Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Life goes on and on..

I know. Its been a long time. I was very busy with my job. Nothing new happening nowadays. Then what to write? Every time when I go to forum, I think I'll get something to write today. But every time I get disappointed. Nobody minds me! I felt invisible inside landmark. I think I've read back pages of almost all books in landmark. I started hating fictions.

And one good thing happened to me in last few months was comics. Everybody used to read comics in childhood. Me too. But somewhere during the aging process we all forgot it or left it as a kiddo stuff. I was great fan of Balarama, Balabhoomi etc[Malayalam books]. But when I grown up I fell in love with novels and beautiful girls and forgot the graphical novels.

I love talking. I used to visit my friend vivek's house during the weekends. He is working in Nirvana films. You all might know that name after the success of ZooZoo ads. Yeah they direct ad films. I like to hear all those things about making film, writing scripts and of course, gossips. And he has a big collection of novels. These guys got almost everything in Landmark in their shelves. Now you found my library.

He is staying with his brother pratheek. I didn't know what he is actually doing. Kind of writer. That was all that I knew about him. Later on I came to know that he is writing comics! well I was least interested. Comics! Last time I read one was years ago, when I was in +2. It was xmen. Got from my roommate Vismayu bose.

There are a lot of comic books in their house. I used to take novels but not a single comic. One day pratheek talked to me about comics and gave me three books to read. They were "Blue pills", "Otherside" and "The lone wolf and cub".

And thus I became a comic addict. They were good. And you can finish them quickly. The thing is I finished all these in a few hours.

And this man pratheek, is an engineer! and took his masters from National Institute of Design! and doing wot? writing comics. But it's their passion and I like it and respect it. Their first book is going to release in this December. Its name is HUSH. And about 10 others are in workshop. Comics are not very popular in India. These people are trying to change it. Especially to get the adults into comics. I think readers in all age can enjoy these. Here is the Cover Image.

Manta Ray Comics HUSH Cover Page

Please have a look at their facebook page and website. You'll like it. If you have any of your friends reading comics suggest them these. And its not too late. Start reading comics. You will enjoy it. I guarantee you.

Their company name is MantaRay comics. Here is the link

Here is the Facebook page

And a teaser here in youtube

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