Monday, May 2, 2011

You and me [2]

We fight each other
Because we are hurt by our silence.

And the hurt may turn to hate
because we miss each other so badly.

All these because of we love each other.
Then why should we fight in the first place.


  1. Sweet post... emotions r a part of life n i guess the smal fights n arguments make the bond strong.. rite?

  2. @ Pria
    Why? Why because we cant stop expecting. Right?

    @ Angel
    It becomes stronger and stronger and at one point, if it breaks we can not rejoin it anymore.

  3. You said it all, we fight 'coz we love and we love that's why we fight :P

  4. @ Rachit
    That why we are breaking up ;) Thanks for commenting. Visit often. Have fun. Thanks again.

  5. this why is for why do we fight in the first place :) just to make it STRONGER.. :)

  6. @ Pria
    Mmm. Thats true. I think I like those small fights. But not big dramas.

  7. Didn't someone say the show must go on ;)

    Ps:Your labels had a quite contrast when it says personal and public at the same time, same place and i believe same context.

  8. @Dishita
    Hmm. Thanks for commenting. :)


Be nice ;) Thats all.

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