Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The reason behind your silence [3]

Do you remember the day we met last time?
I do remember it. Clearly.

You ever knew? that would be the last?
or it was just me who had felt it that way?

We know. It wasn't a proper one.
May be, we had to end it that way.

I could see in your eyes that, you wanted to say something.
You even started to say something.

I could see your lips parting to say,
But I wasn't listening.

I was already started my walk
To far-off, forever.

I could see your long beautiful hands moving,
Telling me to hold on for a second. It stopped in halfway.

I saw your big round eyes stopped searching for me,
And fixed the gaze on the bare earth. Cursing the humankind.

That was the silence you have started.
But it was then you really started talking to me.

I am happy that you didn't tell anything that day.
Because I can, now imagine so many things you might have.

you know? you still talk a lot different things,
whenever I think about what it would have been.

Was it just a sorry?
or just the reasons we already knew.

Ah.. You wanted a proper goodbye?
No.  You know there was none.

Or you just wanted to slap me?
For ending everything in this way.

Or just wanted to hug and cry?
Not realizing what is happening around us.

I still couldn't reach in any conclusion
about, what was happening between us.

I still don't know, anything.
Anything other than the versions they made.

All I want to say is that,
We could have talked, talked about it.

And settle it down as we knew,
The end would be this and only this.

But we never shared what was in our mind,
Even though we shared similar thoughts.

If we would have, It could have saved,
Lots of our tears and sleepless nights.

And if we would have, you could save that smile,
The smile, which vanished with us.

Nowadays I feel your smile more artificial and moronic!


Be nice ;) Thats all.

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