Saturday, October 15, 2011

You name it [4]

This world is a big hospital
All the people are sick here,
rotting and dying.

Lets get out of here.

We go to the terrace,
me in my white shirt
and you in your light blue salwar
sun setting behind us.
your toes on mine,
You stand there,
completely in my arms
and your arms around my neck,

I love you,
you whisper through your fingertips.
and I respond with a smile.

Then you kiss me
Slowly, gently,
all the whole world melt between our lips

Thats the plan.

Monday, October 10, 2011


The fear I feel when I look down from a suicide point,
The heartbeat I skip unknowingly when I see a huge waterfall,
The calm feeling I get watching the tides on a sunset,
The happiness I feel when I win those little things..

Everything remind me of you,
sometimes as the fear of losing you.
sometimes as the happiness of having you.

May be,
I have only one emotion.
That is You.


He/She was helpless. He/She couldn't take it anymore.
He/She was too weak to deal with it.

He/She put an end to it
He/She didn't know that there were better ways to deal their problems.

I wont blame him/her.
People talked about the tragedy. Did a psychological study. Published papers. 

Nobody cared him/her much. People on this earth are very selfish. They don't have time to care for others.
They seem to be on an important game. Just to win a horrible death at end.

A friend's friend committed suicide. Please pray for his soul. Thank you.
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