Monday, May 2, 2011

This way or No way.

If you think she loves you, then love back.
if not, let her go and get another one.

If you are enjoying and are happy with some people,
then make them your friends.
else, find somebody else.

if you don't know whether u like a job or not,
do it, then you will get to know.

if nothing works for you,
Change yourself.
else just don't give a damn.


  1. Hmmm seems like the world is being a bit tough on u these days?? is it so?? ur blog speaks too much..
    and yz i liked it :) take care

  2. @ Angel
    Yup. I'm going through hell. You too tc. Thanks.

  3. @ Punam
    Life will teach us a lot of lessons.


Be nice ;) Thats all.

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