly look. If u want that; carry on. Don't be fooled by everything you see as fashion. We, the boys love you as you are, Naturally.

Promote natural beauty.
Say no to cosmetics.

Note: Actually this was originally posted at my Google buzz. Because so many boys shared similar views there and to reach more people I'm posting it here too. I request all girls to take it positively. Thank you.


  1. yep i too believe in natural beauty only...excessive make up ruins da natural luk n den da skin get used to it leaving it all dead pamper ur skin but dn kill it wid dirty chemicals....

  2. @ Angel
    Thank you. Spread the word.

  3. I too was wondering about it after watching Sania Mirza's marriage photo. Her face looked like a plastic doll.

  4. @ Hasif
    Caught red handed. So u used to stare at her wedding photo na :D Kidding bro. Thank you.

  5. :) completely agreeing here dear..
    too much make actually spoils the nature look u got.. making it something very unrealistic.....
    bingo... sania's pic is one of the best examples of make up disasters....

  6. Really?
    Then why am I single and un-noticed when i'm natural and I'm noticed more even if i put slight make up? :O
    boys toh bolenge ki we want natural beauty, but phir make up clad girls ke piche tum hi log bhaagne wale ho X-(

  7. @ Mads
    Hai. How u. Actually u flooded my comments page with urs. Thank you.
    Read the post again. Then you'll understand why boys go for girls who put make up. Boys always respect natural ones. Tc

  8. you've said something that i've always felt too... there is nothing like a girl who's comfortable in her own natural beauty... and is able to carry off herself just as she is. But, on the other hand, there are also girls who are able to carry off make-up well, in such a way that it only accentuates their natural looks in an aesthetic way...

  9. Wow!!!!..Its nice to hear this from a guy's perspective =D=D

    ''We, the boys love you as you are, Naturally'' this line of yours make me smile;):)

    ..and i love this post :):):)

  10. @ the other side of mee
    :) Thanks a ton :)


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