Monday, August 15, 2011

You name it [3]

I thought:

You are thinking I am busy.
and I am ignoring you.
That you are no more there in my thoughts.
But the mistake was your's.
And so on.


Our eyes met,
and froze for a few seconds.


All thougths vanished.
And there were only regrets.

Friday, August 12, 2011

I wish

I could see it coming. Always
Even before it hit me.
And I was afraid of it, Always.
But you have kind of saved me,
Or I must say you have saved me, Always

But I'm still afraid of it.
What if I had failed,
what if you couldn't save me,
For once.

I know I must be strong.
But I dont know how to fight,
Or with whom.

But, when my face turns white,
My heartbeat almost reaches my ears,
My legs refuse to move,
And, I feel a lump in my throat,
I can only wait, For you,
To come and save me.

I wish I were stronger,
At least as much, people presume of me.
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